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All of the people…

Chapter I – Snobs and riffraff

" Miss ChiChi! Miss Bulma! You're going to be late! It's your first school day in new school and you want to give a good impression? A nanny's shrill voice came loudly from downstairs.

A young black-haired girl groaned and yawned in her huge queen-sized bed. Slowly she sat up and glanced the alarmclock. It showed 7:04 am. ' Damn. Well, I might as well get up…'

She grabbed a soft fluffy white towel and headed to the bathroom. Oh, how she hated this day. The first day of school. It was always such a nuisance.

Sighing she was about to enter but found the door locked. ' What…' Then she heard the sound of running water. Bulma.

" Bulma! You better get out there soon so I can get a nice hot shower too!" She yelled through the door at her blue-haired sister.

She and Bulma were twins which people thought was very odd. She and Bulma looked nothing alike.

Bulma had got a long, slightly wavy, azure hair and deep cerulean eyes. ChiChi had a thick black hair, curled at the end and soft coal black eyes. Both twins were slender and good-looking. Nicely tanned smooth velvet skins and delicate hands.

Sisters knew this and took a good advantage of it. Only thing they counted as a flaw was their height. Both were barely 5.2. Is that so short? I'm 5.4 and I don't count myself so short ¤.

" Yes Chi! I am done in a minute!"

ChiChi growled. Bulma always managed to conquer the bathroom first how early she ever woke up to get there first. And to Bulma a minute was a very long time.

She and Bulma got a common bathroom between their huge rooms. They were rich people and of course they had only the best. The Capsule Corporation was the worlds biggest company and was known all over the world.

' I'm the heiress of the worlds greatest company and I don't even can't get an own bathroom! I have to share it with my hot-shower-addicted blue haired sister! Oh well, you can't get everything…'

" Shower's free!" Bulma said opening the door.

" What! So quickly! You sick B-chan! ChiChi teased and placed her hand on Bulma's forehead.

" Very funny Chi. Today is the start of this semester so of course I'm quick!" Bulma said a fake hurt in her voice." But you better hurry if you want to get some breakfast before school." The blue haired girl laughed brightly and ran away.

" You wouldn't…."

'Of course she would. Don't be stupid Chi. You'd do the same thing to her'

After a nice hot shower she dried and decided to dress. ' Hmm… What should I wear…'

Finally she was wearing a white tank top with white sleeveless denim vest and black tight pants. Her hair was in a high ponytail and her shoes were the newest fashion leather shoes.

Expensive as hell.

Checking her out fit from the full-body mirror ChiChi smiled satisfied. ' Oh they will faint…'

She and Bulma had moved in recently with their nanny. Now they were living with their uncle Gyuo Mao also known as Ox King. So they didn't know anybody around. There was a one good thing in school. Friends and boys. Hopefully she and Bulma would make some good friends.

What was she thinking? Of course they would make friends! They were ChiChi and Bulma Briefs! Two of the most known and adored women in the world! Making friends wouldn't be a problem!

"CHICHI! Did you drown in the shower! We're going to be late! And there's still one egg and pancake left! Bulma screamed and ChiChi almost got a heart attack. A quick look at the clock was enough to give her another one. It was 7:42! ' Oh my Oh my god! We'll be late!'

ChiChi snatched her bag and ran out of the room and down the white marble stairs.

" ChiChi! Where you were! The school starts soon and we aren't there when that happens and who's fault is that?" Bulma fumed and shoved her capsules to the capsule-keeping box.

" Miss Bulma! A lady doesn't speak like that! And miss ChiChi! Don't run in stairs! You could slip and fall!

The both girls turned to the tall strict looking old woman dressed in a black and white maids suit. Her gray hair was neatly done and her blue eyes stared coldly at the girls.

Bulma shrunk back and bowed her head. " We're sorry Mrs. Schwunsbar… This won't happen again." Don't ask… It's the first name that came in my mind at the moment . If there was something twins were afraid of, it was Mrs. Schwunsbar their very own nanny. She had been there so long as they could remember. Always scolding but still sweet. She was the one who had taught manners and the art of fine and fashionable clothes

. But still she was creepy. Appearing out of nowhere only when there was something to scold at.

At another time she was nowhere to be seen. That would scare anyone.

" Hurry up ladies! Or you'll be late. We don't want to give a bad impression, don't we?"

" Yes ma'am…"

Mrs. Schwunsbar turned on her heels and disappeared in kitchen. The girls sighed in relief.

