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"00" Change of Scene



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Chapter 5

Kaiba thought about Jounouchi as he sat in his meeting. He thought about how Jounouchi basically told him that he liked him, he thought about how the blonde's hand felt against his own, he thought about the way Jounouchi's cheeks turned bright pink whenever he looked him in the eyes. He just couldn't think about anything but Jounouchi at the moment. 'I wonder what he's doing right about now' he asked himself.

"And so Shachou-sama, we feel that purchasing this company will be worthwhile. They may be small but they do have a lot of loyal costumers."

'I wonder if he's thinking about what I said.' Kaiba leaned into his hand some more.

"Also it seems the competition is interested in this company as well. It would be fantastic if we got to them first."

'Or maybe he's writing a new chapter to one of his books.' Kaiba was forcing himself not to smile. 'I wonder if he wears those reading glasses when he's typing.'

"Shachou-sama, all we need is your approval and we'll immediately make our move."

'Or better yet, I wonder if he's taking a shower.' Kaiba broke out into a full pervert grin. 'Ah and maybe the soap slips out of his hand and he's bending over…' He laughed like a true pervert on the inside.

"Shachou-sama? Is there something that you find funny with our plan?" asked a brave young fellow. The other men and women in the room remained silent.

In Kaiba's mind the words 'water' 'dripping wet' and 'damn freaking sexy' bounced about.

"Shachou-sama? Are you listening?"

Kaiba was going off into his own world at the moment. He was imagining things, things that couldn't be viewed or discussed unless you were over eighteen.


'Seto-chan would you wash my back? I can't reach.' Inner Kaiba nodded his head furiously at imaginary Jounouchi. 'Thanks and don't forget that spot on my lower back. You know, right above my butt.' Kaiba nodded again at imaginary Jounouchi who smiled sweetly at him. 'Oh Seto-chan you're really a sweet guy and…hey that tickles!' Jounouchi laughed some more as Kaiba continued to wash his back.

"Nii-sama?" Mokuba asked. Kaiba had made it mandatory that he was present at every meeting saying that since he was going to retire at the age of thirty, he needed Mokuba to be ready for that time. Mokuba had groaned and moaned, not wanting to be stuck in boring meetings with his brother but it hadn't been so bad after all. He was glad now that he saw his brother actually day dreaming in the middle of a meeting.

'Oh Seto-chan you've got strong hands!' Imaginary Jounouchi giggled as Kaiba continued to run his hands up and down his back. He totally had forgotten about the washing that he was supposed to be doing. 'These hands can do other stuff too, like this!' Inner Kaiba tugged on Jounouchi's nipples while Jounouchi made 'hunh' and 'ahn' sounds. 'How about this?' Inner Kaiba squeezed imaginary Jounouchi's behind and the blonde made a 'huaa!' sound.

'Why do I get the funny feeling that nii-sama is thinking naughty thoughts about Jounouchi-kun?' Mokuba asked himself as he saw his brother smile lecherously. The women in the room all turned red. After all, that was the kind of smile you'd get from your lover before they would 'eat you up'.

'Seto-chan! Ohh you're so naughty!' Imaginary Jounouchi blushed as Kaiba continued to nibble on his earlobe. Kaiba was in paradise. 'Ohh Seto-chan that's the spot!' Jounouchi was now pressed into the wall of the shower, hands rendered useless as Kaiba pinned them against the cold tiled wall. Kaiba's lips kept wandering lower and lower until …

"Nii-sama!" Mokuba slammed his hand down in front of his brother. Kaiba blinked owlishly up at his brother's red face and then immediately scowled.

"What happens to be the problem?" Kaiba asked in a dangerously low voice. Mokuba stepped away from him and returned to his seat.

"Shachou-sama do you want us to repeat what we said?" asked that brave young fellow. Everyone else shivered in fear.

"No that won't be necessary. I will give my permission to buy that company but seeing as this is your first test, if you mess up you're all fired. If you can't take over a small company properly, then you aren't worthy of your job here. Understood?" Kaiba said curtly. "This meeting is over. I'm pretty sure everyone is tired here. That's it for the night." Kaiba picked up his briefcase and walked out of the room. As soon as he left, whispers started to fill the room.

"Kaiba-san was obviously thinking about someone. Do you think he has a new lover?" one lady whispered to her friend beside her.

"Who do you think it is? I wonder if it's Ozawa-san."

"Kaiba-san wouldn't go for someone so…common. I wonder if it's Nomura-san. I saw Kaiba-san talking to him the other day."

Someone cleared their throat loudly. The two ladies turned to a very flustered Mokuba. "The meeting is finished; please make your way out of here."

"Hai!" They said quickly and then rushed out of the room.

When the room finally emptied, Mokuba made his way over to his brother's office where he knew he would find his beloved older brother. "How long was I out for Mokuba?"

"Ah nii-sama, I think it was like five minutes this time." Mokuba said as he made his way over to his brother who stood in front of the huge windows. "You were thinking about Jounouchi-sama again?"

When Kaiba turned his head away from him and blushed, he could only grin. "Big brother you're really cute with this behavior that you're displaying. Never have I seen you act this way about anyone before."

Kaiba ran his fingers through his hair. 'I can't help but think about him. He is the only person who can fill that hole inside of me, that hole that had been created by the death our parents. That hole that had been deepened when he adopted us.' "Time's moving really slowly don't you think?"

"Huh? I don't understand brother."

"When you long for a certain day or time, the minutes or hours between that time passes by so slowly."

"I see now what you're speaking of big brother." 'You long so badly to be by his side? Is he that person who can make you whole again big brother?' Mokuba asked himself. 'I've tried so hard to but I'm not enough. You need that special love that only he can provide. Heh I guess the only medicine for a wound of the heart is love.'

"Have you ever felt this way Mokuba? Waiting for that moment but it seems like time is running fifteen times slower than before?"

"Well nii-sama it seems I'm not of that age yet. I haven't felt this way because I've never longed to be with someone. Even Rebecca, I never longed to be by her side. I haven't found my special person yet."

Mokuba jumped slightly when Kaiba placed his hand on his shoulder and squeezed it. "Do you think that he has this longing for me as well?" Kaiba asked him softly. Mokuba stared at him wide eyed. Never had his brother ever said something like this to him. His eyes softened.

