this is my first Yu-Gi-Oh fic hope you like it so enjoy

The 16 year old girl was once again woke up late for school and was running as fast as she could ' if I keep this up I should go on the track team' she thought as the school soon came into view.

" Hey Tea," called a small boy near the gate he was wering a blue school uniform, and a gold chain with what looked like a puzzle on it with golden eye. He was waiting with two other boys who were wearing the same thing as the boy and were the same age as Tea but taller then the boy whose name was Yugi." Hey guys," she said brethlessly," just in time as usual you know you should really think about trying out for the track team," Joey said, the brown haired girl just gave him a look and the four friends went to class soon after the bell went.

"Alright everyone settle down, settle down," the teacher said as all the students went to their seats," now is everyone ready for the hiking trip coming up, it is manditory that everyone go for it will count for physed, survival skills, and science marks people who refuse to go may suffer the fate of not passing this course... that includes you Mr. Kiba," he explained looking towards the young man with the piercing blue eyes," whatever," was all he would say.

"We still on for later," Tea asked her friends sitting in front of her and the only replyshe got was four pitiful groans, none of them not even little Yugihad the patience for shopping but they needed stuff for the 3 day hiking trip." Ya, ya we'll meet you there at 4:30 sharp got that and only the necessitiesalright Tea I'm not staying in there all afternoon I got better things to do," complained Tristan," like what lie around and look at your magazines?" Tea replied teasing him causing him to blush," hey shut up about that you promised," the boysaid remembering how Tea had come over without him knowing and found him drooling over hisPlayboys." Whatever you say bunny boy" the group didn't see each other all day after that class except at lunch.

As said the group met up at the mall at 4:30 sharp, Tea was the last to arrive and came to find thethree biggest grumps she had ever seen in her life," ok let's go you bunch of suckum' babies," she said starting to walk away," WE ARE NOT SUCKUM' BABIES," Tristan and Joey said at the same time," I don't know you look like a big pouting puppy to me Wheeler," the group turned to see Seto Kaiba looking just as happy to be there as the boys did," hey guys," said a small boy behind Kaiba," you getting stuff for the trip to?"" ya would you like to join us?" before Mokuba could respond his older brother said," in your dreams Gardner, I've seen you shop,we plan on leaving some time today."

The two walked away quickly leaving behind a fuming teenage girl causing Joey, Tristan and Yugi to start moving away slowly after a few minutes of random cursing from Tea oddlyo.Othe group spent the hour getting what the needed by the end of the day they were all tired minus Tea who felt if anything more energized," where does she get it from?" Joey asked truly amazed he others just looked on just as shocked, by the time Tea drove Tristan and Joey to their neighbourhood all three were passed out and she could of sworn she heard two of them bickering over a lollipop. With an evil grin on her face Tea honked her horn causing Yugi, Tristan, and Joey to all wake up," thanks Tea nice to know we can turn to you to wake us up gently," said a very grumpy Joey, the girl just giggled," see ya tomorrow guys."

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