One Chance


A fire raged across the ancient city as the Pokemon Master and his best trained pokemon approached the one that started the fire. Not a human, no, a human could not have created a fire like that one. The fire was created by the most powerful pokemon on the whole entire planet. The pokemon was named Raibu.

Raibu's body was narrow and slim. Its head was shaped like a dragon, but its body was shaped like a lion. The pokemon's tail was long and thin like a whip. It even acted as a whip in some cases. Raibu's eyes were pure red and icy. Its ears were cat-like, and black spikes dragged down its back. The pokemon's body was a deep shade of red, almost as deep as its black spikes. Raibu growled.

The Pokemon Master narrowed his eyes at Raibu. "I've been chasing after you since I got Growlie," the boy said to the pokemon. The Growlithe growled at Raibu. "Now, this is going to end. Growlie is now at her highest level, and nothing can stop us now. Growlie! Let us end this now!"

The little Growlithe leapt into battle. Raibu's eyes glowed green, then shot an energy blast at the little pokemon. Growlie dogged the attack with great speed.

"Use Fire Whip, my great one!" the Master yelled. Growlie responded as quick as it could, sent a blast of fire from its mouth, whipping her rival with great force. Raibu fell to its side, but was not defeated.

"Is that the best you can do?" Raibu replied sharply. "Is that really? I am the best of the best, you fool! I rule all!" Raibu sent it's most powerful attack at the Growlithe. Death Beam.

"No!" the Master gasped. "Growlie, please dodge it!" But it was no use. Anyone or anything that Death Beam is used on…they cannot escape. The darkness beam swirled around Growlie, making her confused. Then it happened. Knives started to form. Once they filled the swirling beam, the knives aimed straight at the Growlithe and attacked. The knives went right through the pokemon's body, slicing her to bits, and making a rather bloody show.

The Master cried as the knives disappeared. "Raibu…no…" Raibu had killed the Master's best pokemon. The flames trapped Raibu and the Master.

"You will never forget this, fool," Raibu said, and it allowed itself to be engulfed in the flames. Raibu, being strongest with fire and flames, disappeared. The Master was trapped. The flames approached him.

"Growlie…" the Master said. The fire engulfed the two bodies in flames, never them to be seen again.