"On a mount triangular, as the island of Britain itself is described to be, we seat in the supreme place, under the shape of a fair and beautiful nymph, Britannia herself, accosted with Brute's divided kingdoms, in the like female representations, Loegria, Cambria, and Albania. Britannia speaking to Brute her conqueror (who is seated somewhat lower, in the habit of an adventurous, warlike Trojan), tells him that she had still continued her name of Albion, but for his conquest of her virgin honour, which since it was by heaven so appointed, she reckons it to be the very best of her fortunes. Brute shows her what height of happiness she hath attained unto by his victory, being before a vast wilderness, inhabited by giants, and a mere den of monsters."

Chapter Four
- Britannia Rising

Pain. Each time she stirred or moved, her limbs throbbed, her damaged tissues ached and there was nothing to do about it.

Integral Wingates Hellsing had welcomed such masochism in hopes of increasing her power.

"The pain will become less and less, Integra," Alucard had told her, while soothing her position on the padded bed in the basement of her Mansion. He had a perverse fixation to tied her up with those metal shackles. "And the results are worth the sacrifice."

She had seen his lips curled into a malicious smile each session. The git was having fun to see a Hellsing experimented with herself as he had been decades ago. Each time, she closed her eyes and bit her lips as the round of mystical electroshocks, shots with mysterious substance and lashings began.

Integral groaned and turned inside the coffin, still tasting the fresh torture applied to her flesh a few hours ago. She was uncomfortable in Alucard's last domain as it was not big enough for the two of them. Lifting an eyelid, she glanced at the sleeping vampire beside her. Alucard had her tucked, snaking an arm on her waist to assure she would not escape.

"It's too early Integra," he murmured, stroking her back. "You need your rest for tonight."

Integral scowled, Alucard was playing the domestic wife again. She never thought her former servant would enjoy such role but apparently anything able to bring her annoyance suited him. "I was going to sleep, in my own coffin, Alucard," she replied, attempting to move away. His grip tightened, trapping her firmly in his embrace.

"We have discussed this," Alucard told her, leaning to nose at her neck, there was a bruise made by silver there. "You are weak after the experiments, this way we both can sleep without being concerned over your safety. Do you wish to spoil your plans for such vain caprice?"

Integral shut her eyes. It was too damn early and she must be really tired because Alucard sounded reasonable. "And the plan involved fulfilling your caprice?" she stated dryly.

Alucard resettled to his former position and laughed, displaying his white canines grandly. "You said it yourself many times, I am playing Ilona's role as spouse. Pity you weren't aware how our relationship used to be."

Integral looked at him sourly and tried to make herself comfortable despite the closeness and the small space that the casket offered. He was right and she was fully aware of it. Despite her being in control politically, their relationship was tense to say at least, unclear who was really leading it. It was her mistake to draw that comparison with his second marriage in the first place, the years of his constant companionship in the lonely cell lowered her guard, leading her tocommit a grave miscalculation: she had assumed, and Integral should have knew better than assuming in whatever Alucard was involved. Integral forced her eyes shut and reassumed her slumber, mindful of his wandering hands and possessive digits on her body.

Hours later, around afternoon, Integral awoke, stretching herself fully in the coffin. She was alone.

Some protection, Integral's lips curled into a sneer. Mere excuses to sleep with me. She lifted the lid carefully, fighting the childish temptation to scratch the varnished surface in spite. She slid out the coffin and shut it, straightening her suit. She refused to wear anything less formal than her normal outfit when sleeping with Alucard. He was anxious to perform his other duties as 'spouse.'

'I am watching you,' his voice purred inside her mind, taking her by surprise. 'The Angel of Death just arrived with Police Girl. I greeted them on your behalf.'

I will be there in a minute. In the meantime act like the gracious hostess, Integral taunted, satisfied by his indignant huff as response. She started tidying herself, untangling the rebellious strands of her hair. Alucard must have toyed with it when I was asleep again.

After exiting their exquisitely furnished chambers, Integral walked through the corridor. The portraits from the Windsor dynasty had been removed from the walls and replaced by their own family pictures. Neither she nor Alucard were accustomed to such luxury. Her Mansion was nowhere as beautiful nor majestic as their new home. She sought the source of the voices and arrived to a small sitting room.

"The Prime Minister spoke to me this morning," Walter said as Integral reached the door to open it, "He told me the citizenship laws for vampires are being applied smoothly. I am not surprised, half of the Parliament are vampires and the other half are eager to turn as well."

"He told us the international support is guaranteed," Seras added then rose, looking at her. "Ah," she bowed too quickly to be proper, uncertain about how to speak in her presence. "Congratulations."

Integral regarded Seras coldly. She was new to etiquette and regal protocol, making her clumsy. "Sir Hellsing will suffice," she said in an attempt to make her comfortable. She could not be too expressive or soft with her subordinate until she learnt.

"You and Alucard were glamorous in the ceremony yesterday in the Abbey, milady" Walter bowed in a courtly manner and took her hand to kiss the knuckles. Integral's features softened.

