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"Whew! I'm wiped out!" Cyborg proclaimed, running his arm across his brow. Starfire climbed up his back, resting her arms on his shoulders, placing her chin on the top of his head. He couldn't help but think it was cute. He reached up and ruffled her hair slightly. The next moment, he felt something wet, and then a sharp pain. "Ack! What are you doing? Did you just... bite me?" He waved his arms around, trying to get her off. Eventually, she just slipped off his back and ran forward.

"Robin!" She yelled happily, sprinting over to where she had spotted him. Cyborg picked up his pace to catch up with her. Robin turned around at his name and saw them.

"Hey." He replied, holding his hand up in a motionless wave.

"Yo." Cyborg said almost breathlessly as he reached them. Starfire was already doing circles around Robin. He followed her with his eyes and then peered at Cyborg.

"Have a fun day?" He asked.

"Well.. I ended up practically baby-sitting her, but it wasn't so bad. I don't think I want to see cotton candy for awhile though..." Cyborg trailed off, cringing at just the thought of the pink, fluffy substance. Robin chuckled. He had to stop watching Starfire, he was getting to dizzy for his eyes and stomach to bear. "Hey, where's Terra?" Cyborg asked.

"Oh, she's just using the rest room. We really haven't had any time to stop yet." Robin explained, gesturing over to the Porta-Potties. Cyborg nodded and looked at Starfire.

"Yo, Star, lay off the man for a few minutes." She stopped in mid-step.

"I am sorry." She apologized, bowing slightly. Robin just smiled and tilted his head up.

"It's getting darker. I think it's about six thirty... think we should round up the other two and grab some food?" He asked, still staring at the sky.

"You bet, I'm gettin' hungry." Cyborg scanned all the different booths. "Mmm... carnival food." He drooled.

"Oh, hey! Cyborg, Starfire!" A girl's voice invaded his thoughts. Cyborg shook his head and found Terra standing in front of him, hands behind her back, a small smile tugging at her lips. "Haven't seen you around yet today. Where have you been?"

"Well.." Cyborg hesitated, trying to figure out how to put it in words. "Starfire had her first experience with go-carts." He said plainly.

"Awesome, I bet that was fun, eh Star?"

"How do you Earthlings put it?" Starfire started, putting a finger to her lips, thinking. She lowered her finger after a moment and said slowly, "No... effin'... way." They all had to laugh, especially with the look of such sincerity on her face. "Did I... did I say something wrong?" She asked.

"Not at all, Star, not at all." Robin said after he let out his short burst of laughter.

"AHA!" A sound exploded from the other direction, making them all fall forward a few inches. "Hey, Rae! Found 'em!" They didn't need to turn around to know who it was, that voice was unmistakable.

"Ah, looks like we have the whole team again." Cyborg stated as Beast Boy and Raven's footsteps approached.

"Hola! Dudes, dudet." Beast Boy said, and pretended to take a hat off his head, tipping his head to them.

"Yeah, such a gentleman, BB. That's why you let my win all those games, right?" Raven said. A vein on his forehead throbbed visibly as he gritted his teeth, shooting a sideways glare at Raven.

"You are just very lucky." He sniffed. She smirked.

"Whatever you say..." He gritted his teeth again, balling his hands up into fists. This just seemed to amuse Raven further.

"Alright, alright! Break it up, guys, break it up!" Robin interrupted, sweat dropping.

"Yes, let us not fight, please." Starfire added in.

"I wasn't fighting." Raven replied. You could practically hear the crackling of electricity around Beast Boy.

"Even so..." Robin began, "You were provoking him."

"Yeah, okay, sorry. Happy? Great. Let's eat." She let out just as someone's stomach growled.

"Good point... let's eat." Terra said in reply to the rumbling stomachs. Without waiting for anyone to say something, she started walking over to the food booths and tables. After a moment of hesitation, they rest followed, thinking about what they'd have. Terra marched right up and ordered her food, barely glancing at the menu.

"Hmm, two hot dogs with everything on it... a bag of your original potato chips, a large Coke, and one of those funnel cakes." She spoke clearly. The others went bug-eyed.

"Hungry?" Beast Boy asked her.

"Yeah, I mean, c'mon, a day of carnival roller coasters... how can I not be hungry?" She replied, paying for the food, and taking a huge bite out of her first hot dog. Beast Boy shrugged and stepped up to take his order. He looked over the menu.