" Come on Chi. Let's go…" Bulma muttered and they went outside.

" Which car we should take?" ChiChi asked eyeing capsules thoughtfully.

" I say we take the red one! It harmonizes with my clothes!" Bulma exclaimed happily and ChiChi giggled. Bulma wore a turquoise tube top and white capri pants and white strap sandals. Her hair was loose and it was waving nicely in a calm late summers morning wind.

" Oh and we better step on it. It almost 7:50."

They got in the car and drove away.


In the other part of the city two young high school students were happily sleeping in their small apartment. If you don't guess who they are I'm gonna kick you!

That was until the alarmclock went off. A hand shot from the sheets and with a swift move threw it to the wall with a crash.

" Who the hell put the alarm on!" An angry voice yelled gruffly. " I was fucking sleeping!"

" Shut up! So was I BUT AIN'T ANYMORE 'CAUSE SOMEONE'S THROWIN' A TANTRUM!" Another rude voice bellowed from the other side of the small room.

" And why we even had that damn alarm on?"

" I dunno!"

A moment of silence fell to the room as they were thinking.

" Holy fucking shit!"

" What is it, Kakarott! Spit it out!" A teenage boy with a black flame like hair and eyes demanded the other teenager with wild hair sticking out in every direction. It was black like his eyes.

" The school starts today, Vegeta!" he said quickly and got up running to the small kitchen to look what time it was since the alarmclock was… unavailable. " And the time's already 7:26!" he yelled.

" Whatta…" Vegeta jumped out of the bed cursing heavily and begun to look for his clothes. Kakarott was trying to find them as well.

Two young men shared a small apartment in the city's worst area. It was mainly slums and old houses. Beggars, dealers and thugs were every day life and word police was unknown. Kakarott and Vegeta had lived in that area a half of their lives and were just hoping to get a better life.

Both were orphans and they had met as a six year old. An old man living in the slums had took them under his wing. Man's name was Son Gohan.

He raised them and to Vegeta and Kakarott he was like a father they never knew. When boys were both thirteen he died in a bar fight. He had been a bouncer in near bar and after his dead the bar owner had taken care of them. And now they were bouncers in the same bar. The best bouncers in the slums.

Taught by Son Gohan the former and dead bouncer martial artist master since they were six surely paid off in that job. The best streetfighters in the whole city. And they were underage and the streetfighting and the bar were illegal. And that classified them as criminals.

Many people thought they were brothers and they didn't care to fix the mistake. The both had a black gravity defying wild hairstyles, coal black mysterious eyes. And only they could smirk like the way they did.

It was wicked and mischievous, evil and confident, stunning and extremely arrogant looking.( I just love Goku, Vegeta and Gohan when they smirk! It makes'em look so 'bad boy!' Drooooooll,)

They were well-muscled, not the bulky way more slender way, sinewy and about 5.9 feet tall. I know Goku is taller and Vegeta is much shorter but I like Vegeta taller And they were handsome as hell ask any woman in the whole area.

The apartment they lived was way too small. One little bedroom, small living room with kitchen and the bathroom. Everything was shabby and dirty. Furniture was old and most of them were broken. The living room had an old couch and a table with a three chairs.

They slept on the futons in the bedroom and there was a small night table with lamp. Shabby and little broken, of course. They had little cupboard in the corner and the kitchen had a little stove, little stage and the fridge. And it was situated in the uppermost layer.

The elevator was broken and was labeled: use at your own risk. Stairs were rotten and labeled: must use at your own risk.

Vegeta was jumping with one leg and trying to put a sock on and the same time drink some sour orange juice and find his bag. " Kakarott! Why ya didn't set the damn alarm earlier! We're fucking late again!"

" It was dark as shit and it was two in the night!" Kakarott yelled back under the table looking for his shoe. " Jus' be happy I even remembered to do 'at!"

" But this fucking happens every year, ya idiot! Heck! I don't even remember when we were in time on the first day o' the school!"

" Me neither. But let's say we keep up the tradition." Kakarott chuckled. He couldn't care less if he was in time or not. Neither did Vegeta. The only reason why they went to the school was because they had made a promise to Son Gohan they would.

And maybe to get a better life.

Crash! Vegeta had tripped and was now cursing like a sailor and Kakarott was laughing his ass off.


All the spiky haired teenager could do was laugh at his roomie/kinda brother/best buddy.

" You're asking for it Carrot head!" Vegeta growled and attacked the other teen furiously. This lead to the really dangerous-looking wrestling match. Suddenly Kakarott screamed loudly scaring the hell out of Vegeta.


