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Chapter 1: The Crime

Miror B., the disco dancing, snowcone impersonating Cipher admin loved annoying his fellow comrades, and decided that today was a good day to put his plan into action.

Hmm, I think Ein has been getting lazy lately, need to keep him sharp! Miror B. sneaked into Ein's room and saw that Ein was sleeping.

He He, like, what a perfect time for my devious plan! Miror B. pulled out a super-giant-eco sized bottle of silly string and a pack of markers and set to work. He sprayed silly sting all over the room, and drew bunnies and teddies and all the things he knew Ein hated all over his room. While he was demolishing Ein's room, though, he found tubes upon tubes of super glue.

Like, why would Ein have so much glue? Wait a minute, duuude like, I have an groovy idea for you little tubes of glue!

Miror B. spread the glue on the wall as high as it would go, and with the help of his Ludicolo, pasted Ein onto his own bedroom wall. Miror B. sneaked out of his room and and started laughing so hard that he had tears in his eyes

"Haaahahaahah! Man, I can't wait until Ein wakes up and finds himself on the wall!" He then had a brilliant idea.

Hey, like, why don't I prank the other admins, too! And so, Miror B. went off to concocte his plan.

30 minutes later...

Ein had woken up when the sun shined in his eyes, and noticed that things were kinda odd.

"The HELL! Why is there silly string and bunnies and teddies all over my room?" He screamed

Then he noticed. He was stuck to his bedroom wall with no way to escape.

"What the FUCK! Who the HELL did this to me! HEEEELP SOMEBODY PLEEEASE!"


Miror B. was silently making his way to his next target: the prissy, pink dress wearing Venus.

That prissy bitch, she gets on my nerves, calling me a failure and thinking I look like a snowcone! Hmph! She has no room to talk, she probably wears that gaudy dress to bed

When he reached her room, he silently made his way to her bathroom, and gathered up her makeup.

When I'm through with her, she'll never make fun of my wonderful pokeball afro ever again! Muwahahahah!

When he got a good look at her, he found that his assumption was right.

Man, she really does wear that dress to bed! Hmph, oh well. For the next few minutes, Miror B. worked hard to make her face look awful. When he was done, she looked like a pink, frilly mime!

With his deed acomplished, he left the room, but tripped over a metal can.

"Dude, who the hell would put this can of-wait a minute, I can put this to good use!" Miror B. picked up the can of yellow paint and went back into Venus' room and chunked it all over Venus' hapless form.

Venus woke with a start, and shrieked at the top of her lungs. "AAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaa!"

Damn, I'd better haul ass outta here! He thought. He left Venus in her room, looking like a big, sobbing, frilly banana.


After an hour or two of evading the Peons Venus had sent after him, Miror B. finally lost them, and decided to have a little fun with Dakim.

Hmm, just what should I do to Dakim, I wonder? Ohh, I have the perfect idea! Miror B. went to the gym, because Dakim spent most of his time there.

When he arrived, he noticed that Dakim was sparring with his Golem, and therefore, probably wouldn't notice him. So, he went looking around for some weaponry. He found a paintball gun and some paintballs in a corner somewhere.

Like, this is the perfect thing! Must get ready... Miror B. went to find a good hiding spot. When Dakim and his Golem were finished, Miror B. opened fire with his pink paintballs.

"Shit! Who the fuck is shooting these god damn paintballs at us!" screamed Dakim, and poor Golem was trying to get away, but was too heavy to run away.

In a matter of seconds, both Dakim and his Golem were completely pink, and Miror B. ran out of the gym. Dakim saw him and knew he was the culprit.

God damn him, fuck I really wish I could tear his scrawny ass apart! Wait! he thought. Maybe Nascour would know what to do about the little disco fag!

And with that, Dakim made his way to Nascour's offfice.

Later that day...

Ein, Venus, and Dakim were sitting in Nascour's office, looking extremely pissed off.

"Master Nascour sir, you must help us! Miror B. is getting to be a pain!" said Ein.

"Yeah!" exlaimed Venus. "He comes and bothers us for no reason at all! He must be stopped!"

"I know how to stop him. Let me deal with him for 5 minutes, and he won't know up from down when I'm through with him!" Dakim threatened.

Nascour was beginning to get annoyed with the stupid dancer himself, so he came up with a brilliant plan.

"Friends, I have just the thing to deal with our prank happy companion, so listen very carefully..."

Uh oh! What could Nascour be planning to do with Miror B.? Be sure to read the next chapter to find out!

Also is it just me, or does Miror B. really look like a giant snowcone? I mean, he really does to me... anywho any constructive criticism would be appreciated, so please R&R!