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Chapter 2: The Retribution

Three very disgruntled Cipher Admins were currently sitting in Nascour's office. The reason? A annoying, disco dancing, snowcone looking man named Miror B. And Nascour wasn't happy in the slightest.

In fact, the three Admins, Dakim, Venus, and Ein were, with the help of Nascour, plotting revenge on him.

"My friends, I have come up with the perfect plan to torment our annoying companion, and we will put it action tonight." said Nascour.

"What is your brilliant plan, Master Nascour! Does it envolve crushing, maiming, and the use of pink fluffy bunnies and teddies?" exlaimed Venus, who was currently sporting a canary yellow dress because of Miror B.'s antics.

"Hey, I like the crushing and maiming part!" exclaimed Dakim, who was covered in pink paint.

"AAA! Not the pink bunnies! They haunt me, and pelt me with peeps! They took away my best friend, Woofy! Noooo poor Woofy!" shrieked Ein. He was afraid of pink bunnies and teddies, because they love to torment him, and stole his little Growlithe puppy when he was 6 years old. He is terribly afraid of peeps also, because it is the ammunition of doom the creatures use on him. He his currently sitting in the corner, looking traumatized, and curled up in a fetal position while sobbing quietly to himself.

"Ein, please stop freaking out and screaming like a little girl, it's driving me crazy! We won't be using the bunnies and teddies, so you don't have to be afraid." said Nascour.

Ein looked up at Nascour with big, tearful eyes and said "You won't? Thank you so much!" Ein started grovelling at Nascour's feet.

"Just stop grovelling and get ready, it's almost time to execute our plan!" said Nascour.


Miror B. was currently sitting in a janitor's closet, hiding from the wrath of the other Admins, who he knew must be very angry with him at the moment. He wasn't very happy at the moment, as you could expect.

Damn I hope that they don't find me in here, I'll be in serious shit if they find me. I...wait a minute, what's this in my hair?

Miror B. hasn't noticed but for the past hour, a bunch of spiders, roaches, and other bugs had somehow managed to get into his hair, and he was just starting to notice them.

Hmmm this feels weird, better turn on the lights, he thought, and when he did, he discovered his perilous situation.

"HOLY MOTHER FUCKING SHIT! EEEEEEEEeeeEEEEeeee!" he shrieked, and he ripped open the door and started running crazily down the hall, wildly flailing his arms.

Back in Nascour's office...

Ein had finally gotten his dumbass computer to work, and he was searching for his Person finding program when there was a disturbance. Outside in the hallway there was someone screaming like a wounded Whismur, and then crashed into the wall.

"What the fuck was that!" screamed Dakim.

"I believe that it was a drunk idiot who was running down the hall, didn't see the wall coming, and smashed into it." replied Venus.

"No it wasn't," said Ein. "It was the disco-man itself, now we can put our plan into action!" drawled Ein.

"Yes, let's give Miror B. a taste of his own medicine." purred Nascour.

A Few Hours Later...

Miror B. wakes up, and you can imagine that he's not to happy, thanks to having all sorts of nasties in his hair, and not to mention the splitting headache he had.

Damn my head hurts. looks around Where the hell am I? looks at himself, sees that somehow he's got one of Venus' dresses on over his own clothes, and screams "EEEEEeeeee OH SHIT!"

Suddenly, a curtain goes up, and he discovers that he's on stage, with a huge audience watching him. Then, out of nowhere, he hears Nascour's voice.

"I see that you're finally awake, Miror B. I hope that you're feeling well?

"Fuck you Nascour! I know you have somethin' to do with this. And who came up with the idea to put me in this ridiculous dress?" said Miror B.

"It's all a part of our plan. You like dancing, do you not?" he asked

"Yeah, but what does that have to do with anything?" wondered Miror B.

"As punishment for you crimes against Ein, Venus, and Dakim, you are to dance the Riverdance in front of all these people!" (insert crazed laughter hear)

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" (It's a well known fact among the Cipher that Miror B. is terrified of anything remotely resembling the Riverdance, because of an awful experience.

"If you do not fulfill this task, you will be beaten with pointy sticks, be poked with sporks, and made to listen to the Mario song until you go crazy(1)."

Miror B. starts bawling his eyes out, but Nascour will not be deterred, so he must start dancing. All of the people in the audience (who happen to be Cipher members) all started laughing hysterically at him, until he started sobbing and ran off stage, tripping over his dress and falling on his ass.

"Yes REVENGE!" screamed Nascour and the Admins.

"I'll get you all for this, you'll see, you'll all see!" said Miror B. "You'll regret that you messed with Miror B.!

(1) If you ever listen to that song from the original Mario, the one that goes dun dun dun da da dun dun, you'll end up singing to yourself. It's really fun to do to telemarketers, I've friends who do it. When they call, my friends put the phone near the nintendo turn it on, and leave.After awhile, they come back and the telemarketers will be singing to themselves. You should try it, 'tis fun

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