A small bored sigh left Satoshi's lips as he looked around. The teachers was supposedly explaining some difficult equation, It didn't matter to him all the problems were pretty easy. Its was the last period of the day and the snow was falling gently outside. He sighed again his eyes wondering off into the vast field of ice and snow that lay outside. He smiled a small vacant smile. The school bell rang.

"now class don't forget Pg 345 problems 1-45" The teacher tried to yell above the ruckus of the class gathering there stuff and leaving.

"Hmmm, whatever I already finished it" He said under his voice.

"Satoshi," The teacher called over to him "Could you do me a favor? I was supposed to help Risa with her math but I have to leave on important business. Could you please take over?"

"But Sir I have to meet with the-" He was cut off my Risa

"The meeting was canceled" Risa said interrupting Satoshi

"Alright Then" He said with somewhat of a sigh "I'll help."

She nodded silently and sat down next to him.

.> .> .>

Satoshi looked up at the clock 6:30. "Risa I think we can continue on this subject tomorrow for now I have to go. Would you like me to walk you home?"

Risa nodded slowly with a slight blush. "Sure, if it's not to much trouble"

"No it's Fine" He said with a small smile

"Okay" Risa said getting up and putting her stuff away.

Satoshi stood up and waited for Risa. When she was ready he opened the hall and walked down the hall with her. He glanced at her and smiled wearily. Risa looked up just missing his smile. They got to the door. Risa went to push it open but it wouldn't budge.

"Let me help you" Satoshi grabbing the door and pushing as hard as he could. The door refused to move. Satoshi looked out side through the iced over window. "It's no use, we're snowed in"

Satoshi sighed and leaned against the door slowly slipping to the floor he put his hand on his forehead and sighed. 'if she wasn't here I could easily get out, but I wouldn't want to leave Risa behind'

Satoshi, Why not ditch this girl she's just some stupid girl Krad spoke in thought to Satoshi

'I dunno, It just wouldn't feel right yah know' Satoshi though silently

Do I sense a small crush? Krad said jokingly to Satoshi not suspecting an answer, well not a painless one anyways

'Maybe, I'm not sure yet' He thought again.

Please don't brutally murder me. This is my first D N Angel fic, IF I like it enough I might continue it. So until next time.