Once Chance

Chapter Two

New Powers and Goddess Growlie

It had been a long day for Claire. She did a good job on most of her tests, others she screwed up. It was the end of the day, 8 o'clock at night. Claire's dad had arrived home from work in Broadvale City. He worked with Hefinity Inc. They were the corporation that made new items for the Poke Marts.

Claire and her family had originally lived in Broadvale City, that way her father could get to work faster. When Claire's mother had died in a pokemon battle accident, her father went looking for a wife. So then, guess whose name Mr. Maple had found? Yup, Deliah Ketchum, mother to the famous Ash Ketchum. Even though he had entered adulthood last year, he still acted like Claire's age, goofy and stupid.

"I guess he's pretty smart, being the Pokemon Master of the entire planet," Claire mumbled. But because Mrs. Ketchum lived in Kanto, and when Professor Oak retired, Mrs. Ketchum took over, Ash and she had to move to Sero, but Mrs. Ketchum wanted to live in the town where most Pokemon Rookie Trainers started, Claire and Mr. Maple had to move to Boliva Town. Mr. Maple, however, wanted to keep his job at Hefinity Inc.; he had to drive everyday from Boliva Town to Broadvale City. It took him an hour and a half just to get there, so every morning, when Claire and Ash would wake up, Mr. Maple would be at work.

Claire missed living in Broadvale City. It was big and bustling, not to mention the huge amount of friends she had at the Elementary School. Thinking about her best friend in the whole entire universe made tears come to her eyes.

"Hey little sister, mom says lights out!" Ash called. Claire sighed and jumped into bed. She turned out the lights and shivered, trying to get some sleep. Thunder rolled across the sky and rain splashed against the window.


"No," she mumbled in her sleep. "No, Raibu cannot some back...Richie, please don't leave me…Death Beam… Gah!" The Growlithe awoke from her nightmare and looked around. All the others were fast asleep. Except for him, over there in the corner, sulking and creating thunderstorms across Sero.

"Ny?" the Growlithe said. "You're still awake, Angel Huro?" The Huro titled his head in the direction of the Growlithe's voice.

"Leave me alone, you bag of flour," the pokemon snapped in a growling voice. "Don't you know that Raibu is back, you idiot?"


"Out of my house!" Claire mumbled in her sleep. "Get out, you stupid…clown…person…noooo, stay away from me with…with…with that machine guuuuuuuun…..gun… Gah!" Claire awoke from her sleep. "What a nightmare…I really need to stop eating that much candy before I get to sleep…" Claire tried to get some more sleep.


"You idiot, its back! Raibu has returned!" the Huro replied. The Growlithe gasped.

"No! That's why I was having that dream!" The Growlithe ran to the edge of the cloud and looked down into Boliva Town. "No sign of it there, Angel Huro. Angel Huro?" Just at that second, the Huro pushed the Growlithe over the edge of the cloud, sending the pokemon tumbling into Claire's backyard.


Thud! "Oh, crappit, not again!" Claire said as the loud noise woke her up. Ash was in the other bed, sleeping like a baby. "Oh well," Claire whispered. She got out of her bed and tip-toed outside to see what had made that noise.

There it was. A white Growlithe was lying in the bushes, and looked a little cut up from the twigs. "I wonder if I should…" Claire turned her head to the house, then back. The Growlithe was gone!

"Maybe I was just imaging it," Claire whispered to herself and tip-toed back inside and back into bed, falling asleep for the third time that night.

A few moments later, Claire felt a warm spot on her face. A fuzzy, fur-like warmth. Opening her eyes, Claire saw nothing but the belly of a white Growlithe. "Holy Dragonite King!" Claire yelled, tearing the Growlithe off her face. She hurled it across the room. The poor thing hit it's head on the wall and fell down.

"Stay away, you thing! I know kung-fu!" Claire said to threaten the Growlithe. It stirred and woke up.

"Growl?" It asked in a kind voice. "Wha' hap- Ow!" Claire had thrown her clock at the Growlithe's head. "What the heck was that for? Ow! Stop doing that!" Claire now threw her watch at the Growlithe's head.