"I had to beg and grovel for this information from Yuugi-kun so please be grateful and raise my allowance." He grinned widely at Kaiba. "Yuugi-kun said that Jounouchi-kun always liked you, always admired you from afar. He said that Jounouchi-kun had wished to be like you because he said Jounouchi-kun felt that you two were so similar."

Kaiba remained silent.

"And that even before Jounouchi-kun began his little love affair with Mai; he had a crush on you. Now that I think about it, Jounouchi's face would always turn red when you looked at him, even without you insulting him or anything. I guess he was blushing all along huh?" Mokuba pulled out his ponytail and let his hair free. "Nii-sama there's something about Jounouchi-kun you should worry about though."

Kaiba looked at Mokuba expectantly.

"Well I don't understand his circumstances fully but he seems to have a lot of emotional baggage. Are you sure you want to…" Mokuba was cut short by an angered Kaiba

"I don't give a fuck!"

"Big brother."

"I really don't give a flying fuck how much baggage he has. I'll take it all. I'll swallow it all up and make it disappear." Kaiba balled his hand up into a tight fist.

Mokuba smiled. 'Jounouchi you're one lucky fellow. If nii-sama is willing to make your fears disappear so that all your hopes and dreams can shine brightly and come true, you're so lucky. I hope you do this for nii-sama as well.'


"Jounouchi-san this is…already? But we haven't even released the second book as yet!" Yukito exclaimed as he looked over the sheets of paper Jounouchi had just handed him excitedly. He may have been Jounouchi's editor but he was also a fan.

"Ah I was feeling inspired last night." Really, who wouldn't have been inspired after their long time crush seemed to show some interest in them?

"But Jounouchi-san this is around hundred pages!" Yukito stared at the blonde in awe. When he had been assigned the task of being Jounouchi's editor, he could barely get any work out of Jounouchi. Now after three years by his side, he was getting work before he even needed it. "From the looks of things, this is a sequel to 'In Your Eyes' Is Tetsuya going to get revenge on Junko?" Yukito asked himself aloud.

"Oh no you've got it wrong Yukito-kun. Tetsuya doesn't even remember Junko." Jounouchi said with a wicked smile. He knew Yukito was dying for some more information.

"Ah yes, that accident in the last chapter. How could I forget such a sad moment?" Yukito inwardly wanted to scream. It was frustrating sometimes with Jounouchi. He would have him all amped up and waiting for the next installment for ages. He could only imagine how the fan girls felt. When he had read the last chapter of 'In Your Eyes', he had actually started crying. Touya had come into the study at the exact moment and rushed over to his lover, thinking that something was wrong with him. When he had looked up at him with huge teary eyes and said 'Why did Tetsuya have to lose his memories? It was all he had, those cherished memories of his beloved one, it was all he had' Touya had looked at him like he was crazy.

"Jounouchi-san the fans will be surprised at this ending." 'I was surprised too, but it made me wonder. For you to convey those feelings of hurt you must have experienced some pain as well. Your work makes my heart ache when a character is being rejected or being embraced. You are truly amazing Jounouchi-san.' He thought to himself.

"That's what I want. This may sound sick to you, but I wanted to make my readers cry, I wanted them to feel like it was their heart being ripped in two. I want them to feel everything." 'So that maybe in a way they can understand my pain. The pain that I still feel everyday when I wake, this pain that seems to be inerasable, I want you to feel it too.'

"I guess I can understand Jounouchi-san." Yukito looked at Jounouchi wearily as the blonde sipped his drink. 'I wonder exactly what happened to you Jounouchi-san. Why are you so scared and bitter at times? Who was the one that ate a piece of your heart?' "So what will be the name of this book?"

"I'm thinking about 'Everybody's Changing'. Do you like it?" Jounouchi asked before he bit into a doughnut.

"Yeah it fits it well. Even though you've only given me the first four chapters, I think it suits it well. 'Everybody's Changing'" He said before standing. "Well Jounouchi-san it's late I'd better be going. I'll see you Wednesday."

"Alright then Yukito-kun, reach home safely." Jounouchi said as he walked him to the door. "Tell Touya-san I said hello." The door closed with a soft click and then Jounouchi returned to his couch and stretched out. "He must think I'm crazy. Everyone starts to think so after a while." Jounouchi suddenly sneezed. Someone was thinking about him. 'I wonder if it's Kaiba huh? Maybe, with the way he basically told he had the hots for me this afternoon, I wouldn't doubt if it's him.'

There was two sharp knocks to his door and he sprang up quickly. "Oh Yukito-kun, did you forget somethi…" His words died on his lips as he peered at the pale figure at the door. "Ryou…w-what are you doing here?"

"Long time no see Jounouchi-kun." Ryou said quietly. He was basically the same ole Ryou from before just that he had gotten taller and his hair was now pulled back into a ponytail. "Didn't Yuugi-kun tell you that I was coming for a visit?"

"Please come in!" Jounouchi moved aside and gestured with his hand to come in. He pulled Ryou's suitcases inside and then closed the door. "Well I visited Yuugi-kun yesterday and he told me nothing about it."

"Ah he must have been very busy. I'm sorry for the intrusion. You've got a nice house Jounouchi-kun." Ryou said as he looked around.

"Thank you. So are you staying the night then? I'd be happy if you'd stay." Jounouchi said as he leaned against the wall.

"Would you really not mind? After all that happened between us?" Ryou asked as he approached Jounouchi. He placed his hand against Jounouchi's cheek. "Is that alright with you?" He asked softly. Jounouchi stared at him with wide eyes, pink staining his cheeks. Ryou had always been like this. Always acting so sweet and concerned, it was no wonder when they were lovers he couldn't keep his hands off of him. He was just too tempting.

"Well I'd be an asshole if I were to send you to a hotel at this hour when I have a perfectly good guest room ready." He maneuvered out of Ryou's hand and walked off. "Follow me, I'll show you to your room for the night."

"Thank you. But I can only stay for one night Jounouchi-kun? You don't want to see me again do you?" He asked in a wounded puppy voice.

"No, no, that's not it! I just assumed that you would have a place to stay and… you're teasing me aren't you? Wicked rabbit." Jounouchi said and then sighed. Ryou had always been like this.

