Summary: What if everything had of been different and things hadn't worked out like they did. Taken from the episodes in the "Big Brawl" series from the Mirage cartoon

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Notes: For those who don't know or want to know where this story picks up from, here it is. The Big Brawl series was where the turtles follow Splinter to the Battle Nexus Championships. During the tournament, Leonardo is poisoned by the Ultimate Ninja who, at the same time, is trying to seize the throne from his father, busy guy. This takes off from where Don and Usagi are in the "Healers Pavilion" and return to find the Ultimate Ninjas assassins trying to kill the Daimyo.

Well this is my first fanfic so be nice! Here we go.

Don's P.O.V

Leo seemed to be developing a fever .The poison dart was draining Leo of all his energy and he hadn't moved or made a sound since Usagi had treated him. I don't know how but I knew I could trust Usagi … but his remedy wasn't working fast enough. I also knew I had to be patient but for once, I couldn't. The Master Healer had gone in with the Daimyo awhile ago and the two guards at the door looked like nothing but an entire army would get past them. I just wish something would happen, anything, just so I could do something, instead of sitting here ... feeling worthless.

And then it did.

I was about to put the wet cloth back on Leo's head when I realized he was shaking. Startled, I quickly dropped the cloth and reached for his hand. It was freezing, he was freezing. I was right about the fever.

I started looking around the room for some blankets to cover him. Nothing.

"Is everything all right Don-san?"

I continued sweeping the room with my eyes. This was a healers pavilion and they had no blankets!

"Leo's freezing, I need to find him some blankets" I said

"You won't find them here. Then are kept in the room below us, as not to clutter this room. I will show you where, if you wish" Usagi answered

I looked at Usagi. I knew I could trust him but the idea of leaving Leo alone, in the open, while he was sick just wasn't appealing.

There was a clink of chain mail and I looked around to the guards. They were still standing there. I'm a ninja and I'd forgotten their presence. I could just hear what Leo would say. Well I suppose he wasn't alone with the guards, the master healer and the sick daimyo within ten metres.

I let out a sigh and began to rise.

"Yeah that would be good "

Usagi nodded, seeming to understand what I was thinking.

"This way" he said as he grabbed the lantern he used before and headed to a door on the side of the room.

Another thing I'd missed, Leo would be having a field day.

It led to a small flight of windy stairs and eventually came out into a low room. Now I could see why there weren't any blankets above. This room was full of them. Blankets of all sizes. I've seen many things but I couldn't believe the amount of blankets that could fit into one room.

Usagi was working up the isles and stopped at a certain rack. I was still staring at this room. I quickly came back to my sense and caught up with Usagi.

He was pulling blankets of the racks, which weren't dusty. I pitied the person who had to clean this room.

"These should do" Usagi said.

I looked back at him and noticed a pile in his arms. I grabbed a couple and started to head back to the stairs. We were almost at the top when Usagi grabbed my arm. I went to yell but he had his hand over my mouth.

"Shhh, listen"

I strained my ears and couldn't hear anything. Then I heard it. There were voices above us.

"What are you doing? Our orders are to kill the Daimyo"

"Yes but we will make it seem like the turtle creature finished the job his master started"

It felt like I'd fallen into cold sewer water. They were talking about Leo. I dropped the blankets and burst up the stairs. Usagi and I flew out of the stair case. My eyes immediately went to Leo and he seemed all right. He wasn't shaking anymore. A wasted trip to the almighty blanket room. Then I spotted the two shadow warriors with Leos katanas raised above the Daimyo.

"NNNNOOOOO!" screamed Usagi and he made a mighty leap towards the Daimyo.

But it was too late.

The shadow warriors stabbed downwards. The Daimyo never knew what was coming. One katanna through the heart and one in the abdomen seems to do this to people.

"NNNNOOOO" Usagi screamed again. The shadow warriors looked up from their job to find a very unhappy hare charging at them.

They pulled Leos katanna from the Daimyos body and stood waiting.

They were dripping with blood. Usagi launched himself on them with a fury that even Raphael in his worst of rages couldn't match. Checking that Leo was ok, I slipped my Bo from my halter and went to help.

Usagi was holding his own but rage only lasts for so long and it quickly drains you. I flipped into the room and took on the second warrior. It was weird getting attacked by one of Leo's katana and knowing that if I don't react fast enough, the person on the other end wont mind if he chops my head off.

And this guy knows how to use them.

He swung for my head and I dropped into a roll. When I come up from my roll, I launch myself at him. He wasn't expecting this and went down heavy as I landed on him. I just got my bearings, not expecting to get that reaction and he throws me off. I crash into something and we both fall down to the floor.

I get the breath knocked out of me as the other person was smart enough to use me as a cushion. Not happy.

It turns out that it was Usagi. He rolls off me and goes to get up. He's got cuts all over his arms and a stab wound in his leg that looks like he needs stitches. I'm having trouble rolling off my shell. I eventually complete the task and get up to my knees. I can't believe how tired I am.

Looking over atthe shadow warriors,they're just standing there. Not wanting to give them ideas but if they had of attacked us, we would have been turtle soup, well mostly. Now they just seem to be listening for something.

One of them cocks his head, turns and nods to the other. They drop Leo's swords, spin around, jump on the wall, do the Spiderman crawl and escape from the room through a window. This happens in a matter of seconds. Usagi staggers over to Leos swords and picks them up.

"Come back you cowards! Come back! Have you no honour!" He's absolutely screaming.

I hear a groan behind me. I turn my head, since I'm still on my knees and see that the Master Healer is waking up. He opens his eyes and blinks for a couple of seconds trying to focus. Then he looks at the Daimyo … and spots the blood stains all down his front. And the fact that he's not breathing. His eyes fully open in horror. He then takes me in and finally strays to Usagi.

Who is holding both of Leo's bloody katanas.

If it's possible for anybody's eyes to widen any further, his did.

"What have you done?"

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