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Author's Notes: This is an Anime based story. It will contain slight AlucardxIntegral and WalterxSeras, not much but it will be there. The fic was inspired partly in A Guy Name Goo's livejournal, so he gets a dedication, but the special one is for Puck 3/4, who became the 100th person who added me in their favorite author's list, and I decided to make a 'fic' of her choice, she chose 'Anime' AxI with some WxS, so I imagined a plot to suit her tastes. I will do the same for the Author's Alerts when the time comes.Any nitpicking is welcome and many thanks to Dreadnot, my editor.

Red Reign for God did not save the Queen

"God save our gracious Queen,
Long live our noble Queen,
God save the Queen:
Send her victorious,
Happy and glorious,
Long to reign over us:
God save the Queen."

Chapter One
- Playing Ilona

Four years had passed - over a thousand fleeting days had Integral spent in the narrow cell of the Tower of London; more than a hundred shattered goblets had he crushed with his right hand. He recalled each shard piercing his gloves, staining the white cloth as the blood dripped on the floor. He had bled for her; he was still bleeding for his Master, sitting across him, the very same strange smile playing on her lips. But this time was different, he could see it – the smile did not reach her eyes anymore.

"The choice it is still yours, Master," Alucard raised his bloodied hand, offering the precious droplets that could provide her freedom – not only from the four walls that imprisoned her – but also from her mortal boundaries.

Integral shifted in her seat, attempting to straighten more, to look imposing with her dirty suit and tobacco stained gloves. She was trying to regain her former image with him. "How are Walter and Seras Victoria?" she asked. Her voice was dry and raspy. She would not change the subject once more. Alucard's patience had waned after the four years he had to endure the same strategy, over and over again. This time, however, he would turn that plan against her.

The vampire boldly walked towards her and sat on the edge of her bed; reaching across the distance to her hair to caress the strands in a possessive yet gentle manner. Integral did not sweep his had away nor complain – after the first two years of loneliness, she had started to allow his advances.

"Your lungs hurt, don't they?" Alucard chuckled, leaning in to her nose, sensing her painful breathing. "They aren't offering the proper medical care, are they? The human need to be healthy is quite a burden, isn't it?" You could be so much more, so much strong, just like me.

"I asked a question, Alucard."

"So did I, Master. Many, in fact."

Integral was unbothered by his cheekiness, "I asked first. Answer mine and I shall do the same with yours."

"Do you want to know the truth, Master? Or hide behind your loyalties to your Queen?" Alucard inquired, seriously.

"Just answer, servant, you are getting tiresome."

"They are alive," Alucard responded, leaning on his side, supporting his back with the wall. "I helped both to flee from England and hide in Ireland. It's not safe there either. It is the Catholics' hunting ground, especially vampires… I gather a former Angel of Death and a peculiar Police Girl could attract their attention."

"Flee? Why did they flee?"

"I asked a question first, Master," Alucard said smoothly as he ran his tongue over a fang."Answer mine and then I will answer yours."

Integral scoffed indignantly and jerked away from his caressing hand just when it had arrived to the old scar of her neck, prodding the bruise lightly. It took so little now to grate on her. Age had soured her mood instead of bringing the wise patience of the elder. "Yes, indeed it is. A burden vampires also share, you might remember."

"Not all. Only the pathetic ones," Alucard pointed out, flashing her with a toothy grin. "My turn then? Did you truly believe that your remaining in this place would satisfy them? To leave witnesses who know the truth and are faithful to you? My poor Master, whoever survived from Hellsing and isn't undead, is now serving your family in the afterlife." His voice was soft, mockingly apologetic. He watched as her jaw tensed, drops of sweat appeared on her face, pain was displayed on her eyes.

"But Her Majesty-"

"All the operations had the royal seal, Master," Alucard purred, starting to stroke her head again. She was speechless, unmoving as he continued to comb her tangled blonde strands. She was blaming herself. He knew what was in her mind: My failure brought this disgrace upon my family. The vampire sneered – that attitude would get her killed. "Was it you, Master? You were supposed to kill vampires, protect the country. And you did it effectively. There were losses but you did not fail. You won the battle. You cannot blame yourself for their betrayal."

She still did not utter a word, her gaze was cast down, a shadow came across her face.

"Boyars did not change a little bit with the passage of time, my Master. Nor did traitorous rulers and betrayers of kin," Alucard added, grasping her chin and forcing her eyes to met his gaze. He saw himself reflected in her – she was him, hundred of years ago when he was still human, when he was still a prisoner at the mercy of Matthias' whims. Until one day, the king's cousin seduced him and he converted to their filthy Catholicism to be free and married her – his Ilona. "Nor did the rightful leaders who are harassed and faulted, they will rise victorious over the treacherous, over death in the end."

Integral grimaced. "I am not you, Alucard. I will be never become like you," she said stubbornly.

"Of course not, my Master. You can't become what you already are," Alucard laughed, sealing the room against the guards' hearing his voice. "What do you choose then, Integral?" he asked, rising from the bed, pacing like a wolf from one extreme of the cell to the other. His eyes never left her face. "Will you choose stay here alone as the ones you trust are plotting behind your back to silence the families of the fallen soldiers?" his voice rose, "Threaten them for their loyalty to a comfortable lie? They stained your soldiers' honour too – not only yours – but also Ferguson's. Are you going to allow that? You will allow the Catholics to eventually hunt down vampires in your territory after Hellsing vanishes completely? I did not hear the answer yet, Master," he stopped in front of her, looming, waiting anxious. "But I know it. I always knew it. You will not give up to the dire circumstances, you have to fight back, it's only a matter to choose the right enemy."

Integral's eyes narrowed; her hands reached for his bloodied wrist and grasped it roughly. The inner turmoil was gone completely, she had chosen wisely. Inside, he roared in triumph. Finally…

"Not like this," Integral said. "Remove your shirt and coat, Alucard. I will open a cut in your chest. It will be on my terms. I am no one's servant, nor fool, even if I have acted like one all these years."

"And there will be many years ahead to mend your mistakes, Master," Alucard said, complying with her commands. Slowly, he divested himself of his jacket and red coat before unbuttoning his shirt, displaying his white chest. Integral rose, picking up a fallen shard with her right hand to cut her bonds. Then she turned to him, appraising his state in approval and still wielding the piece of glass.

"So this is it?" Integral murmured as she sliced his left breast, right over his unbeating heart, "A full circle for you? The seduced became the seducer; the converted became the converter," she added with cynicism, dipping her head down to suck the blood pouring out his wound.

Alucard moaned, throwing his head back when his Master's lips made contact with his injury. Smirking, he cradled her skull, encouraging her to drink more – to taste her freedom and power, to ascend to the throne of the night and achieve her No Life King status without servitude. Integral Hellsing was not born to serve, it enraged him to see her acting like the Crowd errand girl.

"Full circle?" he said to her as she continued draining him, enthralled by the taste of his blood. Her choice of words struck him more than they should. "I suppose you are right, it was my time to play Ilona's role in this act."