Title – First Date or Second Thoughts

Author – forensicsgirl

Pairing – Grissom/Sara

Rating – K+ (PG)

Author's Note - Sequel to 'Cold Vengeance', set early in season 5. A Loan Shark is found murdered in an unusual way.

It's the morning after the night before for Sara and Grissom

... and of course, it's not going to be smooth sailing for them. There's a reason this guy never seems to get past the first date :-) Hope you enjoy, let me know if you do.

Disclaimer - As talented as I like to kid myself I am, I did not come up with the characters or the amazing programme this was based on. That was Anthony E Zuiker (henceforth known as The Genius). I just like to immerse myself in the world from time to time and pretend...

Author's Note Addendum – As with Cold Vengeance, this is an updated version of the story with (hopefully) all (or close to all) grammatical & continuity errors removed.

Chapter One – Pre-Credits Teaser

The stench of death hung heavily in the air as Grissom and Brass surveyed the scene. Vincent McMann, loan shark and all around bad guy was tied to a chair, covered in lacerations. Blood pooled beneath him, sticky and black like tar.

'Cleaning Lady found him,' Brass informed Grissom. 'She comes in once a week.'

'How long has he been dead, David?' Grissom enquired of the Coroner, who was in the process of taking a liver temperature.

'Rigor's come and gone,' David replied. 'Lividity is fixed. Been more than 24 hours.'

He removed the thermometer as he spoke and looked at it. 'Room temperature.'

'No one missed him?' Grissom asked as he bent to take a closer look at the body.

Brass snorted, 'Vinny the Shark? No way. Even his own mother couldn't stand the sight of him.'

Grissom peered at the deep cut on McMann's right wrist. It seemed different from the other cuts.

'This one's a lot deeper than the others. What do you think, David,' Grissom wanted to know.

David took a closer look. 'He definitely bled out the most from that wound. The rest are superficial.'

Grissom examined some of the other cuts. 'The shallow cuts nearest the deep one bled out,' his gaze moved further down the victim's body, 'but the one's lower down didn't bleed much at all. They were probably inflicted when the victim was already dead or dying.'

Brass bent to take a closer look. 'What are you thinking?' he asked Grissom.

Grissom looked up at him. 'The first cut is the deepest.'