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Part One

It was the smell that first drew his attention. A smell that was familiar, yet distinctly different. Not necessarily bad. Slightly floral. He tried in vain to ignore it and recapture the sleep that had released him. Rolling onto his back, the sun struck his face.
Why did Alfred insist on opening the blinds?
He positioned his pillow on the left side if his face, as he did most mornings. That usually blocked the intruding sunlight, but this time the sun kept coming. With his eyes still closed he realized the problem. The sun was coming from the wrong way. His eyes snapped open as he bolted upright in the bed. He scanned his surroundings. Taking in what was around him. This was definitely not in his room. It was white. Real white actually. White walls. White carpets. The only things not white were the beddings and the draperies that framed the large window to his right. They were a rich crimson color.
He racked his mind for the circumstances that could have led him here. Unfortunately he remembered nothing and that was not something he was used to.
Curious, he lifted the sheets that covered his form. He dropped the sheets back down onto him more confused than before. Confused enough that he never noticed the mound next to him on the bed. Didn't notice until a cool hand began tracing a particularly jagged scar on his leg.
Bruce jumped out of the bed, dragging with him the crimson sheets to cover himself. The sheets, now wrapped tightly around his waist, left a curled female form revealed on the bed. The figure's raven colored hair hid her face from view, but his breath caught in his throat as sunlight glinted off her ever-present silver bracers. Diana. Her image was burned forever into his memory, but he was unaccustomed to seeing it like this. Seemingly unable to turn away from her, he stood transfixed on her. Letting this current image scorch itself in to his brain. As she mumbled incoherently into the pillow, he was finally able to pull himself together. He stepped back into the shadows of the room, as she pushed herself into an upright position and began looking fearfully around the room for something. Maybe him. She turned around on the bed, finding him in the shadows of her room. She smiled.
"Morning," she said.