Summary: What if everything had of been different and things hadn't worked out like they did. A sad twist to the "Big Brawl" series from the Mirage cartoon

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He clicked his fingers twice and before I could make a snide comment about it, shadow warriors started to appear out of the floor. Mikey and I moved so we were shell to shell. There were about ten of them and they were surrounding us. I heard Mikey gulp.

"This is your last chance, either attack each other or I will make them attack you"

Lets just say my next comment was along the lines of "screw you" except with the language I used, if Splinter heard, I'd be doing flips until I'm fifty. Even at a moment like this Mikey let out a gasp. The Ultimate Ninja had a dirty look on his face. So he understood Earth slang. Or he took the hint.

"Attack them both. Who ever dies first loses and the other shall advance to the next round"

And with that he was gone. The Shadow Warriors didn't need any more orders. They attacked us one and I knew that one of us wasn't going to make. Well it was going to take a lot to take me down and there was no way they were going to hurt my brother. Let's just see who the losers are

Raphael's P.O.V.

This time, time didn't seem to slow down. It got quicker. I ducked the first swing of my opponent and delivered him a glancing blow but I was unable to stop the second guy. His foot connected with my plastron which made me stumble backwards. I bumped into Mikey but before I could move again, somebody kicked me in the shell and I was flying away from Mikey. This was probably better because he could now safely use his nunchunks without being worried about hitting me. As the enemy advanced I climbed to my feet and pulled my sais from my belt. I gave them a twirl. Their familiar feel in my hands was reassuring.

"Lets dance!"

Before they reached me, I charged at them. Taking them off guard I rammed into the first guy and then jumped to the side to escape a kick. I blocked a punch and kicked the would be attacker. He flew backwards. I felt movement behind me to I dropped into a roll. A bo staff just missed me. I came up and blocked a swing from the staff. For a few seconds we tested our strength against each other before I pushed him away. Again I felt movement behind me. I spun and swept low. Direct hit. The shadow warrior was thrown backwards by my sweep. I jumped after him and before I could plant my sais in his chest, he disappeared. So the rules weren't the same for them. This made my blood boil. It seemed to be doing this more often lately. While I was concentrating on the disappeared attacker, the bo staff wielder picked himself up and was charging at me. Again I spun but this time my sais would have connected with his chest, if he too hadn't have disappeared. I grunted. Great.

Three of the warriors had been holding back and now they jumped at me as one. But I was used to that trick. Since I was a kid, myself and mybrothers would use it when we hadto gang up on each other. I feinted to the left but came at the guy on the right. He was off balance and amazingly, he tripped! Must be a rookie! The others spun around and came at me again. This time I met them head on. We threw punches at each other and blocked them but they seemed to be just toying with me. I had this sneaking feeling. Then I knew why. I'd just blocked a punch when I felt a searing pain in my leg and I went down with a cry.

I heard Mikey scream my name from somewhere but before I knew it, the guy that had tripped was on me trying to stab me with a dagger. He must have stabbed me from the ground while I was fighting. The pain in my leg was terrible; it was moving all through my leg. Then I started to receive kicks from the others. They kept aiming for head and I was losing my grip on the shadow warriors wrist.

Then the kicks stopped falling.

I looked up to see Mikey fighting them off. The shadow warrior on top of me was now trying to choke me. I took one hand away from the dagger and punched him in the face, again and again and again. Then his grip lossened and I threw him off. He dropped his dagger in the process. I dove for it and when I came up, I flicked it at him. Again he disappeared before it hit him. I realized my leg was screaming with pain. Lookingdown, I noticed a gapping hole in the back of my calf muscle. Blood was pouring from it and was starting to make a pool around my leg.

Looking at the blood I started to feel dizzy. Then I heard a muffled cry behind me and I saw Mikey stumble. He was getting attacked by all the remaining ninja. I must have been forgotten. I started to hobble towards them but then I saw a ninja creep up behind Mikey.

"NNNOOOOO!" I screamed.

He raised his katanna to strike Mikey but I got there first. Ignoring the pain, I run, jumped and side-drive kicked Mikey out of the way. Mikey was out of danger. Then I felt the sword connect with my plastron and cut me from one side to the other. With the force of the cut, I didn't fly much further but fell to the ground. I landed in a crumpled heap. I tried to call to Mikey to see if he was okay but the pain was so intolerable all I could do was try and crawl up into a ball. I looked down and noticed the blood start to gush from the wound. It wasn't deep but the damage was done. I turned my head and looked up at the shadow warriors. They peered at me and seemed satisfied. I was dieing. Now if only they'd only leave. Their job was done; one of us wasn't advancing onwards. And that person was me.

Michelangelo's P.O.V.

I got up from the ground and gave my head a shake. I remember someone screaming "NO" and then being thrown, or more precisely kicked, out of the way. I'd been waiting for the blows to rain down, I was on the ground, I couldn't defend myself.My nunchunks had flown from my hand, why hadn't they attacking me? I snapped my eyes open but couldn't see any shadow warriors. I turned and saw that they were all crowded around in a circle, looking down at something. I saw one of my nunchunks close and I grabbed it. I stood up and turned to face them but they still didn't seem to notice me. Then I noticed Raph's missing presence.