"You haven't called me that in a long time. Do you remember when you always called me that?" Ryou asked from beside Jounouchi.

"Yeah I used to call you that when we used to fuck like crazy not so?" Jounouchi said bluntly. Ryou turned red and sputtered.

"That's not what I was talking about Jounouchi-kun!" He replied blushing.

"Really? I remember it quite well actually. The first time I called you that was when you had tied my hands to the headboard and then proceeded to get on top and…"

"Alright! I remember that too, no need to repeat that again!" Ryou said as his face turned even redder.

"You know, it's only around you I have this urge to say really perverted things. You remember that time when we did it on my couch? Or how about when I had you bent over that teacher's desk or the time when…oww!" Jounouchi rubbed his head. Ryou had bonked him.

"I remember all those times very well Jounouchi-kun! You're doing that on purpose aren't you? It's payback for just appearing out of no where and not calling you for three years right?"

"I guess it is." He opened the door to the guest room and moved aside so that Ryou could look around. "And Yuugi did tell me, I just wanted to be difficult." He was bonked on his head again. "Oww!" he said rubbing his beloved head. "You know, if my fan girls saw you abusing me they'd kill you in three seconds flat."

"Oh that's no problem! Bakura will send them to the shadow realm in half that time." He said with a scary smile. "Jounouchi-kun, do you really have no problem with me staying here?"

"No problem at all Ryou. I'm a little hurt that you never even tried to call me after you left for England but I'm over it. I understand though, you were really busy with your studies and I never really tried to contact you either so I guess you can say we're even." He sighed as he leant against the doorframe. "It's all in the past now so don't worry your self."

"I'll try not to." Ryou stared at Jounouchi for a while and then smiled. "You've changed a bit Jounouchi." He gave Jounouchi his usual quiet smile and the blonde groaned. "What?"

"Stop that please! Do you know when was the last time I got any? The night before you left, so please stop smiling at me like that because I really might jump you."

"So long Jounouchi-kun? Wow I think I would have gone crazy!" Ryou said in awe.

"And you wonder why I called you rabbit? Sex maniac!" He laughed when Ryou scowled at him. "So anyway, how did your studies go?"

"Oh well I'm almost finished with my literature degree. I'll teach for a few years and then go back to do my masters. How's your writing going? I see you're a big super star now." Ryou said as he sat down on the edge of the bed. "I remember quite well when your book was released over there. It wasn't as crazy as a Harry Potter release but there were a lot of people, especially women." Ryou laughed as Jounouchi blushed. "If they only knew that you had no interest in them they'd die of disappointment."

"Well I can't help that I like guys. It was like this all the time. You know that well enough." Jounouchi said as he moved across the room.

"So what's the reason you dated Mai?"

"Well I don't know really. I just sort of fell for her and hard too. I saw her and her strong spirit and I was mesmerized. I wanted to be strong like that too."

"I guess I can understand the attraction there. But she's weak also and you know that very well don't you? You know that from her poor choice. You knew she still wanted to be with you didn't you? Yet you let her make her mistake."

"I love her, I'll always love her but something just told me that if she choose Varon, to let her be. Besides I wouldn't have been any good to her. I've realized that now." He leaned down close to Ryou's face. He raised his hand to Ryou's chin and rubbed his thumb against the soft skin there. "Besides if I hadn't ended it with Mai, I'd have never gotten to know you better now would I?" He smiled when Ryou blushed. "You were always like this, always blushing so easily. I want to eat you up right at the moment but I'm saving it for someone."


"Just kidding!" Jounouchi said with a laugh and moved away. He would always tease Ryou like this even before they had been together.

"I'll kill you!" Ryou said, anger clearly written on his face. He followed Jounouchi quickly out of the room, trailing behind him and growling (well not really). "Jounouchi Tohru Katsuya! I'm going to teach you a lesson!"

"Actually I don't have a middle name Ryou!" Jounouchi said as he began a little sprint about the living room.

"Do I look like I care?"

"I made you all hot didn't I?" Jounouchi teased as he hopped over the coffee table.

"S-shut up!"

"Ryou's got the hots!"

"No I don't!"

"Ryou's got the…" His sentence never finished. He just suddenly collapsed on the couch.

"Oh my! Jounouchi!" Ryou ran over to the blonde quickly. "Jounouchi I'm sorry for chasing you, are you…He's asleep." He pinched Jounouchi's cheek and when the blonde didn't budge he smiled. "I guess he's pretty tired." He brushed some hair from the blonde's face. "You've always worked so hard."

Tuesday Morning 10.59 AM

'Ohh that feels nice Seto-chan, a little lower!' Jounouchi moaned as imaginary Seto massaged his back. "Mmnn… Seto-chan don't stop!"

"I won't stop but I'm not Seto-chan."

"Mmn… so who is it massaging my shoulders?"

"The wicked rabbit."

"Huh?" Jounouchi opened his eyes to see smiling chocolate eyes right in his face. He did the only logical thing anyone else would do, he screamed like a school girl.

"Jounouchi you really should have tried out for the choir, what a high note you reached there." Ryou said as he let go of his ears.

"What are you doing in my bedroom?" Jounouchi asked as he peeped under his blanket to make sure he had some clothes on.

"Ah yes, last night you sort of just collapsed on the couch so I dragged you to your bedroom and put you in your bed. Had you slept for two and half more hours you would have sleep for twelve hours."

"I've done that already. When you wake up you still feel like sleeping some more and then maybe three hours later you're back sleeping again. It feels like you'll sleep forever. It's a little scary."

"Okay then…well breakfast is ready." Ryou said as he got off of the bed. Jounouchi looked at him and then his eyes nearly popped out of their sockets. "Why are you wearing my shirt?"

"Oh this? Well I sort of…." He lowered his voice so that Jounouchi couldn't hear the rest of the sentence.

"Huh? I didn't hear that last part." Jounouchi asked loudly.

"I sort of lost the keys to my suitcases and so I had nothing to wear so I borrowed a shirt from you." Ryou blushed in embarrassment when Jounouchi chuckled.

"I bet you those keys are in your pants pocket. You'll never grow out of that will you? You always forgot that you put your keys in your pants pocket and then you'd get all frantic looking for them." Jounouchi chuckled some more as he got out of bed. "So what did you make for breakfast?" he asked as he started to pull off his pants. Ryou turned away immediately.

