Chapter 1

We start our story, with seeing Ash, a black-haired teen, in the Elite Finals, up against Richie, a brown haired teen about Ash's age. They are battling for the title of Pokemon Master of the World. Ash has Charizard, an orange dragon Pokemon, out, and Richie has Tyranitar, a green and black dinosaur like creature. Both are down to their last Pokemon, and both are extremely exhausted.

"Charizard, Flamethrower!" Ash commanded his Charizard.

Charizard launched out a burst of orange like flames from its mouth.

"Tyranitar, Hyper Beam!" Richie commanded as a counter.

Tyranitar launched a yellow like beam from its mouth.

Both of the attacks collide with one another, and a gigantic explosion happens. Smoke covers the entire field, completely blocking anyone from seeing what is going on. The smoke soon clears, and both Charizard and Tyranitar are still up, but neither has the strength left to attack. Both of the pokemon stare eachother down, and they both start to fall. Tyranitar landed hard onto the ground and Charizard caught himself from landing on the ground.

"Tyranitar is unable to battle, Charizard wins!" The ref said, making Charizard's win official. "The winner is Ash from Pallet Town!"

All of Ash's friends in the stands, Brock, a black spike haired boy, Misty, a red-haired girl with a side pony-tail fashion, Max, a black haired boy with glasses, Tracey, a black haired boy, Delia, a brown haired woman, Ash's mom, and Professor Oak, a gray haired old man, cheered for Ash's victory.

Ash just stood there completely stunned. "I've won." He said in disbelief. "I can't believe it! I've won!" He then said in triumph.

Misty then ran up to Ash and hugged him. "I can't believe it! You won!" She yells.

Ritchie just stood there in disbelief. He then smiled, and took out a pokeball. "Tyranitar, Return." He said as a red beam engulfed Tyranitar, and it returned into its pokeball.

Ritchie than walked up to Ash, and shook his hand. "That was a great battle, Ash. I'm quite impressed."

"Thanks Ritchie, you did well too." Ash said in return.

Misty then just looked at Ash, with a bright smile. 'I can't believe it! Ash finally won! But now I wonder what is left for him after this. Maybe I should finally tell him.' Misty thought to herself.

We now see Ash and Misty together in a forest, completely alone.

"So, you wanted to speak to me, Misty?" Ash asked her.

"Yes, I do." Misty said to him. "There's something, I need to tell you, something that I've been hiding from you for a long time."

"You can tell me anything, Misty. You're my best friend."

Misty then let out a sigh. "Ash, I..." Misty was cut short when she heard a scream. Both her and Ash went to check it out.

End Chapter 1