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Summary: They say cats can't resist catnip, right? See what happens when Momiji's super-strength catnip and Kyo's feline instincts collide. And how will Tohru deal with a clingy, overly-protective, catnip-high Kyo?(Kyoru pairing)

Authors Notes: The decision has been made! Kagura will be appearing in this fic! This chapter, actually...A scene from Ranma 1/2 will be used in the future, just so ya know. I also use how my cats act on catnip for Kyo's catnip behavior, though they always act like they're on catnip,so, yeah...Also, OOC-ness and fluffiness is in the story! Read on!

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Now, on with the story!

Catnip Confessions
Chapter 6- Guess Who Came To Visit

It was it nice, warm, sunny morning when Tohru woke up. Everything was going fine for the first five minutes as she fought with her body to stay awake. That is until she felt movement of a body next to her and an arm rest on her stomach.

'Wh-wh-wh-what i-is-! Wh-who...?' Tohru thought frantically for a second as she looked over and saw another person laying beside her, a pillow covering their head. She then wanted to scream, but as she looked back at the arm on her stomach, she noticed an all too familiar black and white beaded bracelet on the owners wrist. 'K-Kyo-kun! That's right! I remember now! I let him spend the night with me last night. And he's still on the catnip...I'll just get up and make some breakfast for him and everyone else.'

So Tohru crawled off to the foot of her bed and got of there, not wanting to crawl over Kyo, got dressed in her bathroom, and went downstairs to cook breakfast.

A little while later, as Tohru cooked up the breakfast, Shigure and Yuki had wandered out of their rooms. Shigure went in to peek at the food, then out to his usual spot at the table, and Yuki, who staggered in a bit later, stayed to get a drink.

"Ohayo, Yuki-kun!" Tohru said in her bright and cheery manner.

"Ohayo, Honda-san." Yuki replied as cheery as he could make out in his sleepy manner. "Hey, do you know where Kyo was last night? I didn't see him in his room. Was he sleeping on the roof or something?"

"Oh, that's because-!" Tohru began before she was attacked by a swirl of white, black, and orange.

"Ohayo, Tohru-chan!" Kyo sang happily as he wrapped his arms around her shoulders and nuzzled against her face.

"O-oh...Ohayo, Kyo-kun." Tohru replied blusing in embarassment. "You sure seem lively this morning."

"Of course I am!" Kyo replied. "I get to spend the day with you!" Him saying this made Tohru blush even more. And Yuki, who was standing a few feet away was cracking his knuckles and trying to keep himself from beating Kyo to death.

'Just wait until the catnip wares off...' Yuki mentally told himself. 'That way when he's sane, he'll remember never to do what I beat into him again...'

"Hey, I hear things cracking." Kyo said as he turned towards the source of the sound. "Oh, it's just the evil mousey making mousey noises." Then he turned around and re-focused all of his attention back to Tohru.

Yuki felt a fire of anger burn up inside of him. 'Maybe I'll just start beating him when he's half sane. He'll still remember it.' Then Yuki went off to his secret base to do his morning garden chores.

"Ahh! Delicious, as always, Tohru-kun!" Shigure sang as he finished up breakfast. "Ah, how Tohru-kun's cooking warms the body and soul!"

"I get all warm just knowing Tohru-chan made it!" Kyo purred, once again clinging to Tohru. "Everything she does makes me feel all warm inside!" Kyo's remark made Tohru blush madly, Yuki so mad that he broke the chopsticks in his hand, and Shigure snickering to himself, trying not to burst out laughing or else he would be attacked by Kyo again. Kami knows he didn't want anymore bandages on him than he already had.

"Arigato for breakfast, Honda-san." Yuki said, breaking the akward silence that hung in the room, and getting up. "I have a student council meeting this morning, so I'll see you in class."

"Okay then, Yuki-kun." Tohru replied, not knowing that what Yuki said was just an excuse to get out of the room and away from Kyo before killing him. "I'll see you in class."