"Just some pancakes and eggs. Your pantry is stuffed with some good food items. I'll enjoy your cooking for sure."

"And why won't you be cooking may I ask? I really hate to cook for anyone other than myself you know, you shouldn't assume that I'll cook for you willingly." He walked past Ryou stark naked into the bathroom.

"Jounouchi! Why are you walking around naked in front of your guest!" Jounouchi wanted to reply 'Well you shouldn't fuss, you've seen it, tasted it and felt it all before' but he knew Ryou would kill him.

"Well don't look at me then. Jeez I know I'm so sexy and all but please stop looking at…oww!" Ryou had thrown a pillow at his head.

"Just go shower Jounouchi!" Ryou said as he glared at Jounouchi with pink cheeks.

Ten minutes later when Jounouchi emerged from his bedroom in a pair of faded denim jeans and a salmon colored short sleeve shirt, he saw Ryou at the table with coffee and reading the newspapers.

"You so look like a Brit at the moment. Are you going to drink some tea now? Later are you going to play polo with the queen?" Jounouchi asked in a fake British accent. He sounded extremely strange so Ryou laughed.

"You'll never out grow that will you?" Ryou said as he stood from his seat. He quickly set about making Jounouchi's breakfast plate. When he was finished a huge plate of pancakes and eggs and a large glass of orange juice lay in front of the gawking blonde.

"Arigato! I haven't eaten American styled breakfast in a while." He picked up his fork and smiled happily. "Thank you for the food!" Jounouchi said before digging in. Five minutes later he was completely full. "Wow that really filled me up!"

"So Jounouchi, what will you be doing today?"

"Well I don't really have much to do today. I was planning on visiting my old man and then maybe getting something to wear for Saturday."

"Ah that's nice. Already hyped up eh? I bet you can't wait to see Kaiba again."

"Oh I saw him just yesterday you know. Gave him a ride back to work an all." Jounouchi started to fidget when Ryou stared at him incredulously.

"Please tell me about this! I really would love to know why Kaiba even got into your car in the first place!" Ryou said excitedly.

"Well Mokuba kind of tricked me into going to pick up a supposed red package from the middle of the highway. When…"

"Wait a second, he told you the package was in the middle of the highway and you bought that excuse?"

"Well…well he asked so nicely and he used the puppy look on me!" Jounouchi said in defense of himself.

"Yeah just continue on with the story! Sometimes you're too nice."

"Yeah well anyway, it really was to pick up Kaiba because his car stalled. When I got there Kaiba was totally embarrassed, I could tell by how he was glaring at me so hard (and from the way he was clenching the steering wheel but if he said that Ryou would think he's a stalker) but after a while it wasn't so bad." He took a deep breath and waited until Ryou brought his mug of coffee to his lips before saying "but the best part was when he asked me if I was bringing anyone to Yuugi's party. Then he started to call me by my name. You should have heard how nice he said 'Katsuya'. It was like of it was precious to him. Then he basically told me that he was interested in me but definitely the best part was when he called me 'koinu'."

Jounouchi moved 60 degrees to his right before Ryou spat his coffee out. "He called you by your first name, he basically told you that he was hot for you and then he called you puppy? What the hell is going on? Why hasn't anyone told me that hell had started to freeze over?" Ryou said clutching his head. He was joking but Jounouchi, being an insecure person, took him seriously.

"You don't believe it either do you? I really wonder if hell is freezing over? There is no way that a guy like me can hope for Kaiba to be interested in anyway possible is there? Even Shizuka when I told her acted like that. I guess it can't be helped eh? I wonder what he's up too though."

'He's still so insecure after all these years. I had hoped that he had been cured of it but he hasn't. I don't know when he'll realize that he is something very precious.' He thought to himself. "No no, that's not how I meant it Jounouchi. I'm just so surprised and happy for you at once. Don't you know a joke when you hear one?" Ryou said with a forced smile.

Though Jounouchi was a person who loved jokes and was constantly making people around him smile and be happy, he sometimes didn't know when someone was joking or not, especially if it had to do with him. He figured that he would never joke about with people so he assumed that those other people thought the same way he did. It had been hard sometimes with his friends because they could easily fool him with any joke because he assumed that they weren't fooling around. So once when Honda had joked and told him the reason why no girls liked him was because his hair looked like a bird's nest, he had actually taken some of his money he had saved to buy a new sneaker for school and bought an expensive hair conditioner and shampoo so he would look more presentable. When his sneakers had all but fallen off his feet one day and Honda asked him why he hadn't gotten a new pair, he had replied 'Well I spent all my money on this shampoo and conditioner so that my hair would look better.' Honda had felt so bad afterwards that he bought him a new pair out of his allowance.

Jounouchi had a lot of issues to deal with, so much sometimes that when they were dating, he couldn't handle it and felt frustrated. It was part of the reason he left Jounouchi so suddenly. He felt bad because he knew he was frustrated with his problems that he couldn't possibly fix it.

"Are you saying that I'm dumb Ryou? I may not be sharp but I think I can tell a joke from a serious statement pretty well."

Ryou sighed. This was another one of Jounouchi's problems. He had a serious inferiority complex. One tiny statement about him not knowing something could easily set him off. Constantly being told that you're not good enough does that to you. 'Makeinu!' 'You're so stupid Jounouchi!' 'Why can't you pay attention like Kaiba-san?' 'It's all your fault that I'm this way now!' 'It's your fault your mother left!' these statements always got to him. It made him think that he really was a loser dog, that he could never be as bright as Kaiba, that he made his mother a heartless bitch; it was all his fault that bitch left his father. When he was younger, he would angrily cry 'That's not true, take it back. I'm not stupid!' 'I'll surpass Kaiba someday!' he could never however, reply to the really hurtful accusations of his parents. He was helpless to those. He couldn't see why it wasn't his fault. He was always treated like a nuisance by his family anyway so why wouldn't what they said be true?

Ryou stared at Jounouchi as the young man glared at his glass of juice. "Did he smile at you?" he suddenly asked.

"Huh? Who smile at me?"

"Kaiba. Did he smile at you when he said all of this?"

