OoO( Epilogue )OoO

Eventually, Goemon had gathered twelve others to his side and they all became samurai that protected Oedo Castle and the city surrounding it. He had gone to one of Ebisumaru's restaurants one day to check up on his old friend Ebisumaru, when he saw Omitsu working their. To his amusement, he found out that not only was his life long friend a chef, but he was also a dance instructor now.

After their talk, Goemon and Omitsu started to see more and more of each other until one day, they decided to start dating. Finally, Goemon had found the girl that was right for him. For she didn't shoot down his ego, but inflate it tenfold. Together they lived in Oedo, a waitress and a samurai ninja, both serving their city well, in more than one way.

As for Ebisumaru, as mentioned above, he became a dance instructor. But, only women came to his classes, defining him as graceful and elegant. Most men couldn't decide whether to peek on the class and see women dancing like that, or to avoid it to prevent seeing Ebisumaru dancing. In the end, it was a successful class, and he went on to teaching other dance styles along with the hypnotic dance he was famous for.

Shang and Yae had taken over the Green Dragon Clan, with Yae as the rightful leader and Shang as the assistant. Shang had learned the many teachings of the clan, along with all the training that came with it and quickly mastered all the techniques required to pass the training. Eventually, he became the mascot for the clan, as he had the wings of a dragon. Though it originally was an insult from Kato, it turned into a clan wide idea that stayed. Shang had finally found a family for himself.

And not only in the clan, for he and Yae had a child born into the clan. It was born during the Calm Age that followed Tokyo's destruction, and they decided to name the girl Taka. She grew up with her fathers outward appearance, from the silver hair to the strong body build. But, she had gained her mothers emerald eyes, flexibility, beauty, determination, and incredible accuracy with explosive projectiles. Taka had quickly made a name for herself at the age of twelve by dragging in a thief in a pink wafuku, and his entire band of pickpockets that had run from the samurai in Oedo. Quickly recognizing the pick pocket, Shang and Yae let Taka do what she wanted with the thief. She ended up torturing him for wearing pink, which she declared a 'girly color'.

Sasuke and Yumi had lived with Chi Chi and the Wise Man for a long time before they decided to get out and do something else. They travelled to Kyushu where the two were hired as soldiers to train the army in throwing weapons and explosives. The training that they supplied made Japan's samurai the most skilled warriors the world had seen, until the Howitzer came about. Then, they had to train the men to use the cannons as well as other new weapons, hoping that one of them didn't fire a stray cannon and sink Japan.

Wise Man and Chi Chi, working together finally created an invention worth while. It was a train designed after Koryuta that they called the bullet train. It was going to be the fastest form of transportation in Japan. But, they soon realized that it was before its time, and began inventing a normal train first.

Ushiwaka and Ami also had a child. He retired at the news of his wife being pregnant and went back to his old fishing hole. He made himself a house sitting next to his favorite fishing spot, and became known as the youngest man to ever retire. The child was a boy named Yoshi, and grew up to fish just like his father. Ami taught him flower arranging and his father taught him martial arts, making him a nice squeeze for the girls and a formidable rival for Taka.

Benkei had taken over the dojo when Ushiwaka left. He had become a master of the arts and began teaching the use of other weapons as well as the stave. The school advanced and eventually became the main sight to see in Zazen and the most well known dojo in Japan.

Impact had flown to Kyushu at the request of his agent, where he met the producer of many of his favorite movies. The producer and Impact talked and eventually Impact's agent talked him into doing a movie based on the war with Tokyo. Impact would play the part of Impact, go figure, with other actors playing as the main heros of the movie. The movie was named 'Mystical Ninja starring Impact' and was very successful making Impact rich. But, not having much to do with money, he gave most of it to charity, and used some of it to by himself a piece of land with a house for him on it. It took up the entirety of Okinawa Island.

Yuriko and Artemis mostly stayed to themselves as usual. But, eventually she came out into the daylight and began to meet new people. She found that she rather enjoyed the company of others and soon she was living in Zazen as a healer and acupuncturist. She would give nobody the power she allowed Goemon and the others, for why would they need it? Artemis became the town cat. All the dogs were afraid of him because he could talk, not even remembering that they could too. And most of the children found it cool to talk to a cat that would talk back. He eventually, and unwillingly became the town therapist.

Japan lay in peace for many centuries afterwards and became a major port country. This made the land prosper and its people happy...well, most of them anyway. Oedo had kept its name for what seemed an eternity before something happened to erase the worlds memory of the war against Tokyo and all that was around them. Eventually, the Japanese regrouped and renamed their cities after what they saw on the signs. But, Oedo had no sign, because everybody knew the city well enough that they didn't need signs. But they found one name in the city, a sign for 'Tokyo Tower' was standing in front of it. So, they named their city Tokyo, assuming that the tower was named after the city.

As for what caused everyones memory to become lost? Well, thats a story for another time.


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