"Any chance you have veggie burgers?" Beast Boy asked sheepishly. The man looked down at him.

"No. We got meat. No veggies." He replied in a rumbling voice.

"Aw man! You guys gotta be more conscious about vegetarians!" Beast Boy exclaimed, but then mumbled his order, "Just a bag of chips and an ice cream sandwich then..." The man nodded and handed Beast Boy his order. Beast Boy payed him and went off to sit at a table by Terra.

"Rip off..." He muttered to himself as he got seated. A few seconds later, Starfire slipped into the seat next to Beast Boy, slurping her drink happily. He side glanced at her and almost wretched. She was sipping... mustard. Beast Boy shuddered and turned back to his chips, trying to get his mind off the site.

"What is this tasty beverage called again?" Starfire asked Beast Boy.


"It's mustard." Terra answered for him. She, too, gave Starfire a weird look. "Hey, can I borrow that for a minute?" Starfire reluctantly handed over the bottle. Terra squirted a bit onto one of her hot dogs and gave it back to Starfire. It was Starfire's turn to give Terra an odd look. By this time Cyborg and Raven had gotten their food and sat opposite of the three. Cyborg didn't stop to chat, but instead began to inhale his burgers and hot dogs.

"Anyone know the time?" Raven asked.

"Seven." Robin's voice answered simply. He sat down by Raven with a little sigh of relaxation. Beast Boy suddenly wasn't as hungry. Reason? Robin, obviously. He knew there was a deliberate reason why Robin had wanted to come here alone with Terra. And it was making him feel uneasy that he hadn't figured it out yet. The group ate in silence for awhile, long enough to satisfy their rumbling stomachs. Terra was the first to finish her food, and the first to speak.

"I hear the fireworks here are supposed to be amazing." She said dreamily.

"Where did you hear that?" Beast Boy asked.

"Well, since I used to spend a lot of my times at fairs and carnivals, I heard things. They are constantly talking about the competition between each carnival. And I heard Gotham Carnival's fireworks display is to die for." She explained.

"Then let's hope the fireworks live up to it's stories." Robin said, a faint smile showing on his lips.

"Let's hope..." Terra echoed in a whisper. Raven raised her head, eyes darting between Robin and Terra. Beast Boy watched her curiously. When Raven's eyes met his, she turned away. But he had seen the concern in her face... and something else... was that... panic? No, it couldn't be. He was seeing things.

Raven leaned her face to Robin's ear, whispering something to him. His face fell, his smile flickered into a dangerous frown. He stayed silent and Raven's gaze fell back to her lap. Was Beast Boy seeing things? No one else seemed to be noticing what was happening. What had Raven said to Robin. He was itching to know. He couldn't stand the silence anymore and wasn't up to touching his food. He got up, gathering his barely eaten food and dumped it in a nearby trash can. He looked up to the darkening sky, he could see small speckles of white just beginning to appear in the mix of purple, blue, red, and pink. He took a deep breath of the cooling evening air and turned back around.

When he had reached the table, there was a conversation finally going. It was mainly Starfire, Cyborg, and Terra talking.

"So, I had to stop by her and let her climb onto the back of my go-cart." Cyborg said. "I don't think Star will be driving another one anytime soon." Starfire was smiling sheepishly as Terra laughed. Beast Boy sat back down between the girls.

"Man, Cyborg, you should have brought me along. Haven't been on the go-carts for awhile." Terra said. "But I guess you still can't get much better than the roller coasters, right Robin?"

"Yeah, guess not." He replied, shrugging. Terra stood up and leaned over the table toward Cyborg.

"He was kinda afraid of some of those roller coasters. You should have heard him screaming." Terra whispered, but loud enough for all of them to hear. Everyone but Raven and Beast Boy laughed.

"I was not afraid!" Robin exclaimed, blushing.

"Think of that! Boy Wonder! Afraid of some carnival rides!" Cyborg said, laughing. "Priceless, I tell ya." Terra smirked. She got up and walked over to Robin, folding him into her arms.

"Aw, you know I'm just teasing." She cooed, running a finger down his face. Starfire and Beast Boy reacted to this quickly, flames practically leaping off them.

"Can we move on, please?" Raven said furiously, looking at the two in disgust. "I don't want to see this."