"Yeah he gave me the most wonderful smile ever." Jounouchi said childishly. "Why does it matter?"

"Well if he smiled at you, then he truly likes you Jounouchi. Mokuba-kun said Kaiba smiles only if he truly likes something. So he likes you Jounouchi, nothing to be worried about."

"You think so? Well he did look at me with special eyes this time." Jounouchi said ducking his head to blush. Ryou smiled at his childish behavior. The thought of someone actually liking him always made him happy because he thought no one could possibly like him. "It's that kind of gaze, like in a yaoi manga, when the seme suddenly looks at the uke with a gaze that says 'I want to be with you' kind of thing. He definitely looked at me like that."

Ryou chuckled at the description. He wondered how it was he never realized that Jounouchi had a way with words. He may say things in strange ways, but when you stopped to think about what exactly he said, it was always so fitting. You'd go 'Ah I never thought of it like that!'

"But I'm so confused. All of a sudden out of no where he comes at me like that. Why now? He had four years to say something." Jounouchi leaned into his palm and sighed for the millionth time that morning. "He's so confusing but that's one of the things I like about him."

"Maybe he thought this to be the perfect time. Maybe he was waiting all these years and decided to make his move now. Well I'm not Kaiba Seto so I wouldn't know what he's thinking exactly." He suddenly smirked and Jounouchi looked at him questioningly.


"So that's what you'll call Kaiba in the bedroom? Seto-chan? I think it's cute." Ryou laughed when Jounouchi turned completely crimson.

"Ryou I'll kill you if you mention that to anyone."

"So if Kaiba hit the right spot you'll cry 'Oohhhh Setoooo-chaaaan!'"

"Ryou! Shut up!"

"And when he's thrusting too soft you'll moan 'Harder Seto-chan, harder!'"

"Ryou please shut your mouth!" Jounouchi was starting to steam.

"And when it's all over, you'll cling to him and say 'I like you Seto-chan'"

"Bakura Ryou I'll kill you!" Jounouchi screamed as he lunged across the table. Ryou had already gotten up and ran away laughing evilly.


"Nii-sama why are you walking so fast?" Mokuba asked from behind his older brother. They had gone out for lunch this lovely Tuesday afternoon (Kaiba had insisted that they do) and had been strolling through the park without much chaos when all of a sudden Kaiba had started to walk extremely fast.

"Oh Kaiba-chan!" cried a shrill voice. Mokuba scowled immediately. Mitsubishi Koike, the bane of his existence. The reason why he'll never buy a Mitsubishi anything (not like he was going to anyway, who'd buy a Mitsubishi car when they could afford a Benz?), the reason why he'll never cut his hair (Koike had told him he'd look soooo hawt (hot) with his hair short) the reason why his beloved older brother didn't go out much again and finally, why he hated him so was because he broke his brother's heart.

Believe it or not Kaiba had been depressed when he had ended things with Koike. He had thought that he had found someone who wanted to stay by his side even if this person didn't truly care for him, even if he didn't care for that person either. He had just wanted to feel needed. The pain of existing without being wanted or needed, it was unbearable. Mokuba thought he needed him but he could survive just fine without him. He had thought about it many times, if there was someone who needed him. At times yes, Mokuba needed him but Mokuba wasn't a child anymore. But other than Mokuba, no one needed him no one wanted him. He was useless. But then he saw Jounouchi, he saw how lonely he was, how broken and hurt and alone and he realized that maybe, just maybe he was needed in this world after all, that just maybe he was wanted.

'Jounouchi' he thought to himself as Koike ran up to meet them. He had actually stopped walking but only because he was thinking of something precious.

"I saw Kaiba-chan and decided to say hello. Oh hello Mokuba-chan!" Koike smiled at Mokuba who glared back at him. "Oh my, still acting like a spoilt brat?"

"Why you!" Mokuba stepped forward with a fist shaking but Kaiba's clear voice stopped him.

"Mokuba as much as I want to see you kick his ass, this is not the right place to do it. What do you want Mitsubishi?"

"Can't I tell my ex hello?" Koike asked with a pout. Was he trying to be cute or something? Kaiba felt like jump-kicking him right at the moment. "Anyway this Saturday that rival of yours is having a party at my restaurant. I'm pretty sure that he invited you and Mokuba-chan. I'll be seeing you folks again Saturday night then huh? I'll be so happy." He flipped a lock of hair over his shoulder and grinned slyly at them. Mokuba was practically hissing at him like a cat. Suddenly Kaiba started to walk off and both Mokuba and Koike looked at him surprised.

"Come Mokuba, I've already wasted time listening to that crack whore there; let's go have our lunch now." He then continued walking away from the two, one grinning and the other scowling.

"Right nii-sama!" Mokuba said with a huge grin and then skipped off after his brother.

"Kaiba, you'll regret it. Someday you'll get what's coming to you and I'll be right at the front laughing in your face."

"Really now? Glad to know I'll see your ugly mug before I supposedly get my comeuppance. After all, looking at you is punishment alone."

"Kaiba Seto I hate your guts!"

"Great news!" Kaiba said as he continued to walk away. Koike pouted, stomped his foot on the ground like a six year old and then proceeded to stomp off in the general direction of his car.

The siblings didn't see a duo walking quickly towards them. They were too busy thinking about their success in pissing an extremely bitchy rich spoilt brat off.

"Ryou walk faster!" Jounouchi cried as he sprinted through the park. Poor Ryou was behind him struggling to breathe. The white haired young man was never much of a runner. Ryou looked behind him and he felt all the strength returning to his legs when he saw the scary faces. He pitied Jounouchi if this was what the blonde had to go through.

"Jounouchi-sama! Please wait for us! All we want is your autograph!"

'Scary!' Ryou thought as he increased his speed. Really if he knew hanging out with Jounouchi was going to be this troublesome, he would have hung out with the homeless guy outside of Jounouchi's apartment who spouted nonsense like 'My max is to drink lots of sake, your max (points to a woman) is to have children right? Lots of children right? (points to woman's stomach) but my max is to drink sake' instead. What ever a max was, he didn't know and didn't think he'll understand.

"Jounouchi-sama I want to have your babies!"

"I'll do anything for you Jou-nou-chi- sama!"

"I'll do everything you want, just please sign my panties!"

