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Summary: They say cats can't resist catnip, right? See what happens when Momiji's super-strength catnip and Kyo's feline instincts collide. And how will Tohru deal with a clingy, catnip-high Kyo?

Authors Notes: Yeah, I always wondered what would happen if Kyo-kun could ever be affected by catnip and what would happen if they ever crossed paths. So here's the result of my ponderings. It's rather cute an' fluffy, but I hope it's to your liking! Oh yeah! A scene from Ranma 1/2 will be used in the future, just so ya know. Also, possible OOC-ness and fluffiness! Read on!

Catnip Conffessions

Chapter 1- Momiji's Mistake

"Please, Haru?" Begged Momiji, trailing after Hatsuharu. "Please? I know you wanna see what happens to Kyo, too!"

"Momiji," Haru started, starting to get annoyed by him, "why on Earth would I want to see Kyo like that?"

"'Cause it'll be funny!" Momiji replied, a big smile growing across his face. "And besides that, maybe it'll give Yuki some free time from Kyo."

"Hmm...I guess you're right..." Haru replied,stopping and thinking. "Yuki does get tired of Kyo saying 'I'm gonna get you this time, Rat-boy!' sometimes..."

"All right, it's settled then!" Momiji said happily, as the bell rang. "We'll do it after school!" And with that, Momiji and Haru went to their class, unaware of the chaos that would happen after school.

"Ugh, I can't wait to get home!" Kyo said.

"Neither can I!" Tohru said. "That endurance run really took alot out of us."

"Well, I have to admit, the run was a bit longer than usual." Yuki said as he looked frm Tohru and Kyo towards the diretion of Shigures house. "Wait, isn't that Haru and Momiji?"

"Huh?" Kyo asked as he looked from Tohru to the two boys infront of them.

"It is!" Tohru said as she smiled and waved at them.

"Hi Tohru, Yuki, Kyo!" Momiji replied as he waved back. He then turned towards Haru and whispered in his ear. "Remember what I told you at lunch?"

"Yeah, I remember the plan." Haru replied.

"Haru, Momiji, what brings you here?" Yuki asked as he, Tohru and Kyo stopped infront of the two.

"We just wanted to see something." Momiji replied, a mischevious grin spreading across his and Haru's faces.

"Like what?" Kyo asked suspisiously.

"Kyo, would you please stand infront of Tohru-kun?" Haru asked, the grin getting a bit bigger.

"May I ask why, Haru?" Yuki said, eyeing the two and stepping closer to Tohru.

"Aw, we just wanna see something." Momiji replied.

"Yeah, it's not gonna hurt anybody." Haru added.

"I don't know..." Yuki said.

"Ah, the heck with it!" Kyo shouted, stepping infront of Tohru. "I'll go along with it. If it's anything stupid, I'll get them later for it!"

"Good." Momiji said. "But you gotta face her."

"Say what?" Kyo said, a little surprised at Momiji's order.

"Just do it, Kyo." Haru said. "It won't work unless you face her."

"Fine!" Kyo said reluctantly and spun around to face Tohru, grumbling as he did. He then looked up at Tohru's face and blushed a bit. He then looked down to hide it. "Just get this over with already!"

"'Kay!" Momiji said, excited as he reached into his pocket and pulled out a small bag. "Haru, you know what to do!"

"You got it." Haru replied. He then did something no one expected. He shoved Kyo on Tohru, making Kyo fall on Tohru and transform, while Tohru fell on her bottom.

"Honda-san, are you alright!" Yuki asked as he kneeled down by her.

"Uh, yeah, but Kyo..." Tohru said as she looked down to see an angry orange cat in her arms. "Oh no! Kyo, I'm sorry!"

"Don't apologize, Tohru." Kyo said, trying to surpress his anger. "It's not your fault...It's that stupid cows fault!" He turned himself around in Tohru's arms, only to be showered in the face by what looked liked very smally cut leaf pieces.

"HEY! WHAT DID YOU JUST-! Oooooh..." Kyo said as his eyes started spinning, and he started acting all funny.

"Momiji..." Yuki said, shocked and confused just like everyone else at Kyo's sudden and strange change in behavior. "What was that you just threw in Kyo's face?"

"Something me and Haru made..." Momiji replied hesitantly.

End of chap 1.

Ha! Chapter one has been completed! I think this has taken place as my fav story to write. So, you like?