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Pass me the wine

I wake up in a strange bed, next to a strange person and my head hurts horribly. This is not good. How did I get here? Where in all nine hells is Andy? For a second I seriously consider a change of my drinking habits, but then I discover parts of what must be a uniform carelessly strewn all across the floor. Now I have at least a starting point.

So I'm lying here in bed with a soldier or guard and from what certain parts of my body are telling me I have probably slept with him. Now why would I do that? There must be something, some purpose I can't remember right now, because as soon as I try to think straight the world starts spinning. My bleary gaze sweeps across the tiny room and next to a lot of garbage I notice several empty bottles of cheap wine. That explains the headache then and why I feel so terrible. I know this kind of alcohol. It gets you drunk very fast, but the next day you pay for it with a hangover so awful I suspect the stuff might have been invented by a Drow.

The man next to me chooses this most fitting moment to start snoring loudly, which makes me flinch and does absolutely nothing to improve my mood. I'm certain by now that I must have had a very good reason to be here. Where is Andy damnit?

I try to remember what happened last night. There was a tavern with lots of dark corners convenient for hiding Andy's suspicious Drow colouring. None of the rather shady looking patrons seemed to care much about us so I had the bright idea to introduce Andy to serious drinking and that's where things start to get a bit hazy. I think there was some kind of fight, in which we didn't take part for all I know, but something else must have happened to separate us. Just what? Oh no, the uniform... a city guard! Shit! They must've arrested Andy when they came to end the fighting.

The realization hits me like a brick and what little optimism I have left evaporates instantly like a drop of water on a hot stone. How am I supposed to get us out of this fucking mess? They're never going to just let him walk free and despite the fact that I seem to have gotten very close to a high ranking officer (Well at least the heavily decorated uniform suggests that he could be important) I have no idea how to proceed from here. Once he wakes up he'll probably scream at me to get out, because he can't feel much better than I do at the moment, which means he'll feel absolutely horrible and ready to kill the first person daring enough to utter anything louder than a very, very soft whisper in his presence.

What made me come with him? This was such a waste of time! No wait, if he is important then maybe he's got some keys I can duplicate. Slightly more motivated now I have another closer look around the room. There in the middle of a crumpled and badly stained pair of trousers I can see the glint of metal. That must be at least one key! Good, now the only problem left is to find a way to get them without throwing up on the way or wake him by falling flat on my face, but judging by the loud, happy snores this guy won't wake anytime soon.

Slowly and very carefully I start to extract myself from under the thin, smelly blanket that covers us both. The movement is almost enough to really make me puke, but I manage to restrain myself long enough to grab my own clothes and gasp out the short and mercifully easy spell that gives me a duplicate of all the ten or more keys I find. The only drawback is, that they'll last no more than twenty four hours. At this moment I nearly feel thankful towards my now deceased Master for forcing me to learn these things. About the only good thing that he has ever done for me.

As quietly as possible I slip out of the door, which to my great relief doesn't creak at all and then I find myself on a deserted corridor.

After hurriedly pulling on my clothes I notice a distinct smell and manage to find the way to next lavatory where I can finally throw up in peace, with the copies of those hard earned keys clinking in my pocket. I hope Andy will appreciate what I'm doing here! If the world is fair for once then at least he'll have a hangover just as bad as my own. Serves the bloody idiot right for getting in trouble and relying on me to get him out of it.

Really, this is the first city we have entered since leaving Giciel's tower and just like that trouble seems to find us. Why me? Why does it always have to be me? After the way this morning has begun I feel entitled to a bit of self pity and therefore I stay for a few more minutes to lament the many faults and sheer cruelty of fate. I'm not very hungry yet, but I know from experience that later I'll be able to eat and I do need it, so the next thing on my agenda besides finding out what exactly has happened to my favourite Drow, will be to get my hands on a suitable breakfast.

Should I go back to the room and try to pry some information from that guard or soldier or whatever he may be? He won't notice what I've done, but the thought of him trying to touch me again speaks strongly against that specific course of action. Humans are just not my thing!

I decide to leave him where he is and try instead to find Dai. Dai is a Halfling and occasionally a business spy who still owes me a favour for helping him escape from a group of angry merchants, when they wanted to rip him apart for selling out details about their slightly illegal financial practises.

The last time I met him he lived in a small overpriced room above a bakery. Even if he can't help me with information he should at least be able to provide a decent meal!