Harry Potter and the Moon Crystal

Tonks in Tokyo

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The girls stayed at Order of Phoenix Headquarters for a couple of days so they could meet the rest of the order and get more instructions from Dumbledore. In addition, they lent a hand in cleaning the house. They all thought the order members were great. Mundungus Fletcher told the girls some funny instances in his life and once caused Serena to choke on her dinner from laughing so hard. However, though the Order was really friendly and everything, Serena couldn't wait to get out of there and she wasn't really looking forward to returning to Grimmauld Place. The others couldn't blame her with all the dark items and the house-elf Kreacher made them all nervous.

"Tippy was right," Lydia kept saying, remembering the words of her old house elf. "House elves really shouldn't work for dark wizarding families. It does do things to their minds!"

The day came for them to go back to Japan. They wondered how they were going to explain everything to the outers. How were they going to talk them into joining the order? What about Darien—what would he think? Would he allow Serena to fight again?

The girls waited for each other downstairs. While waiting for Tonks, they heard someone fall down the stairs and knock something over.

"Serena!" Raye hissed, turning around. "You meatball head!"

"I didn't do anything!" Serena shouted.

"I am sosorry," came Tonk's voice.

'MUDBOODS! BLOOD TRAITORS!" boomed Mrs. Black's voice.

"Oh, man, there she goes again!" Lita groaned, looking over at Mrs. Black's portrait.

"I keep tripping over that stupid troll umbrella stand!" Tonks muttered as she tried to get to her feet.

"You're the only one, Dora-chan," said Raye, thumbing over into Serena's direction.

"Hey!" Serena snapped.

"Let's get going," said Ami quickly. "I wonder what time it will be in Japan…" she consulted her watch. "It's 8 am now, about a nine hour difference...so…" she counted the hours on her clock, "5 pm."

"Good," said Serena, "I wouldn't want to freak out my parents in the middle of the night."

"So you say you can teleport there, yeah?" Tonks asked.

"Yeah," Mina nodded. "After we transform."

"Cool," Tonks smiled and the girls called upon their power and transformed, just as Tonks changed her shape as well. She now resembled a petite oriental girl with black collar length layered hair, fanning out from her face and deep brown eyes.

"Ready to go Tonks?" Sailor Moon asked turning to Tonks. "What the?"

"I thought I should've 'transformed' too," Tonks said with a wink.

"Warn us before you do that," said Sailor Moon. "We might lose you."

"Sorry," said Tonks. "But it's more fun that way."

The sailor scouts joined hands. "You might want to hold hands with us as well, Dora-chan," said Sailor Mercury. "You might not apparate at the same place we do."

"Oh wow," said Tonks excitedly as she took Sailor Mercury and Sailor Mars' hands. "I'm holding hands with the sailor scouts…this is brilliant!"

"One…two…three!" said Sailor Moon and Tonks disparated just as the scouts teleported. Back to Japan. Back to their previous life. So much has changed. What would they do?

They arrived right outside Raye's temple. Both Chad and Raye's grandpa were inside the temple. The girls changed back to their ordinary girl selves. Serena took out her communicator to contact the outers as Tonks looked eagerly around.

"What's this?" she queried.

"It's our Shinto shrine," Raye answered.

"You live here?" Tonks asked.


"Amara," said Serena. "Can you meet us in the park as soon as you can?"

"Hey, Serena," Amara's voice came from the communicator. "No problem. Everything all right?"

"We'll explain everything once we get to the park. Contact Trista and Michelle okay?" Serena inquired. "It's very important."

"All right, moon face," Amara stated. "We'll be there as soon as we can."

"Thanks," Serena said and closed her communicator.

AN: Doesn't Amara have a bunch of nick names for Serena? I can't quite remember…

"They'll be there," said Serena. "Ready to go, Dora-chan?"

"Yeah," said Tonks, hands in her pockets and she followed the girls to the park. She paused to bow and say, "Konichiwa" to passing people.

"This city's great," Tonks commented. "Hey, look, you guys drive on the same side!"

"I guess that's not a problem really," said Lita, "since you can apparate."

"My grandparents are muggles though," Tonks said with a shrug. "I went for rides a couple of times in their cars. And the ministry has some of their own."

"They do?" Serena asked, wrinkling her nose. "how come?"

"So they can get around without getting detected," Tonks replied. "Arthur tried bewitching one before."

"Oh that's right," Ami said. "I remember Ron telling me about it. Said he and Harry drove-wellflew it to their second year of Hogwarts. They nearly got expelled and Mr. Weasley could've lost his job."

"I'd like to ride in a flying car," Serena said. "Too bad they don't let Mr. Weasley play with muggle things. He could become an inventor or something."

They stood chatting in the park for a while as they waited for the outers. Within ten minutes of waiting, Trista, Amara and Michelle came.

"Hey!" called Amara with a wave. "Long time."

"Hi Amara," said Raye.

"Lydia, it's been a while since we've heard from you!" Michelle smiled. "How are you?"

