Attitude Doesn't Always Equal Age

Chap. 10

Sanzo was almost pleased to see Gojyo galloping towards them. Gojyo slowed to a stop and let Renika and Yuca get off.

"Guys, I know how to beat Detestai!" Gojyo panted.


"Spill it, Gojyo." Shiyuko ordered. Gojyo grinned.

"I was talking to the Eyri elder, and I found out something. Yuca, I heard that the life essence of an Eyri grants beauty. Does it also grant immortality?" He asked the eyri. Renika looked over at Yuca, who looked at her, and waved his hands about.

"Yuca says he believes that is true."

"Yes, but it isn't permanent!" Gojyo blurted out.

"It isn't permanent?"

"The Eyri Elder told me that Detestai has to come back every once in a while for a fresh young Eyri, one who isn't halfway through their life! That means…after a while, the immortality wears off, and unless she gets the essence of an Eyri in time, her age will catch up with her, and she'll die naturally!"

"True…" Renika mumbled. "That's it. That's why she's killing my people."

"But that's selfish!" Shiyuko frowned. "Killing off a beautiful and graceful race just for the sake of eternal beauty." He shook his head.

"So how are we going to beat her?" Goku asked.

"Well, by my calculations, tomorrow's when the immortality should start wearing off. We're going to have to find Detestai then, and keep her from getting to the Eyri village."

"Hey, what's he doing?" Hakkai pointed to Yuca, whose ears were twitching as he waved his hands about, grinning. Renika giggled, and turned back to them.

"Yuca says, 'sounds like a plan to me'!"

A/N: Oh, god, this is the shortest chapter I've ever written! But even if it's short, I hope you'll like it! I've never gotten to chapter ten on anything before.