Each day as I sit in my cold empty room,
I wonder why I'm even here,
I can't feel the joy or pleasures in life,
I can't love you my dear,

I wish there was a place,
Where I could just be myself,
And reveal the person within,
Without destroying anything in my path,

Oh, can't you see?
That you are my light,
The one person that gives me hope,
That maybe one day I can show my love,

You are my green knight in shining armor,
The only reason why I live,
The one who is capable,
To see beyond my amethyst eyes,

Until then,
I will wait for you in the dark,
Until you come,
To save me from myself.

I'm finally finished! OK so it wasn't a fanfic, but I'm working on it! I will not let you down.I would really appreciate if you reviewed my poem. Thanks!