"Yeah, PDA!" Cyborg said, turning his head. Beast Boy and Starfire were still shooting daggers at the two, literally speechless with anger. Terra threw up her arms and backed away from Robin.

"Okay, okay. Sorry, guys, jeez." She said. Robin had turned a deep crimson. He cleared his throat.

"Uhmm... right... sh-shall we move on to the Ferris wheel? I h-hear you can get the best view up there..." He said, trying to keep a stable voice.

"Fine, good, let's go." Raven said, just eager to get out of this situation. Beast Boy and Starfire stood up quickly, going over to stand by Raven. She felt sorry for them, the way this was going. Who knew what would happen? She threw one final disapproving glance at Robin and walked on, everyone following her lead. Robin and Terra fell back, and he took her hand firmly, but that one warning Raven had given him repeated in his mind. "I hope you know what you're doing... Do you have any idea how many hearts are being broken? Take your own feelings into consideration, too, Robin..." His face grew hard, but he shook it off and continued to follow the others.

"You here for the fireworks?" The man at the Ferris wheel entrance grunted.

"Yeah, when do they start?" Robin said politely.

"Ten minutes. Get in then." He replied. Terra and Robin got the first carriage, Beast Boy and Starfire the second, and Cyborg and Raven the third. They had to wait as other people got on too, every time they were lifted higher. Finally, all the carriages were full and the man let the ferris wheel go for awhile, Beast Boy was feeling sicker by the minute, and truth be told, the spinning wasn't helping. Then they stopped.

"This must be it..." Beast Boy said, looking at Starfire. She didn't speak, but she was very white. There was a little explosion near by and he looked up. He saw a brilliant tree-like structure of green in the night sky. He looked up to where Terra and Robin were, his stomach lurched, they were a little to close...

"Isn't it beautiful?" Terra asked, her eyes reflecting the fireworks. "These are pretty good..."

"Mmhmm..." Robin let out, putting his arm around her. She let her head rest on his shoulder. He had to do this. "T-Terra?" Robin said.

"Yeah?" She replied, looking up into his face. He looked into her eyes for a moment and then dipped his head down. Their lips met just as another firework went up. Both of their hearts were beating wildly. When Robin's lips made contact with hers, Terra had a weird feeling shoot up her back, and scenes... memories were playing into her closed eyelids. She saw the Titans... them accepting her... Beast Boy... training with them... running away... Slade finding her... being sent to destroy them... Beast Boy... and... and... trying to kill him, Slade... wait... was he still alive?

Terra's eyes shot open to see Robin's face still attached to hers. She broke away. "Slade!" She cried. Robin opened his eyes, a look of surprise flashed across his face.

"What?" He breathed.

"Where is Slade... what happened? Where am I?"

"Slade... Slade is gone, it's okay..." He assured her. "Terra... can you remember again?" Her eyes widened as she looked at him.

"What... what have I been doing this whole time?" But he didn't have to answer, all those past few weeks came back to her and she gasped, covering her mouth. "What... what have I done? Oh no... Beast Boy!" She looked around frantically. She looked over the ledge of their carriage and spotted Beast Boy and Starfire below. They both looked a sickly white. Without thinking, Terra jumped off and down into their carriage.

"Yo! Kid what are you doing!" The man below shouted with panic. She didn't care. She grabbed Beast Boy and held him tight, tears were escaping from her eyes.

"Terra..." Beast Boy let out, hardly able to breathe.

"I'm sorry... I don't know why I couldn't remember..." She blurted out, streams going down her face.

"You... you were... stone... they... brought you back... had amnesia..." Beast Boy gasped in her tight hold. "It's... okay!" He pried her arms off and hugged her instead. "It's okay..." He repeated. Starfire witnessed all of this, scrunched up on the other side of the carriage, tearing up too. Beast Boy pulled Terra closer to him and finally did what he'd been longing to be able to do. He kissed her. Finally actually able to enjoy it with her, even though it was incredibly wet. In fact, he was starting to cry too. But, he was to happy to care about being a total duffus. They stayed glued together for almost the whole fireworks display, not really seeing the lights and explosions, but totally lost in their own world. Just before the finale started, Beast Boy realized how lonely Starfire looked. He looked up to where Robin was, he was sitting stiffly, watching the fireworks.

