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Good day to you. My name is Señor Senior Sr. I am a powerful billionaire with an active retirement. My most resent hobby is to conquer the world! It took me some time before I realized this hobby. Come, come, sit down and I will tell you how it happened.

Now I found out that my son, Señor Senior Jr., was using up to much power with his sunlamp to get a tan. Honestly, sometimes that boy is impossible. But what I didn't know was that it was draining power from several European cities. So Kim Possible, my feisty teen nemesis, came to my island to inform me of my folly. And at the time, it was.

Her friend—oh what was his name? snaps his fingersRon Stoppable! That's it. At the time he had a new haircut. I don't know why he changed it. It was a good look for him, and he reminded me of myself at that age. I was foolish, carefree, and often chatty. Anyway, he suggested that I could take over the world from my island home. He gave me a great deal of ideas, which I used. Now that I think about it, Ron Stoppable would make a very competent super villain. Perhaps I could find a way to turn him against Ms. Possible. Hmmmm.

Well, I can think about that later. Now I shall take time to tell you about Kim Possible. She is an American cheerleader and is still in High School. She lives in a small, but well known town called "Middleton". I've done a background check on her and her friend, hoping to find her weak point. I have yet to find it, but do know more about her then most of my collogues. Her father is a rocket scientist and her mother is a brain surgeon. This explains her cunning: she inherited it from her parents. She also has two younger twin brothers. They foiled my friend, Dr. Drakken's plan to use mind control on Kim Possible. I've tried that as well, but it also ended miserably. Perhaps I could try using mind control on her friend.

Anyway, now I will tell you about my son. For a long time he was very disappointing as a super villain. Why, Ron Stoppable was able to stop him from executing one of my plans by messing up his hair. It's only hair! His first evil plot was also disappointing. It was to make an evil disco. How humiliating. He even had a crush on Kim Possible. That is spitting upon villain tradition! Fortunately, I remedied this with the help of a tutor. Her name was "Shego" and she normally works for Dr. Drakken. Because of her, Junior became a much better villain. Perhaps someday the two of them will work together as a villainous team.

My son has made me proud recently. After Mr. Vincent Wheller tricked my son into signing over our entire fortune to him, I tried to steal it back, but Kim Possible thwarted my plan. My son then turned me in for the reward of two billion American dollars. He used the money to break me out of prison and buy back our island. It was a most excellent plan, and he even tricked Kim Possible into thinking he'd reformed. Now, I have an appointment with our new financial consultant (this time I did a background check). opens the doorIt was pleasant to talk to you, if you would please leave. I am sorry if I sound rude.

Senior was a hard one. Unlike the other villains, I couldn't just have him order for you to leave. Hope you liked it. I have a funny idea about what to do with Junior.