Neo shuddered, gasping for breath, and started to cough as he got a lung-full of dust-permeated, ionized air for his trouble. The coughing fit lasted for a frighteningly long and painful time, and left him even weaker than before.

His muscles screamed and spasmed as he sat up gingerly, remaining elusively out of his control as the last remnants of the electricity ran through them. A shaking hand reached out and felt through the ash-covered, scorched dirt until it encountered the plain, leather-bound hilt of his sword. Neo drew the blade closer to his body and, using it as a prop, managed to lever himself to his feet.

The man looked around wearily at the apocalyptic landscape, shivering even more as a breeze not warmed by the sun in two hundred years brushed against him. The breeze stirred up tiny dust devils of ash, drawing his eyes unwillingly towards the headless body lying at his feet.

After a long moment of staring at his fallen opponent, Neo resolutely turned his back and walked away. His arms were too weak to lift his sword again, and its point trailed behind him, carving a line through the desolation.

Somehow, this was not what he'd thought Morpheus had meant when he'd told Neo he was the One.

A/N: -grimaces- This was my first try at a 200-word drabble, but it ended up being a bit more. To those of you that are interested, I'm doing my best to work on Akuryou and Know Thyself, so hopefully you'll be seeing something in those directions soon.

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