Not With a Kiss

Author: Pumpkin Belly

Summary: It couldn't end with one big kiss.

AN: This is Buffy's POV after Chosen, about the way her and Spike ended. But upon reading it over I think it could also fit with Buffy and Angel except for like the last lineā€¦ so reader's choice! Enjoy.

It couldn't end with one big kiss. Not the way it did in the movies anyway, with the girl and boy finally being in the right place at the right time and one final kiss before the credits started rolling. Things didn't work like that in the real world.

You like to dream that the couple stayed together; after all they'd been through, that they got married and lived in a nice house with 2.5 kids, but that's not what happened. They didn't stay together. The two of them had maybe a couple months of happiness before everything came crashing down on them, because the chase and drama was more fun than actually being happy.

Yes, yes I'm being cynical but its true. Once you've had the big exciting chase, normal just isn't enough. I know, I've tried it twice before. I'm not saying people can't be happy together, they can, I've seen it before. But it can't end with a big kiss, cause though we don't want to admit it you know it isn't going to work out.

That's why it didn't end with a big kiss for us. It has to end with someone walking, or running, away. If someone's walking away they can just as easily turn and walk the other way, back to you, the person they were leaving.

It couldn't end with a big kiss for us. There's too much closure in that, and we were never about closure. It had to end with someone, me, running away. Because that way he could chase after me, or I could turn around and run right back to him.