"No" I thought to myself. I rushed forwards and when I reached the shadow warriors, they parted. And there was my brother. He was lying on his side in his own pool of blood. I rushed to his side and feel to my knees. I gently rolled him over and I saw the huge gash going from one side to the other. Blood was pouring from it. I pulled him into my lap but this just seemed to open the wound more. He gave a cry but his eyes were screwed shut and he was having trouble breathing. I only just realized I was crying. Tears were sliding down my cheeks and more were following them.

"Raph!" I cried

I gave him a shake

"Raph!" My voice was hoarse from the rock in my throat

He weakly opened his eyes and they strayed to mine. He gave a weak smile and raised his hand. It brushed my cheek and wiped some of the tears away. But more followed.

"Your okay" he croaked

I nodded. His hand fell away from my cheek. I couldn't believe I was holding my dieing brother in my arms. No, he wasn't going to die, I just had to stop the blood. I looked around for something but it's not like you would find blankets or bandages in an arena. Then I remember my bandana. I riped it from my head and tried to cover the wound. It does little. The blood just soaks into it and turns the colour from orange to a blood red. I start to apply pressure but Raph gives a groan.

"Don't" He says weakly. I look back at him. He's turning pale. He starts to cough and blood starts to come out of his mouth. The coughing is weakening him.

"You can't leave me" The words just fall from my mouth, I can't stop them.

"Please don't leave me!" I beg

He gives me a sad look but then he starts coughing again and he turns away. I feel a hand on my shoulder and I wrench my arm away.

I snap my head around to face a shadow warrior. My vision is blurry from all the tears.

"You are the victor, you must leave him"

"NEVER!" I scream at the shadow warrior. My body is wracked with sobs. I can feel Raph getting weaker in my arms. I turn back to him. He's fighting to stay awake.

"Raph" I cry again. His eyes roll lazily to me and I can see his spirit leaving them.

Then a hand grabs hold of my shoulder and starts to pull me backwards. I give a cry and try to fight it but another one grabs me and together they start to pull me away.

"NNOOOOO!" I scream. I try to wrench my arms from their grip but I don't have the strength. They're pulling me away from Raph.

"NNOOOOO!" Raph falls from my lap. He's too weak to give a cry. He's fallen so he's facing me.

"NNNNOOOO! RAPHHH! RAPHHHH!" I'm screaming his name. I can't breath. I'm starting to hyperventilate.

I can see his lips move to form my name. This makes me struggle even harder. I kick and scream and bite but the shadow warriors just keep their firm grip on me and I can't break free.

That 'ghost man" appears above Raph. He has a sad look on his face but I don't care.

"HELP HIM PLEASE HELP HIM" I scream through my tears and my sobbing. The "ghost man" gives a sad shake of the head and pulls out his fan. He gives a short wave of it and they both start to disappear.


"RAPHHHHH RAPPHHH NNNOOOOOO AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" I let out all my despair and grief in my screams. The tears are still heavily flowing. Now that Raph is gone the shadow warriors let me go. I bring my hands up to my head and hold it. I'm getting a headache from screaming but I can feel nothing inside. My brother is dead. My brother is dead. I care about nothing anymore.

Sobs are wracking my body and my chest is tight. I can't breath but I don't care. How could he leave me here alone? Didn't he know I need him here with me?

Through my tears I can see a shiny object in front of me. It's one of Raphs sais. He must have dropped it when he …. I shakily reach forward and pick it up. He had always loved his sais. He was never one for sentiment items but his sais had a special place in his heart. I thought about ending it here and now. What else did I have? For all I knew, Leo, Donnie and Splinter were dead and I was all alone. I couldn't live without my brothers.

But the Ninja part of me took over. I knew I couldn't kill myself when I had unfinished business. The person who had caused the hole in my heart was going to pay. The one who had caused all this pain, he was going to die a most painful death and I wouldn't give him the pleasure of seeing me kill myself in defeat. I looked down at the sai that remind me so much of my brother. I felt like if I held onto it for long enough, he would come back to me. But that was impossible; nobody can come back from the dead. I looked at the red material that encircled the hilt. The same stuff that made up Raphael's bandanna. I pulled it off and tied it around my arm. It gave me a little comfort to know that Raph was with me or that I was carrying something that had belonged to Raph. I looked down at the sais.

"I won't let your death be in vain" I spoke to it like it was my brother. But then, who was Raph if he didn't have his sais. I put it in my belt. I calmed myself down. I went and retrieved his other sai and placed it alongside its pair. I next went and found my nunchunks which I had dropped. I had no need to worry about the shadow warriors, they seemed to have disappeared. After finishing my job, I sat on the floor in semi-lotus and tried to centre myself. I knew I didn't have much time before my next bout and if I wanted to survive, I had to be centered. The fact that I would have to kill my next opponent held no sway in me. I was void of emotion. I … just didn't care. All I cared about was my revenge. You might think Leo was all about honour, but nobody messes with my family's honour and gets away with it.

I heard a scream come from somewhere in the arena and moments later a portal opened up to my left. I stood up and looked one last time at the spot where Raph died.

"Goodbye Raph" I whispered. Then I turned away and didn't look back. I walked to the portal. It would be a pretty thing if it didn't have such a sinister job of transporting killers. I took a breath and removed my nun chunks from my belt. My hands brushed Raphs sais. I felt a twinge of grief but I squashed it. I could mourn later, I had work to do. I gave my nun chunks a twirl and stepped through the portal. Void of emotion I went to kill my next opponent. What have I become?

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