Quickly the got up and grabbed their bags. " When this's over ya're gonna have it so badly."

The boys rushed out the apartment and ran down the rotten stair sand out to the yet empty and filthy streets of the worst area in the whole city.

" Hey Vegeta. Who'll suffer now when Mr. Brownes…ahem… 'retired'?" Kakarott asked smirking at Vegeta who immediately mirrored his smirk.

" I dunno Kakarott so shut up and run so we can find out and I can beat the crap outta ya!"

The boys burst out of laughing and they sprinted down the street. They still had some running to do cause they had 6 kilometers to the Orange Star High School. And this year wouldn't be their usual one… A far from it… But hey… they don't know it.


ChiChi and Bulma parked their car and capsulated it. By some god's luck they still had five minutes before bell ringing. Or by Bulma's suicide style and were by some god's luck still alive.

" Oh my! This place is huge!" Bulma exclaimed looking at the building. " This must be a very decent place with good teachers."

" I agree with you, dear sister."

They walked through the main doors. Halls were looking nice and they were crowed. Chattering and laughing echoed from the walls and soon they were receiving appreciating looks from boys and curious looks from girls, though little jealous ones at that.

Bulma bravely walked over a group looking somewhat worth of her and ChiChi.

" Excuse me, do you know where is the principal's office?" she asked in a sweet tone and smiled at them.

The whole group's jaws almost hit the floor. In front of them was standing Bulma Briefs in living blood and flesh. And she was looking more beautiful what she was in pictures and TV.

" Aren't you B..Bulma Briefs?" asked a tall good-looking young man with a black hair. The others were staring at her in disbelieve.

Bulma laughed lightly and nodded. " Yes I am and who you would be?"

" Uh…my name's Yamcha Haruka. The mayors son." He couldn't believe his luck. He was talking to Bulma Briefs!

" Bulma? Who are these people?" ChiChi asked appearing behind Bulma.

" This's my sister ChiChi. ChiChi this is Yamcha Haruka." ChiChi received the same stunned looks and unbelieving eyes. Bulma Briefs' sister ChiChi Briefs was obviously here too! They're stupid…

" Pleasure to meet you all." The raven-haired girl said politely smiling stunningly. Soon the whole group was being introduced. There was Tien, a tall bald man. He said he was the son of this city's head police officer.

Chaotzu, the son of Orange Star City's theater/opera leader. (They're normal humans in this fic. Just try to imagine Chaozu being… well…a normal boy, okay? Hey! Even I'm having hard time with that!)

Lunch was pretty brunette girl She doesn't change in this fic, thought I like her changing ability… and was just a girl from a rich and I mean RICH family.

Delia was tall and she got a bright red curly hair and big gray eyes. She was rich too and was acting like it.

" It was nice to meet you, but we still need to get our schedules." Bulma announced with a friendly smile.

" Sure. The principals office is right down the stairs." Yamcha hurried to say before anybody else could say nothing. He was really beginning to like the blue haired girl.

" Thank you." ChiChi said politely and they went off to get their new schedules. They entered and saw a middle-aged woman sitting behind neatly arranged desk. ' Must be a secretary…'

" How may I help you, girls?" Tone was friendly and ChiChi took almost immediately liking the woman. " Oh my God!" she suddenly gasped and twins knew they were recognized. This brought a proud, maybe little smug smile on their full lips.

" You.. You're heiress' of the Capsule Corporation!"

" Yes we are and we're here to get our schedules if you would be so kind."

" Of course! Just a sec dears!" ' Oh my oh my! Bulma and ChiChi Briefs standing in front of me! Gosh they are just as beautiful as in pictures! Oh how I wish I could be like they! Such a strong in will…'

The frantic secretary handed their schedules with a shining eyes and they both could read her thoughts clearly. ' Think about it! The heiress' of the Capsule Corporation in our school!'

ChiChi thanked and left the room. In a hall they began to giggle almost hysterically.

" Did you see her face when she recognized who we are, Chi!"

" Did I see it! She almost dropped her eyes, literally! And we have that influence on people B-Chan and you have to admit that is funny!"

" Yep! The climaxes of our miserable life!"

Giggling uncontrollably the made their way to the first class. Bells had just ringed and they were new, so it couldn't count as being late. ChiChi knocked the door lightly and they stepped in causing a huge gasp from the other fellow students.

Obviously the rumors had spread very quickly. The whole class was suddenly whispering loudly and the teacher was looking little shocked. He cleared his throat and looked at some paper.