Tohru then got up herself, and started to clean the table.

"Here Tohru-kun, I'll help." Shigure said as he sat his newspaper down and started to get up.

"Mew?" Kyo said as he saw Shigure getting up. He then jumped onto the table, stood on all fours and started hissing like an angry cat.

"O-on s-second thought, K-Kyo, wh-why don't you h-help Tohru-k-kun?" Shigure stammered, afraid of Kyo and what he'd probably do to him. Almost instantly, Kyo's hissing face turned into a bright smile.

"'Kay!" Kyo replied and jumped away to help.

'So close...!' Shigure thought as he let out a breath as the phone rang. "I got it!"

So Shigure walked out into the hallway and picked up the ringing phone. "Hello, Sohma Shigure speaking? Oh, Ha'ri! And how are you on this lovely morning?...Did you call just to talk to me?...No?...You want to talk to Tohru-kun?...Okay, I'll call her...Tohru-kun! Phone call!"

"Coming!" Tohru shouted back. "I'll be right back, okay, Kyo-kun?"

"'Kay, I'll be right here." Kyo replied from his comfy spot on the fridge as Tohru walked out.

"This is Tohru?" Tohru said. "Oh, Hatori-san, ohayo!...No school?...For a week? For what?...Oh, I see why...How's Haru-kun, by the way?...That's good...Who's coming over?...

'Hmm, curiousity is just getting to me!' Shigure thought as he walked into the kitchen, his hands holding something behind his back. "Oh, Kyo..." Shigure sang as he spotted Kyo on the fridge.

"Tohru-chan!" Kyo asked as he looked up. "Oh, it's just the dog brained dog." Kyo said, a bit saddened that it wasn't Tohru that walked in. "What do you want?"

"Does Kyo-Kyo want to play with a mousey?" Shigure asked as he pulled out a wind up mouse, that bore a strange resemblance towards Yuki, out from behind his back.

"Mousey!" Kyo asked as he faced lightened up.

'Oh, this is perfect!' Shigure thought as he wound it up and sat it on the ground.

"Yeah!" Kyo shouted as he jumped off the fridge and started to chase it around the kitchen. "I'm gonna get a mousey! I'm gonna get Yuki-baka!"

It took Shigure just about every ounce of will power not to burst out laughing right then, but after Kyo ran out and into the hall, he broke.

"AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" Shigure laughed, holding his stomach and hunching over. He laughed until he heard a scream of rage come from Kyo. "Uh-oh..." Shigure said as he looked up and saw a fuming Kyo race at him.

"Bad Shigure-baka!" Kyo shouted as he leaped onto Shigure and started beating him.

"Okay, Hatori-san." Tohru said. "Oh, but what about my school work?...Yuki-kun will bring it home?...Kyo-kun's too?...Thank you, Hatori-san...No, that's everything...Goodbye!"

Tohru then hung up the phone and walked into the kitchen to tell Kyo and Shigure the news.

"Shigure-san! Kyo-kun!" Tohru called as she walked into the kitchen. "Hatori-san-! Sh-Shigure-san!"

"Run, Tohru-kun!" Shigure said as he ran past her, his kimono ripped and cuts and bruises on his body.

"What?" Tohru asked as he flew by. "Why? Is there-!"

"Shigure-baka!" Kyo shouted as he leaped out of the kitchen.

"Kyo-kun! Aah!" Tohru shouted as she and Kyo collided.

Then there was a cloud of smoke, that soon dissapeared to reveal Tohru laying flat on the ground and an orange cat laying on top of her.

"Nyaow?" Kyo said as he looked at himself. "Since when does Shigure-baka turn a girl?" Then he looked down to the figure that he was sitting on top of. "Oh, it's Tohru-chan! She's so much better than some old dog!" Tohru didn't know how to react, so she just gave a sheepish smile as she took the orange cat and sat it beside her.

"Kyo-kun, what did Shigure-san do to make you attack him like that?" Tohru asked.

