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Bleach fanfiction by Midnight Crow

The first drops of rain began to fall just after they had passed his location for the thirty-second time - he kept an exact count. From where he sat, the sounds of their chatter felt distant, and when the drizzle came unexpectedly, they were effectively masked by the drone of the rainfall, and everything was tranquil.

Water trickled from his hair, down his forehead, across his eyes. Shivering, he wiped the steady stream away with a grimy hand. The thick branches and their leafy growth provided him some protection from most of the downpour, but not the chilly air that arrived with it. He waited.

Soon, the thin fabric of his clothing became soaked and stuck to his skin. His wet hair flattened down, brushing his eyes with the water its strands had collected. Again, he shivered; still he waited.

Then feet splashed on puddles that had formed on the muddy roads. The sound of their yelling was almost like a beacon back to the world. They were near, quite near - possibly they had taken shelter under the other trees. But not the one he was atop.

Let's go, it's raining.

What about that white-haired kid? You haven't found him yet?

I'm cold… I want to go home.

Oh, just forget about him.

Yeah, besides, I don't really like him.

The only reason why I play with him anyway is because Momo wants me to.

Yeah, me too.

Me too! I'll do whatever Momo wants, but…

Come on, let's go back.

He continued to listen even after the laughter had already faded away. Below his hiding place, the puddles grew bigger, and merged with nearby ones.

He shivered. His skin was cool and wet. He did not wipe his face again; his hands were too numb.

The skies darkened.

It was still raining when his feet trudged down the road back to the alley.

Yay. More ShirouMomo angst.