" Ah! You must be Bulma and ChiChi Briefs. Attention class! These are our new students and I doubt they don't need any introducing. Please take your seats in front row next to Yamcha Haruka. Yamcha raise your hand so they know who you are. And you'll be showing them around. So they won't get lost. Please take your seats!" He managed to speak almost casually thought still very much faster than usually.

Twins just smiled and went to take their seats with the very same group they had met earlier.

" So we meet again! I'll show you the school on the lunch break, okay?" Yamcha smiled hopefully charmingly and got two nods from Bulma and ChiChi.' They're absolutely perfect! I don't know which one I like better… Nah! I just take them both at some point…'

He grinned smugly getting questioning looks from his friends. Before he could say something the class began and they couldn't start a conversation.

" Hello class! I'll be your homeroom teacher this year. To you who don't know me, My name's Haotsu Yasahike and today we-" Mr. Yasahike was rudely interrupted as the door almost flew out of its hinges and he got a really bad feeling about this. He turned and gulped.

" Damn! It's Mr. Yasahike. Ya owe me, Vegeta." This remark was followed by heavy cursing and a snicker from the more wild haired man.

In front of the door were standing two young handsome men. Both have a wild black hair that definitely broke some law of gravity and physics. Both were wearing a black really worn out leather jackets and white slightly dirty tank top.

The flame haired man had blue ragged baggy jeans and really worn out sneakers. The other had black denim pants as ragged and baggy as the other ones. He too had torn sneakers.

Mr. Yasahike was suddenly white as sheet and was slightly wobbly looking.

" This… This must be… some kind of a mistake… I believe you have … a WRONG CLASS!" He stuttered in disbelief.

" Well, nice to see ya too, proff. And there ain't any mistake or Mrs. Weddle The secretary is startin' to get senile." The other man said with smug smile and waved his schedule.

" It cannot be…" And the teacher fainted with aloud thud.

" Well, dat was new…"

Some students were trying to wake the fallen teacher who would soon be schools most respected being among the teachers.

Bulma and ChiChi were startled and were looking at the newcomers with a deep frown maybe with a slight contempt. Boys were rude and looking almost like beggars.' How on earth they even passed the exams…' ChiChi thought with deep frown of disapprove.

" Who are they?" she asked cautiously looking at Yamcha waiting for an answer.

Yamcha was glaring at them murderously and had gritted his teeth. Bulma wondered what was going on? Young teenager boys looked kind of dangerous to her and were obviously absolutely riffraff.

Finally Tien answered with a dark face. " Kakarott Son and Vegeta Ouji." He spat their names in disgust. " They're my father's permanent guests and have been so long as I can remember. They're total scum. Stay away from them. Last year Mr. Brownes just suddenly 'retired' and no one knows why, but it has something to do with them…so…"

"You have nothing to do with them." Yamcha added in and gave a serious look at the twins. " But don't worry. I'll protect you. Just always remember; they're the most dangerous people in this city. You don't know what they could do to you."

Bulma was now looking scared and ChiChi had extremely worried look on her pretty face. The raven-haired girl warily watched the two men who were now trying to wake the teacher and the other students had quickly moved away from them.

Both were snickering and talking silently to each other. She had to admit in one stage of her mind they were both looking handsome, in a dangerous way. Maybe little skinny, but still… Hey, they don't have so much money to get some food She snorted in disgust and turned to Delia and they started whispering.

Bulma gazed warily at the boys and soon turned her head away. Why always the good-looking ones were the bad boys and how that handsome men could be so bad.

Suddenly Mr. Yasahike was wide-awake and stood up hastily and then turned to Vegeta and Kakarott who were chuckling lightly at him. He glared coldly at them.


" Whoa! Hey Vegeta! We almost made a new record! Eight minutes in school and we got a detention!" Kakarott exclaimed loudly and grinned.

" Get your seats before I make you, scums! You are disturbing the class." Yamcha's voice chimed in and Kakarott and Vegeta turned to him.

Kakarott gave an amused look to him and Vegeta snorted. His gaze fixed on the slender blue haired girl sitting besides 'the Asshole' as they had named Yamcha and his friends. ' Whoa! Whatta babe! Nice breasts.. Feh… a snob…we don't need any o' those in here…'

" So Yamcha has finally found himself a wench. I must say ya're gettin' better in this things." He said and eyed Bulma very boldly and smirked. And it wasn't an ordinary smirk. It was the 'Smirk'.