"Thank you, Walter. You and Seras Victoria looked dashing yourselves," she shruggedat the contact and sat down next to Alucard. "There are no objections so far?"

"There's many, milady, but that was expected. The Vatican is one," Walter took a seat, holding Seras' hand.

"I won't let the Catholics ruin the speech from the balcony tonight, Walter! I will crush them if they ruin this evening!" Integral snapped, narrowing her eyes. "It was bad enough I wasn't able to hold a banquet after the act to avoid any incident because of their constant hounding. But today, it's necessary."

"Robert and I will increase the security, Sir Hellsing," Seras proposed, "Leave it in our hands."

"Remember Police Girl, no more hidden scheming," Alucard warned in a condescending tone. "No matter how good it is, next time, tell us. We can act ignorant about it."

Integral watched how Seras turned a lovely shade of pink, a sign of a good feeding. "I have to agree with Alucard. We almost thought you betrayed us," she scowled at the younger woman, recalling her latest scheme, breaking the royal security by feigning to have turned against them. Seras had been able to leak better information that matter and assured them locations without civilians for their attack.

"I-I am sorry," Seras apologised, glancing at Walter who squeezed her hand in support. "I didn't want people to get hurt in the crossfire, and I wanted to prove myself in the matter alone. That's why I didn't say my plans…"

"Stop your babbling, Seras Victoria," Integral interrupted her quite irritated by the uncanny inability to detect when she was done a good service. The girl gave herself such little credit. "We know the story, everything turned up as it should be," she made a pause, surveying Seras. She looked crestfallen and added, smiling very slightly. "Your services were rewarded and appreciated. Thanks to your uncovering of the case in the media, we were able to clean up our names and let the people see the corruption. Be proud, Seras Victoria. Peter's widow and Anders brother are eternally grateful for that."

"Sir!" Seras beamed. Walter shot Integral a grateful look and patted his lover's hand.

"We need to change if we want to be sharp for the banquet, Seras," Walter reminded them all while rising. "Your outfit has been brought to your quarters, Integral. We shall meet in the party."

Integral rose anddismissed them. "I should take a bath. I smell like you," she turned to Alucard. "And, you should groom yourself, Alucard. Mrs. Harker was right, you reek."

Alucard snorted, brushing aside her tauntand disappearing from her sight. She waited little until he manifested right behind her as she had expected. If he were going to put a hand over her body, it would be because she wanted it not for some sick mindgame of his.

"Therefore we should bath together, to assure my cleansing is done correctly. Lest Britannia, the virgin nymph, forbid it," Alucard suggested through a whisper in her ear, challenging her vanity. She lowered her eyelids and spun around, reaching boldly for his ascot.

"I don't think so," she replied, smirking smugly. "You are the one who will bathe me and scrub my bath, Brute. For even if you conquer my body, I will remain myself. Don't try my patience further."

"As Britannia wishes," Alucard replied slyly, "It shall be a pleasure." They were engulfed by shadows and taken to their personal bathroom. His attentions during the cleansing had been more pleasant than she deemed, so he was able to calm with his expert digits the spots affected by the dammable experiments.

Once the bath was over, she dismissed him to be dressed and prepared for the ceremony. The hired stylises took hours to apply the make up, fix her hair, jewellery and clothing. By sunset, Integral Hellsing was wearing modern, slim-fitting sheath red gown, embroidered with ruby rose-shaped design and trimmed with black and white ermine tails at the hemline, over her shoulders a robe of purple velvet was attached. Her hair was partly pulled up, leaving half of it to cascade down her back, held by small invisible clips and leaving space for the Imperial State Crown on the top of her head. She was handed the Sphere with the Cross and ushered outside where Alucard, Walter, and Seras were waiting.

The contrast between them was clear, for the three were clothed in immaculate white. Alucard's outfit, however, possessed a regal red cloak that matched her outrageous crimson dress. Seras' gown was simple by comparison to hers, it was made of satin and was embroidered with ruby blossoms and trails of golden leaves. With a tiny smile, Seras curtsied and picked up her long purple robe and began to follow her lead.

They headed towards the main Balcony of Buckingham Palace to salute the people before hosting the belated coronation banquet. Integral Hellsing reached to take Alucard's hand as they stepped outside. She surveyed the cheering audience beneath them, the security enforcing them to keep the scandal at minimal. Several patriotic songs were aired, mixing together for her own convenience. She was going to give order to the chaos, after all.

Behind people, on the bars, the heads of the former knights, the Queen and her family and any corrupted noble that acted against the Empire were displayed to satisfy the public's curiosity. They were clean and bloodless. The precious liquid had been put to use inking the very gown she was wearing now, and the eyes had been stolen by hungry ravens – sparing the viewers their twisted looks of surprise.

Integral smirked, displaying her fangs, and spoke aloud to the multitude. "A new Reign has started!" she announced with firmnessas the crowd never ceased to chant enthusiastically:

"God save the Queen!"

"God save the Queen!"

"God save the Queen!"

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