This takes place a month after the events of 'Kathy', which was set during the 2nd season of Angel. I'll be continuingmy exploration of Angel's relationship with his sister, Kathy, who was introduced briefly in the season 1 episode 'The Prodical', and whom I resurrected for my last story.

As with 'Kathy', I wrote this back in 2001. Well, I started to write it and then got sidetracked. I've recently unburied it from the depths of my computer and thought I'd give it another shot - despite having forgotten where I was going with it in the first place... However, I have re-jigged the plot and am now good to go. Hope you enjoy. Let me know...

Disclaimer: If I owned these guys (and was a multi-billionaire) they would still be on the air. They don't belong to me :-( They are the rightful property and brain-children of the geniuses (or should that be genii) Joss Whedon and David Greenwalt. Grr Arrrgg.

The stars shone against the midnight blue sky as Angel looked out over his city. From his vantage point - the top of a 16-story building - everything seemed peaceful.

Of course, things were rarely as they seemed.

Angel knew from experience that things never were peaceful for long in Los Angeles, the city he had made his home for a little less than two years. There was always some new terror rising up from the depths, some new pain for the city's residents to have to endure.

He was here to help them. To alleviate their suffering whenever he could. But it wasn't enough. He had learnt that the hard way.

He was here to fight for his own redemption. To make up for the horrible atrocities he had carried out as Angelus, one of the most vicious vampires to ever walk the earth. He had damaged so many lives, killed so many families. But then a gypsy curse and nearly a hundred years of wandering the earth with no purpose except to feel the weight of his restored soul had led him to a new path.

He had been sent initially to help the Vampire Slayer, the girl chosen of her generation to fight evil and protect the world. Then he had fallen in love with her, and that unleashed more complications than either of them had ever expected. So he had come here, to LA, to carve out his own battle against the dark forces to which he had once belonged.

All these thoughts and more swam through his mind before being interrupted by the shrill ring of his cellular phone.

'Are you still patrolling?' came the voice of his associate and friend, Cordelia Chase.

'Yeah. What's wrong?' he asked, as a blast of static came over the line. He was more than two hundred and fifty years old, but never in his undead life had he ever come across anything quite as frustrating and, in his opinion, utterly useless, as cell phones. Still, Cordy insisted on buying him one and made him carry it everywhere.

'What was that?' she asked as the line cleared again.

'I said, what's wrong?'

'Nothing. I'm going out. Just thought I'd let you know. Pizza with Kathy.'

'Oh,' he replied. 'Are ...' A voice in the background interrupted him.

'Wait a sec,' Cordy told him, before conferring with someone in the office. 'Okay, I'll ask. Kathy wants to know if you want to join us when you're done there.'

'Uh, sure. Where will you be?'

'Marco's. See you later.'

They hung up and Angel took another long look around, and decided to make another sweep of the area before heading off to meet the girls.

The restaurant was busy but not crowded as Cordelia and Kathy were shown to a table under an archway that almost looked authentic. Their waiter rattled off several house specials in a thick, Italian accent, and then left them to their menus.

Cordy sat back in her chair and sighed, letting the stresses of the day escape. She had grown to truly love her job, working with Angel and the others to help to helpless, but long days took their toll. Not to mention the blinding headaches she got each time she had a vision of someone in trouble.

Kathy looked across the table at her companion and felt a familiar pang of worry. Everything seemed to be taking its toll on Cordelia lately. She constantly seemed tired and worn down, and her vision headaches seemed to be getting worse.

Kathy knew that when the Powers that Be chose Cordelia to be their connection to Angel, they had done so for a reason. But their decision worried her all the same. Doyle, who had been the original seer of the group, had been half-demon and the visions were still difficult for him to cope with. For Cordy, one hundred percent human, they were torture. Kathy wondered how long her body could really cope with her gift.

Cordy saw the expression on Kathy's face and sighed. 'I'm okay,' she said. She'd been telling people that a lot lately.

'You sure?' Kathy asked in her soft Irish accent. 'Maybe you should get some sleep.'

'I'm good,' she insisted. 'I really am. Let's order. I'll feel a hundred times better with one of Marco's pizzas in front of me.'

A short time later they were tucking into the best pizza in LA and chatting like old friends. When Kathy had shown up just a month before, Cordelia had been wary. But Kathy had proven herself over and over to be loyal and decent and worthy of trust. The two were becoming fast friends.

Kathy had been sent by the Powers, much in the same way Doyle had been, to help Angel back onto the right path. Only difference was, in her case, there was a personal interest. She had been his little sister. She had been brought back from the dead more than two hundred years after her brother, a recently turned and vicious vampire named Angelus, had killed her and the rest of their family.

But everything had changed in two centuries. Angel had his soul restored and now he fought evil and helped the innocent alongside Cordelia and their friends, Wesley and Gunn.

Things had changed in Kathy's life as well. She had died aged 11, in the year 1753. When she was brought back to life by the Powers that Be she was still 11 years old, but the year was 1988. She remembered her old life so vividly, and this new world was so strange, that her confusion lasted for many years of her life.

She had been raised by a woman she came to call her Grandmother in the small coastal town of Glencolumcille in Donegal, Ireland. There she spent a great deal of her time studying magic and practicing to become an accomplished witch. There was no time, let alone friends, to have girlish conversations about clothes and men and music. Subjects that she was now discussing in some detail with Cordy, when Angel entered the restaurant.

'Hey,' he said as he reached their table. He looked somewhat sheepish, as if he worried that he was interrupting.

'Have a seat,' Kathy reassured him. 'Want some wine?'

'Uh, yeah. Just a little.'

Cordelia finished the last of her Hawaiian special and looked at him expectantly. 'So, how'd patrol go?'

'Quiet. You two been having a good night?'

Both girls shrugged. 'Oh, you know,' said Cordy.

'Girl talk.' Kathy informed him.

Angel smiled. He knew they had been getting closer over the past few weeks and he was glad. Neither of them really had any close friends in their lives outside of work.

Angel was about to comment on this when pain flashed across Cordelia's face and her hand shot up to her head. Her body jerked in reflex to the vision she was having. Angel rushed to her side as he always did, and steadied her, making sure that she didn't fall to the floor or hurt herself.

'Cordy?' he said as he held her shoulders tightly. 'Easy. What do you see?'

Images in quick succession flashed into her mind. A girl cowering in a corner of a disused building. A flash of steel. The girl screaming in fear and pain. A dark shadow looming over her. Not only did she see it all in her mind, but she felt it. She felt the girl's pain, her fear. It crept up into her throat like bile and was worse than any headache the visions caused her.

She thought that getting these brain-flashes from the Powers that Be would get easier with time. Sometimes, she even hoped they'd stop, eventually. But it seemed that lately they just got worse. Sometimes it felt like the pain would never go away,it just grew inside of her, pulling her apart from the inside out.

A tear slid down her cheek as the vision stopped and she found herself in Angel's arms. 'Oh god, Angel, she's so scared,' she said as she wiped away the tear and looked at her friend. 'She's in a warehouse. Adisused warehouse. Down in the Breakwater district, I think. Something's after her. I couldn't see what.'

'Make sure she gets home safely,' he told Kathy as he got up and grabbed his coat. 'Get some rest,' he said to the seer on his way out the door.

'Come on Cordy,' Kathy said as she helped her friend to her feet. 'Let's get you home.'