Bulma had paled and looked coldly at him. The smirk really was something.

" How DARE you! Don't you know who you're talking to?" Yamcha roared and stood balling his fists in fury. How he dared..

" Easy there Yamcha boy! Ya don't wanna get a detention to ruin your perfect grades." Kakarott butted in with 'the Smirk'. His eyes soon found a beautiful black haired girl sitting next to Bulma.' Man, she's got the looks…quite firm shape…and a snob…'

" And of course we recognize'em. Just some more rich bastards like ya, ya know." Kakarott stated calmly and the young criminals went to get their seats laughing and left stunned people behind.

" How he…. That….." Tien and Yamcha were fuming and girls were shocked.

" What did we ever do to them?" ChiChi asked in brink of tears. " Why are they so mean?" Bulma asked quietly in a daze. Inside, both heiresses' were fuming and they had a very strong urges to strangle somebody. But the were fine ladies and ladies are always in control of the situation whatever it was.

And of course they should be shocked and heavily distraught of their words. Twins inhaled deeply and then sighed. The beginning had been so nice and if it they just hadn't make an appearance….

Why they acted like that?

Class continued without any interruptions and was about in a half way when the door once again opened and fell from its hinges. Obviously Vegetas kick was little too much…

" Uhm… Excuse me… but I was supposed to be in this class… and…" a short teenager boy said uncertainly looking at his feet nervously.

"Damn! That guy is, and I mean is, short…" Kakarott muttered in slight awe. Vegeta only nodded. The new boy was barely five feet tall If you haven't guessed it this far I really begin to doubt are you a real dbz fan… and he was bald. He wore simple white T-shirt and brown khaki pants. A regular guy.

Mr. Yasahike was having a small mental breakdown. ' Oh why I can't tech in peace? When did this place become a mall? And why did I have to get 'the brothers' and now some worse teenager boy is trying to disturb my fine mental balance…'

" Uhm… Are ya-you Mr. Yasahike? My name's Kuririn Chestnut and-"

" Just take a seat!" the teacher yelled suddenly cutting him off. Little scared Kuririn looked the students and was trying to find a place to sit.' How rude teacher…'

" Hey! Ya! Shortie! Come an' sit with us!" Kakarott yelled from the back startling everybody. Mr. Yasahike sent a suspicious glance at 'the brothers' and gave a warning look to the short man.

Kuririn didn't notice it but he noticed weird looks he was having.' Must be 'cause I'm short…' he snorted mentally walked towards two black-haired men. At least they were trying to be friendly.

Vegeta was seething. " Whatta hella ya're thinking 'bout! He hissed lowly." He's only a wimp and short one of that kind!"

"C'mon! he's an outcast like us. And he doesn't look so rich either like the rest of the school is! We don't hafta like him or be friends. Jus' let'im sit here. None bothers." He whispered back quickly as the new boy was heading towards them. Vegeta rolled his eyes and began to sulk. He didn't need any wimps near him.

" Thanks guys! I'm Kuririn Chestnut." He said happily and extended a hand to shake. Kakarott just looked at him. "I'm Kakarott Son an'-"

" I can say my own name thanks!" Vegeta snapped irritated. The flame-haired teenager cleared his throat and took a childish expression. " Hello! My name's Vegeta Ouji and my hobbies are shoplifting, mugging and scaring people, car thieving and Martial Arts." Kuririns face was priceless.

It was stunned, shocked, scared, admiring, disbelieving and well… priceless.

Kakarott began laughing and Vegeta smirked.

" MR.SON! DO YOU WANT A DETENTION AGAIN! IF YOU DON'T THEN DON'T BOTHER OTHER FINE STUDENT'S WITH YOUR LAUGHING!" teachers voice boomed and the trio fell backwards with their seats, falling on the floor in unceremonious heap.

Cursing and muttering they all climbed up and took their respectable seats again.

" I swear that man down there has something against us." Kuririn replied sarcastically and both other men smirked. " So your hobby is shoplifting. Must be interesting…" the bald youth started and now it was Kakarott and Vegetas turn to look suspicious.

" You get that we were serious." Kakarott asked with a raised eyebrow.

" Yes, but it doesn't matter so…"

Two teenager looked briefly at each other. They nodded at the same time. Rest of the class was spent chatting and getting know the each other. And Mr. Yasahike yelling at them and threatening with detentions if they didn't stop talking and being annoying, uneducated' younglings' as he 'affectionately' called them and yadda yadda…

Yep. Things are soon to turn interesting…


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