Some men sitting on one of the park benches whistled at that. The fan girl/woman promptly spun around and knocked the men out with one angry swing of her arm then she continued on her path to chasing Jounouchi.

Ryou turned blue as he realized that they were right behind him. "Jounouchi I'm not going to make it!" He cried as he felt his legs burning.

"You can make it Ryou, you can do it, I believe in you!" Jounouchi cried as he slowed down a bit. "Here grab my hand" he said as he stretched his hand out for Ryou to grasp it.

"I can't Jounouchi! Go on without me, I'll make it back!"

"No I won't leave you behind!" Jounouchi said as he slowed down some more. He saw the scary faces, he saw Ryou's face contorted in pain, he saw all the hands reaching out to grab Ryou to fling him aside and he knew he had to act fast. Right before the first hand could make contact with Ryou's shirt, he grabbed Ryou with such a force the white haired young man pitched forward away from the evil hands.

"A-arigato Jounouchi-kun!" Ryou said as Jounouchi pulled him along. Apparently Jounouchi was a secret Olympic long distance runner; he seemed to have no problem with running at such high speeds and long distances.

"I would put you on my back but that'll cause an uproar in the tabloids tomorrow. Sorry to have you running so much on you first day back." Jounouchi said as he turned a corner quickly. "They shouldn't find us in this path. It's old and no one really uses it as much." He released Ryou's hand and slowed down. "I'll kill tou-san when I see him next!" Jounouchi said with a murderous glint in his eyes.

Really all of this was Seiji's fault. Jounouchi had taken Ryou with him to visit his father's apartment that morning as he said. When they had gotten there, they had spent probably an hour chatting about old times (when Seiji caught Jounouchi and Ryou on the couch 'doing it') and about his upcoming wedding. Jounouchi had told his father about his little visit to his mother's and how he sort of went crazy and flung her clothes everywhere and Seiji actually stood up and yelled 'Yosh!' like a teenager. Ryou only shook his head at Jounouchi and his father as they had a mini celebration for upsetting Kawai-san.

When they all finished, Seiji had asked him to drop him to work which was a tiny office building opposite the park. When the older version of Jounouchi had climbed out of the car, he proceeded to yell at the top of his lungs 'Don't you dear forget about dinner this Friday Jounouchi Katsuya!' and then ran off. Immediately the effects could be seen. All heads belonging to romance novel reading females whipped around to stare at the blonde who was now turning on his car alarm.

"Is that really Jounouchi-sama?"

"Look it's really Jounouchi Katsuya!"

"He's even better looking in person!"

Then they had all began to advance on the trembling duo menacingly, their eyes glowing a creepy white, an evil looking twinkle and sadistic grin on their made up faces.

"Jounouchi-sama can I have your autograph?" They said sounding strangely like some kind of possessed monster.

"Jounouchi we need to run!" Ryou said as he pushed Jounouchi's chest to get him moving. The fan girls, blinded by their lust for Jounouchi, thought he was a female and so glared murderously at him while screaming out in a demon possessed voice, "Don't touch him you hussy! I'll rip you to shreds!"

"Let's get out of here!" Jounouchi said as he grabbed Ryou's hand and pulled him away as he began his sprint. The fan girls were stunned that Jounouchi actually held onto that hussy's hand and so stopped to stare at the linked hands moving further away from them for a few seconds. Suddenly weird glint returned to their eyes as they started the chase.

And that was how the duo ended up like this.

Jounouchi was so busy trying to catch his breath; he didn't see two people walking towards him.

"Nii-sama isn't that Jounouchi-kun coming our way?" Mokuba asked as he looked closely at the panting figure approaching them. He spotted Ryou not too far behind Jounouchi, looking like he was about to collapse. His normally neat hair was frazzled and his face was red. If he didn't know better, he would think that Jounouchi and Ryou had been making out behind a tree or something.

Kaiba looked up quickly when Mokuba mentioned Jounouchi. Yes it was his little cute proletariat and he looked exhausted. In fact he could barely walk straight. Kaiba and Mokuba stopped as Jounouchi and Ryou approached but the blonde didn't move out of the way and bumped right into Kaiba's chest. Inner Kaiba was almost doing a little happy dance at some physical contact from his crush.

Jounouchi, puzzled that he wasn't moving from his spot though he swore he was still walking, looked up into annoyed blue eyes (which had a bit of a smile in them) and turned a deep crimson.

'I'm at this very moment leaning against Kaiba Seto's chest. I'm touching Kaiba's chest and his hands are touching my back. He's touching me, he's touching me. He's touch-ing me' Jounouchi thought as he stared up at Kaiba with a silly expression on his face.

"Will you get off of me you dumb mutt?" Kaiba asked in an annoyed voice. What he really wanted to do was throw Jounouchi over his shoulder and then run away to Hawaii with him and have some fun.

"Sorry Kaiba." Jounouchi said as he moved away from Kaiba. He looked a little down at being called a dumb mutt again; he had really enjoyed the 'puppy' much more. As he stepped back he bumped into Ryou who finally caught up to him. Ryou fell backwards on his ass with a loud 'thump'. Jounouchi hurriedly spun around to help his friend up. "Sorry Ryou are you alright?" he asked as he pulled Ryou from the ground. Kaiba glared at Ryou.

"I'm alright Jounouchi-kun." Ryou said with a small smile. He looked at Kaiba and he wanted to run off. He was getting one hell of a glare.

"So why are you two looking so exhausted?" Mokuba asked.

"You see, we were being chased by a bunch of Jounouchi's fans. We were running for about five to ten minutes through the park. It was really horrible. If Jounouchi hadn't helped me, I would have been trampled on by now." Ryou explained.

"All I did was hold onto your hand and pull you along with me. It's nothing big."

Ryou swore it had suddenly gotten chilly out there. Was it just him or was there some sort of abnormal air pressure all of a sudden.

'He held onto his hand? He touched Jounouchi? He touched my Jounouchi?' Kaiba asked himself as he stared ahead.

'Nii-sama doesn't like this! Plus he thinks that Ryou still likes Jounouchi. This could get bad' Mokuba thought as he looked at his brother then Ryou.

"So what are you guys doing out here? Going out for lunch?" Jounouchi asked with a smile. Kaiba suddenly lost the urge to slaughter a certain someone at Jounouchi's sweet smile.