"Growlithe's can't talk! Growlithe's can't be white! I'm dreaming! I'm dreaming!" Claire yelled her to herself.

"No, you're not dreaming. Neither am I, 'cause those clocks hurt!" Claire stared in awe.

"I'm dreaming, I'm dre"-

"WILL YOU JUST SHUT UP?" the Growlithe yelled. Ash stirred, but stayed asleep. The Growlithe and Claire ignored him. "Look, I'm white and I can talk for a good reason. I'm dead." Claire screamed again. "STOP IT! Look, I've been dead for the past…I dunno, nine-hundred ninety-nine years. Okay? I was murdered, and I was sent to Poke-Heaven. There, I became a Poke-Angel, then I worked myself up to Angel, and now I'm a Goddess for my good work with Richie."

"Who's Richie?" Claire asked, trying to digest all this information.

"He was my old trainer before we were murdered by Raibu." The Growlithe said plainly.

"Raibu? Oh!" Claire remembered now. Raibu was the one who terrorized Sero, Kanto, Johto, Hoen, and Ouen 999 years ago. "So….who are you?"

"Oh yes, I haven't properly introduced myself. My name is Goddess Growlie. Ever hear of me? Anyway, you may just call me G.G. I do believe it would be much easier to say than Goddess Growlie. Do you agree?" Claire nodded. "Good. Now, I'm going to need some help stopping Raibu, since it's evil has returned to Sero and the rest of the planet, you and I are going to have to stop it."

"Me?" Claire asked weakly. "You're really going to make me go on thi- Ow!" G.G. smirked. She had hit Claire in the chest with a Hyper Beam. "I didn't know Growlithes knew that attack."

"They don't." G.G. said plainly. Claire titled her head in confusion. "Oh for the King's sake…" G.G. said, slightly annoyed. "Okay, I am a Goddess. Right? Since I am dead, I know every attack ever created, including new ones. Am I right? Yes, I am. So, can we please get going 'cause"-

"But the end of my school year is Friday, and it's only Wednesday. My exams continue until Friday, when we have our final exam. The Obtaining Exam. Probably there I can make you my real pokemon. But, there's a problem. Sandra said that her older brother, when he took the exam, he had to catch his first pokemon. I'm guessing I can't get you as my- Ow! Stop hitting me with that Hyper Beam!" G.G. looked up.

"I didn't do any- holy Shi-taki Miltanks. Look at yourself, you idiot. Look at yourself." Claire sighed. That annoying pokemon was getting on her nerves. Walking over to the mirror, Claire noticed a necklace she never worn before. At the end of it was a sword-shaped charm. Claire looked up into the mirror and shrieked. Claire was not staring back at her, but a pink, furry, brown-haired…Mew! Claire looked down at her furry body and shrieked again.

"Calm down, you fool! Calm down!" G.G. yelled, but it was too late Claire had already accidentally created a Hyper Beam and blasted the bedroom wall. Claire stared at her creation. Ash woke up immediately.

"Holy Magikarp!" he yelled at the crash in the wall. But when his head turned to Claire and G.G., Ash nearly fainted. "What the heck! Mom! Step-dad! There's a MEW in the room! Claire's gone, too-" Claire had flown up to Ash and covered his mouth.

"Shut up, you idiot," Claire hissed at Ash. He just stared back, wide-eyed. He pushed Claire away.

"And it talks!" he yelled again. Claire rolled her eyes. Sometimes Ash had no common sense. This time, she was glad he didn't try to catch her.

"SHUT UP YOU FLIPPIN' IDIOT!" Claire yelled. "And if you don't, I swear I'll have your head!" G.G. jumped onto Claire and slammed her to the ground.

"Shush, you retarded idiot. Your parents will hear you." Claire nodded, but there was nothing she could do. Her parents were probably on the way up the stairs, and if she didn't change back to her human self, she would be so busted. "I don't know why you've changed into a pokemon, but I do know that you need to get out of here!"

"Right," was all Claire said. She hopped to her feet and levitated out the hole, G.G. flying behind her. "You can fly?"

"Ever hear of the HM, Fly?" she replied sarcastically. Claire didn't answer. She just concentrated on getting somewhere safe.