"Fine thanks," Lydia said. "How about you lassies?"

The girls said hello to each other and then Trista noticed Tonks. "Who are you?" she wondered.

"My name's Tonks," Tonks replied.


"But the girls call me Dora-chan," Tonks added. "I'm all right with that."

"Trista, this is Nymphadora Tonks," Serena explained, "but call her either Tonks or Dora-chan. She's well, uh, a witch."

"Huh?" Michelle gasped.

Serena sighed. Where to begin?

"It's a long story," Serena moaned. "All right, well, last summer Lydia sent us these strange…Quidditch tickets…which is a sport played on broomsticks and…"

It took a about an hour to explain the events that took place while they were in England; the world cup, Hogwarts, Voldemort, his death eaters and everything. The outers had some questions why they weren't contacted earlier and how this all came to be. Serena and the other inners were grateful Tonks was there to explain more about the wizarding world.

"So Dumbledore asked the girls," Tonks said softly, nodding to Serena and the others, "to come and get you. He needs more people in the order. We really need all the help we can get."

"I see," said Trista softly. "This Voldemort sounds very powerful."

"Yeah," Tonks nodded. "We all feared of his return. No one wants to believe he's back but he is. He'll try to kill Harry Potter and we can't let that happen. He's the only one that can stop him. We have to protect him—the muggles—everything."

"You'll come back to England with us, won't you?" Mina asked hopefully. "One of our good friends was killed when Voldemort came back."

"He was just a kid," Lita whispered. "I really…really loved him too."

"How long do you plan to stay there?" Trista inquired.

"Until Voldemort and his Death Eaters are dead," Serena began, "and the deaths of those Voldemort killed will be justified. So we're not exactly sure how long this will take."

"We're the first you've told?" Amara questioned.

"Well, who else would I tell first?" Serena demanded with a groan. "We need your help and we can't go back without you guys. Dumbledore sent us here to get you."

"Tell us more about this Harry Potter," said Trista slowly.

"I already told you Voldemort killed his parents," Serena told her. "And Voldemort is back and is trying to kill him. What else exactly do you need to know?"

"Can we trust him, I mean?" Trista rephrased.

"Sure we can," Mina explained. "I known him when I was a little kid. He lives with his horrible aunt and uncle," she lowered her voice and added, "and he has a really stupid and fat cousin."

"Dumbledore already knows your identities?" Michelle inquired.

"The whole order does," said Tonks. "But it's not like the girls walk around as sailor scouts all the time. We need more people in the Order."

"I do not feel comfortable by everyone knowing who I am," Amara muttered.

"Listen, you're safer with wizards knowing who you really are than muggles—non wizard people," Tonks told them.

"What will we need to do?" Michelle asked.

"Keep an eye on Harry to make sure no one tries to kill him," said Tonks, "and an eye on the Death Eaters as well. We've got to know what they're up to."

"The Death Eaters wouldn't know who you are if you're following them," Serena added. "They'll just think you're muggles."

"Why is it that you haven't tried telling us where you were?" Trista questioned.

"Well, there didn't seem to be a need to until now." Lita said. "We didn't expect Voldemort to be coming back."

"I think we need some time to talk this over," Michelle suggested. "Let us get back to you."

Serena sighed. "Yeah, okay. Thanks."

"Make it soon," Lita said. "We've really got to return. I'm supposed to be seeing the Diggory's this summer."

"Here, Dora-chan," Raye said to Tonks. "Let us give you a quick tour of Tokyo."

"Cheers, Raye," Tonks said.

The inner scouts left with Tonks while the three outers turned to discuss the story they were just told.

"I don't like this," said Amara.

"Me neither," added Michelle. "What do you think we should do?"

"I don't know," Amara sighed. "Trista?"

"There was something in Serena's voice when she was speaking about this Harry Potter," Trista said softly. "Did you notice anything about it?"

"Well, she seems like she's really worried about him," Michelle said. "But Serena's like that with her friends. An evil wizard is trying to kill him and she wants to make sure that doesn't happen."

"I don't see why we need to be involved though," Amara folded his arms. "This Dumbledore seems to already have things under control and we'll be in a place we know nothing about."

"And they want us to bring Hotaru with us," Michelle nodded. "You think it would be a good idea at this time after what happened to her?"

"Oh, I'm sure Mistress9 will not be coming back," Trista said firmly. "She and Pharoh90 were destroyed and Hotaru is free of the parasite. But it may make a problem—telling her everything now when she's just a child."

"I wonder if they really do need our help," said Amara.

"I understand that Serena is being noble," Trista said, "but it is her destiny to protect the silver crystal—not Harry Potter—or anyone else. He already has the protection of this Order of the Pheonix Tonks told us about."

"But isn't it a scout's duty to protect people?" Michelle questioned.

"Of course," Trista nodded. "Our job is to protect the Earth from dark forces from the universe. There are other wizards and witches to fight this Voldemort. We can't be sent there to help them if there is something more dangerous coming to destroy Earth—something that only soldier scouts can handle."

