Hey! I am on writer's block for my story, " My Business Partner's Son" so I decided to write a Yami/Yugi one shot! Enjoy!

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Yugi was bushed. He had helped his Grandpa run the store all day, and do some chores around the house. All Yugi wanted to do was just sit and enjoy Yami's company. Yugi opened the door to see Yami looking through his math book confused. Yami looked up at Yugi.

"Hi Yami. What are you doing?" Yugi asked, sitting next to him on his soft, plushy bed.

"Hello Yugi. I am just looking at this book of yours. What is it?" Yami looked at him with confused crimson eyes. Yugi looked down at the page he was looking at.

"This is math." Yugi replied. " Some of it is easy, and some of it really hard."

"It sounds interesting. Will you teach me how to do it?" Yami asked hopefully. Yugi smiled.

"Sure! I'll be happy to!" Yugi said happily. "Now, you need to know the basics to get any of the math. The basics are adding, subtracting, multiplication, and division. Do you know how to do it?" Yugi asked, as Yami nodded.

"Okay, I guess that's where we will start." Yugi said.

A half an hour later, Yami still did not get it and almost wanted to give up, but Yugi wouldn't let him.

"This is stupid Aibou, I still don't get it!" Yami moaned. " Let's just forget about it!" But Yugi shook his head.

" No Yami, you will learn it, we just need another way to make it seem easier for you." Yugi said. 'How can I make this easier for him? Wait! I know!'

"Yami, I think I have an idea!" Yugi happily said. Yami looked up brightly.

"Yeah?" Yami asked. Yugi kissed him, as Yami's eyes widened in shock. Yami closed his eyes. Yugi broke the kiss and looked at Yami. Yami opened his eyes looking shocked.

" How many times did I kiss you?" Yugi asked, not showing any sign of embarrassment.

"O-once." Yami stammered. Then Yugi kissed him again. In 3 seconds, Yugi broke the kiss again.

"Now I kissed once more. How many times did I kiss you now?" he asked again.

"Twice." Yami answered, finally getting addition. Yugi smiled happily.

"Right! Now you get adding! Isn't it easy?" Yugi cheerfully asked. Yami nodded, feeling proud of himself. Yugi then kissed two more times, and said; " Now I've just took those two kisses back. How many do you have now?"

"None!" Yami said confidently. Yugi beamed with happiness.

"You got it! You've just figured out subtraction!" Yugi said. Yami smiled proudly.

Yugi then kissed Yami two more times, and Yami returned the kisses back too.

" Okay, multiplication is a little like adding. I kissed you twice, and you kissed me back twice. How much was that?" Yugi asked.

" Four!" Yami shouted. Yugi beamed.

" Yes! That's right." Yugi grinned. " Yami, I'm so proud of you." He said. Yami nodded.

" I know." Yami said. " I'm proud of myself too."

Yugi kissed Yami. And Yami kissed him back. This kiss was more romantic than the other few, for it was passionate and their tongues dueled. They both parted, smiling at each other lovingly.

"Wait Yugi.." Yami mumbled. Yugi looked up at him confused.

"What is it?" Yugi asked.

"You forgot to teach me division." Yami said. Yugi smiled.

"Oh, I have other plans on my mind. I'll teach you later." Yugi smiled evilly.

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