"Shigure-baka teased me with a fake mousey that looked like the mean mousey." Kyo replied.

"Oh..." Tohru replied. "Well, I guess I'll go see if he's okay...I'll be right back, okay?" Tohru said as she got up to find Shigure. "And if you see him before I do, don't hurt him."

"'Kay, I'll be on the fridge." Kyo replied.

Tohru searched for an hour, but found no trace of Shigure. 'He must be in one of his hiding spots he uses when he hides from Mii-san...' That was the only conclusion she could think of. 'Well, I know he'll show up for lunch...He wouldn't just starve himself like that!...And speaking of lunch, I really should see if I have everything I need to make it.' So Tohru went back into the house, and into the kitchen.

"Find 'im?" Kyo asked sleepily, curling up on top of the fridge.

"No, but...I'm sure he'll turn up for lunch!" Tohru replied with a smile as she searched through the fridge. "Uh-oh..."

"Hmm? Something wrong, Tohru-chan?" Kyo asked, opening one eye to look down at her.

"Oh, nothing, I just have to go to the store to buy some codfish for lunch." Tohru replied.

"Can I come?" Kyo asked.

"But you're taking a nap!" Tohru replied, scratching Kyo behind the ears, making him sleepy again. "Besides, I won't be gone long."

"'Kay, Tohru-chan..." Kyo yawned. "Just hurry back..."

"Okay. Sweet dreams, Kyo-kun." Tohru replied as she left the kitchen.

"Hello!" A girl shouted in the empty house. "Is anybody home?" She stepped into the living room to see nobody there. "I wonder where everyone is..." She went over to the stairs, but saw and heard no signs of life. So she headed towards the kitchen. She stepped in and looked around. Again, she saw no signs of life until her eyes spotted a figure sleeping on top of the fridge.

Her brown eyes sparkled with joy as she shouted. "KYO-KUN! MY LOVE!"

Her shriek had made Kyo jump with surprise. He looked around and spotted her. "KAGURA?NOOOOOO!" He then jumped off the fridge and ran as fast as he could.

"Kyo, my love!" Kagura shouted, running after him in a rage. "GET BACK HERE!"

"NO! GET AWAY, MEAN PIG GIRL!" Kyo replied, running for his life.

The chase was on.

"Wow, it's such a lovely day!" Tohru said as she looked around on her way back home. "The sun is out, it's not too cloudy, and-!" She was cut off by a loud crash and scream. "And it sounds like Shigure-san's house is being destroyed..." So Tohru ran the rest of the way home.

"KYO!" Kagura shouted, reaching for his shirt collar. "GET BACK HERE!"

"NO!" Kyo replied, jumping through the hole Kagura had made, using him as the object that was hurled towards the door. "I DON'T WANNA DIE!"

"But Kyo-kun!" Kagura said. "YOU'LL DIE IF YOU DON'T GET BACK HERE!"

"NO!" Kyo replied. "WHAAA! TOHRU-CHAN, WHERE ARE YOU! SAVE ME FROM THIS CRAZY PIG GIRL!" (A/N- Sorry, I just couldn't think of anything else for Kyo to call her...Please don't hate me...I already hate myself for being evil to the Fruba characters in this fic...)

Just then, Kagura seemed to snap. Again. "WHAT DID YOU SAY!" She shouted, running faster than before.

"WHAAA, PIG GIRL'S FASTER THAN BEFORE!" Kyo shouted. He then forced himself to go faster than ever, ran outside, and hid.

Kagura stopped, looking around. Her eyes started to fill with tears. "Oh, Kyo-kun! Why did you run from me?"

'Because you'll kill me if I don't!' Kyo thought as he hid under the porch, watching Kagura leave the room in search for him.

When Kyo sensed it was safe to leave his hiding spot, he got up and snuck around the house, being extra careful. He succeded for a few minutes. That is until he saw a girl with brown hair standing in the kitchen.