"Yeah nii-sama wanted to get something to eat. Would you like to join us?" Mokuba asked with a huge grin on his face. Kaiba gave him a look.

"Ah but we wouldn't want to intrude on you like that." Jounouchi said.

"Oh it's no problem! It'll be nice to have lunch with some company for a change. Please come along!"

"If you insist." Ryou said as he smoothed his hair out. He probably looked like he stuck his hand in a socket.

"So where are you going to eat lunch? Please tell me not in that direction." Jounouchi asked worriedly. He really didn't have anymore energy to run from those stalker/psycho fans anymore.

"Oh well it's up to nii-sama. I'll eat anything." Mokuba said gleefully.

"…" Kaiba said nothing but walked off anyway. All the three could do was follow him. Naturally Jounouchi assumed the position of walking beside Kaiba while Mokuba and Ryou talked and chatted about old times (it seemed that was all poor Ryou was doing today). Jounouchi tried to keep up with Kaiba's long strides but only ended up out of breath.

"Kaiba can you slow down a little?" Jounouchi asked ready to faint. If he used anymore energy trying to keep up with Kaiba he would collapse.

Kaiba said nothing but slowed down anyway. From the corner of his eye he could see Mokuba and Ryou a good few feet behind them. He allowed a small smile to grace his lips. Mokuba was giving him room to freely talk to Jounouchi. 'Smart kid. Maybe I'll increase his allowance this month.' He thought to himself.

"Um…Kaiba I was thinking about what you told me yesterday and…" Jounouchi turned pink when Kaiba looked at him expectantly. "…and I…think that…" he swallowed as he pulled at his collar.

Kaiba leaned his head to the side to show that he was waiting to hear his reply.

"And well I want you to answer the question first!" Jounouchi blurted out. Yes Kaiba had never given a reason to why he was looking at him with longing in his eyes.

Kaiba grew angry. He hadn't expected that. "Isn't it obvious enough makeinu?"

"Kaiba you're still avoiding the question." 'I want to hear you say it with your own lips. I want to hear you say 'I want you Jounouchi'. Then I'll know for sure what exactly you want from me.' Jounouchi thought to himself.

Kaiba stayed quiet. He simply glared ahead of him and this made Jounouchi annoyed for a moment but then he shook his head and smiled. Really this was expected. Kaiba was not the kind of person to admit his feelings so easily and that reply just now, he was telling him in a twisted way that he wanted him.

"I guess it is isn't it? (his feelings) Still it would be nice to hear you say it even though you really don't want to." Kaiba's eyes widened at his reply. Jounouchi chuckled.

Mokuba and Ryou a few feet behind them smiled. "See how nii-sama is looking at Jounouchi-sama?"

"Yeah he's really looking at Jounouchi with that look Jounouchi was talking about." 'And why is he calling Jounouchi Jounouchi-sama?'

"What look?" Mokuba asked eagerly.

"Jounouchi described it like this. It's the look a seme gives the uke which says 'I want to be with you' kind of thing." He laughed when Mokuba looked dumbfounded for a moment and then smiled.

"Jounouchi is so cool!" He said as he clenched his fist. Some sweat rolled down Ryou's face.

Kaiba ended up leading them to a tiny little café where the prices definitely weren't as tiny as the place itself. The food was excellent though. As expected Mokuba sat beside Ryou and allowed his brother to sit beside his love interest. Kaiba had actually initiated some conversation with Jounouchi and the blonde was really ecstatic that Kaiba actually wanted to talk to him.

They were currently talking about Jounouchi's favorite book 'Norwegian Wood' by Murakami Haruki.

"So Kaiba what's you favorite part? I've got so many favorite parts that I can't chose!" Jounouchi asked excitedly. Norwegian Wood was pretty famous and most everyone in Japan had read it but he couldn't seem to find anyone in his generation that wanted to discuss it.

Kaiba's cheeks tinted pink at all the attention he was getting from Jounouchi. He couldn't help but think that Jounouchi was acting cute. "…" Kaiba couldn't say anything when Jounouchi's pretty eyes were focused on him for so long.

"I see, it's left you speechless! But one of my favorite parts is that scene when Toru and Reiko were having their little own funeral for Naoko and then Reiko turns to him and goes 'Hey Watanabe, want to do it with me?' and Toru says 'Funny I was thinking the same thing.' That was just so…right. I love that book!" Jounouchi said before sipping some of his drink. He had been talking so much his throat had gone dry.

"It was a good book." Kaiba said lamely. It was all he could really say. He seemed to have lost all his sense whenever Jounouchi merely smiled at him.

"I sometimes wish they would make a movie for it but then again, the movies always suck compared to the book so…" He said tucking some hair behind his ear. Kaiba stared at him while he did that too. Jounouchi ducked his head to blush. Really the whole time they had been there Kaiba kept looking at him.

"Ah Kaiba-san so how is your business going?" Ryou asked as he eyed Jounouchi who was busy trying to hide his blush. He smiled at how shy his friend was at times.

"It's alright." Kaiba answered. Really why would he want to talk to someone who wanted to take his little koinu from him? But because he didn't want to upset the little cute blonde writer he replied to his questions.

"Ah that's good to hear." Ryou said before scratching his head. Kaiba was making it obvious that he didn't want him around. 'Does he think that I'm after Jounouchi?' he asked himself. Kaiba was not a good enemy to have.

"Nii-sama makes me sit in on all the meetings with him! They're soooo boring sometimes." Mokuba said as he cleaned off the last of his lunch.

"Well at your age it's not expected that you'd enjoy them." Kaiba replied.

"But Kaiba you were his age four years ago, didn't you have those meetings back then as well?"

"But I never really enjoyed them much. Still don't actually." Kaiba said as he took out his wallet. The waitress seemed to have a nose for money because she suddenly appeared out of no where with the bill. Kaiba paid for everyone's meal, ignoring Jounouchi's remarks about him being able to pay for his own food.

After that they left the café and went walking through the park again. Everyone assumed their positions from earlier.

"Kaiba?" Jounouchi called from beside the tall brunet. Kaiba turned his head slightly to acknowledge his call. "Someday…I'd like to try that with you." Jounouchi said softly with a blush but in a serious voice.