"Star... Robin looks a little lonely, wanna go check on him?" Beast Boy whispered. She looked a little startled by the idea, but nodded and floated up to his carriage. Terra had just about cried herself dry, until Beast Boy spoke. "I love you Terra..." And as quickly as the words escaped his lips, she was blubbering on his shoulder again. He'd never seen her this emotional, and it kind of caught him off-guard.

"I-I love you too..." She was able to hiccup between sobs after a few minutes. The last few fireworks went up, lighting the sky. Terra's face was shining with tears, and even though she was crying her eyes out, Beast Boy still thought she looked gorgeous with the light reflecting off her wet face. He smiled, and to his slight amazement, she managed a smile in return. As the ferris wheel started spinning again to let the people off, Raven started muttering to Cyborg.

"I'm amazed he didn't screw up." She said.


"Never mind..." She replied, rolling her eyes.

After everyone hopped off the ferris wheel, they stood in an awkward circle just by the exit of the carnival. It was much darker now, and the stars were showing vividly through the sky. Terra and Beast Boy had run themselves dry, and were now containing themselves just to hold hands. Robin and Starfire were standing pretty close, but that was about it. Raven and Cyborg just stood with their arms crossed, wondering what ride hell was going to send them on next.

"You are an idiot." Raven said out of nowhere.

"Excuse me?" Robin said. She walked over to him and hit him on the head sharply.

"You had me going there! Freaked me out, I didn't know what you were playing at anymore. Absolute moron."

"Hey, at least she can remember now!" Robin defended himself.

"That was just lucky. You didn't know what would happen, you didn't know it would work. What would you have done if it hadn't worked!" She shot back at him. He sweat dropped and rubbed the back of his head.

"Uh... I don't know?" He let out, ashamed.

"Pff! See?" Raven said, blowing a piece of hair away from her face. Everyone else just let them battle it out, not knowing what to say. She looked at him for another moment and then waved her hand. "Whatever. I guess you really are Boy Wonder." She stated with a smirk. Starfire smiled at Robin and threw her arms around him.

"It makes me happy to see things are back to the way they should be!" Starfire beamed. "Let us have a celebration!"

"Uh, Starfire?" Robin started. "How about... we just... you know... go off and have a celebration of our own?" He offered, blushing like mad.

"And he moves in for the kill..." Beast Boy whispered. Terra giggled. Starfire's eyes lit up.

"A date?" She asked.

"Well.. Uh... yea-..."

"I'd love to!" She interrupted him.

"Well, alright then..." He said as she grabbed his wrist and marched out of the exit, going toward downtown.

"And... Beast Boy..." Terra said innocently. "We never really got to see the fireworks."

"Then... we can go to a laser show if you want." Beast Boy replied, little hearts floating above his head, watching her every move.

"That would be really cool." She said.

"Then let's go, I've got money." And then they also marched out toward downtown, leaving Raven and Cyrbog standing by themselves.

"Well, I guess this means Terra has finally returned." Cyborg said happily, smiling after them.

"Yup... there is another happy ending." Raven said. "Go figure."

"Hey, Rae, the carnival runs til ten. Since we have nothing to do, want to go play some games?" Her eyes flashed.


The End!

Teen Titans Extra:

Raven took the huge duck she had won from a water shooting game. "Thanks..." She mumbled. She turned to Cyborg. "Want to be beaten at any other games?" She asked him, smiling slyly.

"Uh, nah, that's alright." His muffled reply came from under a huge stack of stuffed animals he was holding.

"Oh well... here's another one for you to hold." She placed the duck on top. "I need ice cream." She stated, walking over to a nearby food booth. Cyborg dumped the prizes onto a table and sat down with a sigh. Raven came over with an ice cream cone, licking it. She sat down across from Cyborg. He stared at how the neon carnival lights illuminated her face. She looked up. "Why are you staring at me like that. It's weird." Oh gawd, is he blushing? Raven thought, taking another lick of her ice cream.

"You know, Rae, it's just the two of us. In a passerby's mind... it could look like... a date." He said. Oh gawd, he was blushing. Before she could reply, he leaned over, puckering his lips slightly. He closed his eyes just a little bit early and... "Oh! That's cold..." He had put his face right into her ice cream. Great. She gave him a napkin. He wiped off his face and looked at her again. Oh gawd, he was blushing again. This was getting pathetic.

"Cyborg?" Raven addressed him.


"If you ever attempt to make out with my ice cream again, I'll have to hex you."