"Tohru-chan!" Kyo shouted as he ran up and wrapped his arms around the girl. "Welcome back! I'm so glad you're home!"

Now, maybe if this was really Tohru, she would blush and be happy about Kyo's sweet welcoming, but unfortunately for Kyo, this wasn't Tohru. It was the one he was running from. Kagura.

Now for Kagura, if Kyo would've said 'Kagura-chan' instead of 'Tohru-chan', then she would be bursting with joy right at this very moment, but she wasn't. She was burning with something else. And unfortunately for Kyo, he's the one on the reciving end for this one.

"Oh, Kyo-kun..." Kagura said as she turned around in his arms to look at him. "YOU SLIMY LITTLE ANIMAL!" She shouted in anger, grabbing for his shirt collar. "HOW DARE YOU SEE ANOTHER GIRL WHEN YOU HAVE ME!"

"Aahh! You're not Tohru-chan- WOAH!" Kyo said as Kagura took him and threw him into the laundry room with the new door she just made using him. And she continued to do so, even if it involved killing him in the process. Yep, Kagura was mad.

'I hope everything's okay...' Tohru thought as she slowed down her pace to look at the house. "Well that's new..." She said as she saw a hole in the wall. She then carefully walked into the house.

All through out out the house, it looked as if a small war had taken place in there. Furniture was over turned, pictures and plates were broken and thrown everywhere, and there were holes in the walls. As she turned into the living room, she happened to crash into something, causing her to fall backwards. And this something caused a large ball of orange smoke to fill where Tohru was sitting.

When the smoke cleared, it revealed a beat up looking cat.

"Kyo-kun! What happened!" Tohru asked as she lifted him up.

"Ugh...Pig girl..." Kyo replied, looking half-dead in her hands.

"Pig girl?" Tohru said, wondering what he meant by that.

"KYO! YOU SLIME, WHERE ARE YOU!" Kagura shouted as she came bursting out of one of the holes in the wall. That's when Tohru got it. Kyo meant Kagura.

"C'MERE, YOU LITTLE-!" Kagura stopped when she saw Tohru sitting there. "Perfect! Kyo-kun, here's your chance! Tell us who you love more! Me, or Tohru-kun!"

"Tohru-chan..." Kyo replied. Kagura's faced seemed to falter.

"Wh-what did you say, Kyo-kun?" Kagura asked, her brown eyes starting to tear up.

"Tohru-chan..." Kyo replied again. That's when Kagura felt her heart being torn into two.

"Oh, Kyo-kun...!" Kagura said as she cupped her face and ran into some random direction.

And Tohru just sat there with a beaten, stoned higher than a kite, orange cat that practically confessed his feelings about her laying in her arms.

'It's gotta be that catnip...!' Tohru thought as she looked around, feeling funny at what Kyo had just said. "Oh my gosh! I have to get this place cleaned up! But first, I have to make sure Kyo-kun's alright!" So Tohru carried Kyo up to his room and made sure Kagura didn't break any bones while she threw him across the house. Kyo turned out to be fine, but he did have alot of cuts and bruises on him. She made sure that he was comfy and asleep before going down and cleaning the disaster area that she, Kyo, Yuki, and Shigure called their house.

End of chap. 6! Kyo got the physhical beatings this time. But Kagura, she got an emotional one. I thought that would be wrong if Kyo hurt Kagura physicaly. And I don't think he could even bring himself to hurt Kagura. It's just a belief I have...Yeah, go on an' yell at me...I deserve it...I made you guys wait how long? A little over a month? Ugh, I guess that's what you get when life, writers block, and a vacation gets in the way. And sorry if this was kinda crappyish...It was really hard to write! And don't forget to thank icre for the idea! If I didn't get that suggestion, you wouldn't be reading this! And I promise chap. 7 will be out sooner than this! I'm putting Hiro and Kisa in it. Ayame's in chap. 8, which I can't wait to write! You'll love it, I tell you!