"Try what?" Kaiba asked curiously.

Jounouchi gestured to the couple holding hands a few in front of them. "It's already getting cold don't you find?" He looked into Kaiba's eyes when he said his next line. "M-maybe we can try that way of warming our bodies with each others' when it's cold." He smiled when Kaiba blushed.

Was Jounouchi telling him he wanted to have sex with him when he was feeling cold in the winter? That he wanted him to warm him up with his own body heat? (Kaiba is just a pervert; Jounouchi meant holding hands, not having sex) Then Kaiba realized that this was another way of telling him that he wanted to be together. Jounouchi had pointed out the couple in front of them as an example.

"Oh my! Did you just hear what Jounouchi told Kaiba-san?" Ryou whispered to Mokuba. Mokuba nodded his head with a huge smile upon his face.

"They're realizing that they both want each other. I wonder who's going to give the next one their number first. I bet two thousand yen that Jounouchi's the first."

"You're on little bugger. Kaiba-san surely will be the first one." Ryou whispered with a glint in his eyes. Guess the wicked rabbit had a gambling streak eh?

After some time of digesting what Jounouchi had said to him (which was precisely one minute ago. Kaiba loved to be precise) Kaiba replied to Jounouchi's statement.

"I'd like that." He said as he stuffed his hands in his pockets. When Jounouchi looked up at him with a pink face he thought he'd go crazy. Why was Jounouchi so fricking cute?

"Kaiba…you…I…huh?" Jounouchi said dumbly. He was so confused but somehow this confusion was so wonderful.

Kaiba moved closer to Jounouchi so that he could whisper in his ear softly. "I want to be with you Jounouchi and maybe when I'm with you we can do more than just hold hands." He said, his breath against a sensitive ear causing Jounouchi to shiver. Kaiba smirked as he moved away.

Jounouchi turned an impossible shade of red as he felt his body slowly turning into mush. Kaiba had just admitted it. He said he wanted to be with him. He actually uttered those words from those glorious lips.

Mokuba and Ryou had turned to rock behind them. Though they didn't know what Kaiba had exactly said, they knew it was something either really racy or something really sweet from the way Jounouchi turned burgundy and looked ready to collapse.

When Jounouchi finally cooled down he moved closer to Kaiba to whisper in his ear just like the brunet did seconds ago.

"I'm looking forward to it." He said and then chuckled. "Who would have thought that Kaiba is a total pervert?" He whispered again and then moved away to chuckle some more. Kaiba glared at him with a blush on his cheeks.

"Ahh now Jounouchi just told Kaiba-san something racy too!" Ryou whispered to Mokuba who nodded his head. He'd never seen his brother turn red so many times in a short period of time like this. From the looks of things they couldn't decide who was going to pony up their number first.

"So…" Jounouchi started nervously.

"…" Kaiba said nothing but was nervous on the inside.

'Come on Jounouchi-sama, give nii-sama your number first!' Mokuba thought desperately.

'Kaiba though you hate my guts, please give Jounouchi your number!' Ryou thought as he clenched his fists in anticipation.

"Well…I um…h-here's my num…" Jounouchi's phone suddenly began its loud ringing. Ryou thanked the heavens that Jounouchi stopped. The blonde hurriedly answered the phone, muttered an 'I'll call you back later Shizu-chan' and then hung up. He looked at Kaiba who was looking amused for some reason and then stuck his hand in his pants pocket and pulled out a crinkled call card. "Um…here…phone number." He handed Kaiba the piece of paper with shaking hands and Ryou let out when hell of a curse.

"Here's mine." Kaiba replied smoothly as he pulled out a perfectly neat call card from his pocket. He handed Jounouchi it with steady hands though his heart was beating faster than a drum.

"What the BLEEP is wrong with that BLEEP Jounouchi? I could have BLEEP won some BLEEP money for BLEEP sake!" Ryou cursed like a sailor. Mokuba thought his ears would fall off.

They walked and walked until they finally reached Jounouchi's car. Thankfully there was no horde of screaming girls/women there waiting for him.

"It was nice talking to you guys!" Mokuba said cheerfully as he counted his yen and then stuffed it in his pocket. Ryou was silently crying. When Jounouchi approached him smiling he grinned broadly, thinking his favorite writer was going to give him something. Well he got something alright. A bonk on the head to be precise. "What was that for?"

"That's for tricking me the other day! Bastard!" Jounouchi said with a twitching brow. "And don't place bets on me either you money grubber!"

Ryou evilly laughed at him. Jounouchi bonked him on the head too. "Just get in the damn car will ya" Ryou nodded as he rubbed his abused head. Jounouchi strolled around to the driver's car door and stopped, looking over at Kaiba. He gave him one of his brilliant smiles and then giggled. "How about you give me a call eh?"

"How about you do the same?" Kaiba said with a smirk.


"Loser dog!"

Then they both softly laughed. "Ja ne Kaiba-baka, Mokuba! See you guys at Yuugi's party!" He opened the door and then climbed in, giving Kaiba another of his breath taking smiles before disappearing into the car. Ryou rolled down his glass and grinned at Mokuba.

"Bet you one thousand yen Kaiba calls Jounouchi first." He said with an evil glint in his eye. He moved to the side when Jounouchi tried to bonk him.

"You're on!" Mokuba said with a clenched fist. Kaiba glared at him. "See ya around guys!" He waved as they drove off. Jounouchi gave a little wave to Kaiba before driving off.

"Nii-sama so today was a success?" Mokuba asked from beside his older brother.

"Yes definitely a success." Kaiba said with a smirk. The breeze blew his hair about as he turned to walk off. "Come on Mokuba, you've got a lot of filing to do!" Kaiba said and chuckled when his brother groaned. He looked off in the direction that Jounouchi drove off in. "I'll definitely be calling you Jounouchi." He said softly before he continued on.

"I can't believe I actually gave him my number!" Jounouchi said with a blush. "And he gave me his too!" Jounouchi was going to get a heart attack before the day was over. Sudden cold breeze caused him to shiver. "Ryou roll up the glass!"

"It's getting really cold." Ryou said. Jounouchi smiled as he remembered what he had told Kaiba. He'd definitely like to try it pretty soon too.

Because Kaiba, you're the only one who can warm my soul


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