Title: Love

Author: Jenn

Rating: G

A/N: Trance thinks about the many kinds of love, and her relationships. Takes place toward the end of Season 4.

I can't help but smile as Dylan and Rommie walk out of command together. I like seeing the people I care about happy. And Rommie and Dylan do make each other happy. Sara was Dylan's first love. But Rommie is the love of his life, she is his life. His whole identity is tied to her. 'Dylan Hunt, Captain of the Andromeda Ascendent'. Thankfully I see them having a much happier future than did Maggie and her Captain. I know Andromeda still misses Maggie. She loved her as a sister. There are so many kinds of love.

I understand Andromeda's pain at losing Maggie, her sister, because Beka is like a big sister to me. And in Harper I have a brother. It hurts that Beka and I are not close as we once were, but that is how life goes, relationships change.

I love Dylan, and he loves me. But we are not 'in' love. I've learned that there is a difference. When I first took on this Avatar I never thought I'd grow to love the people I met. But I have. Most especially Dylan. I don't think that I'll ever forget Dylan. No matter what happens in my future. And even with my gifts I don't know what will happen in my future. Not for sure. There are too many possibilities. But they all involve Dylan, and that gives me hope.