"I think Serena would go with our without our help," said Amara.

"You're right," Trista nodded. "She would. That's what worries me."

As the outers continued to discuss what they were just told, the inners showed Tonks around the city. "Great city," Tonks commented.

"Yeah, it is," Serena said softly and she looked at her watch. "It's eight o'clock. Maybe we ought to get going. We'll meet up tomorrow evening sometime."

'I'll probably be at Darien's all day,' she added mentally to herself with a frown.

"Sounds good to me," Tonks shrugged. "I'll probably have a look around by myself tomorrow morning."

"Come on, Dora-chan," Raye said, "You can stay with me. My grandfather won't mine."

"Cheers, Raye."

"See you tomorrow then," Ami sighed and the girls split off.

Raye's grandfather was interested in Tonks' story about Harry Potter and he seemed pleased Dumbledore wanted his help. "I'd be honored," said Mr. Hino as he poured Tonks more tea. "Tell this Dumbledore I'll come as soon as I can close the shrine."

"You'll close the shrine, Grandfather?" Raye inquired, turning to her grandfather in shock. "But,"

"I'm getting too old to manage it, Raye," he said firmly. "I've been planning on retiring for the last year. It's time for us to close the shrine. I can't bring it with me, you know."

"This will be different than running the shrine though," Raye said.

"Yes but a boy's life is in danger and I'd like to do what I can—especially if you two are close." He said hopefully.

"Me and Harry Potter?" Raye demanded. "No, he's interested in my friend Serena, I think…"

"But did you meet any nice looking young wizards over there?" he asked. "I'm not getting any younger, Raye and if I can't find someone to look after the shrine, the least I could do is get someone to look after my only granddaughter."

"Could we talk about this later?" Raye questioned, feeling warmth in her cheeks. Tonks winked at her over her teacup.

"Yes, yes," said Mr. Hino. "Please make yourself at home Miss Tonks."

"Arigatou," said Tonks as she stood to bow and knocked a teacup over. "Oh! Sorry, sir!"

"Not to worry," Mr. Hino said, "it seems to happen a lot when Raye brings a friend over."

"Just Serena," Raye muttered.

When Ami arrived to her big house she found it empty. She sighed. "Mom probably isn't home from work yet," she groaned.

It was just as well. She didn't look forward to telling her mother where she has been the ten months. She could only imagine what she would say. If only her parents were still together. Perhaps her dad could get her to understand.

Ami didn't know how to get a hold of her father to tell him anything. If her parents divorced each other because her father was a wizard then her mother wouldn't be happy about her going to a magic school. Ami didn't expect to learn so much in that one year of Hogwarts. She really enjoyed it and she made some good friends. Ami couldn't' remember studying in the library with another student before. Hermione Granger and Ronald Weasley must've been the first two people ever to study with her in the library. Never before would she picture herself studying with a cute boy in a teashop but she did twice with Ron on their Hogsmead visits. She recalled the times playing chess with Ron. Ami was always so shy around boys and if Ron noticed that, he was surely working on getting her over it.

How was she going to tell her mother about this? What would her mother say? What would she do? Would she let her go back to Hogwarts?

Ami sighed and decided to do study some of her subjects. She opened up her History of Magic book, set down at her desk and found a picture of some ancient wizards and places. The signature at the bottom looked familiar.

"Dad drew this?"

Being used to England time threw all the girls off. Lydia and Serena didn't get ready for bed until midnight. They had to keep their voices down so they wouldn't wake Serena's parents and brother up.

"It's a good thing Tonks put a charm on that jar lid," said Serena, "I don't want Sammy letting Rita out."

"He can have more fun with her if he can get her out," Lydia said softly. "But you're right. We can't risk her going back to England to tell everyone who we are."

When Lydia and Serena came home, Serena gave the jar with Rita to Sammy to play with. He had fun shoving things in the holes and trying to get the lid off.

"When are you going to tell your family about Hogwarts and stuff?" Lydia asked Serena.

"I don't know," Serena groaned, pulling on her pink bunny pajamas. "Possibly tomorrow after dinner. It depends how long we're with the outers—and how it goes with Darien."

"You're telling Darien tomorrow?" Lydia asked, crawling into bed with green and white striped pajamas.

"Yeah, first thing in the morning," Serena answered as she shook her head. "I shouldn't put it off—even though part of me doesn't want to tell Darien at all. He'll go nuts."

"Oh, don't worry," Lydia said. "It'll be fine."

"It's strange how the outers didn't jump at the chance to join us," Serena said, tapping her lip.

"Aye, they weren't prepared to hear our story, I think," Lydia shrugged. "And they usually work alone, don't they? Pluto always guarding the time gate and Neptune and Uranus were partners and Hotaru—well—she was only Sailor Saturn for what, five minutes and then she was reborn?"

"Well, if they choose not to go with us that's fine!" Serena muttered as she sat down on the other side of the bed. "I'm doing this with or without this help."

"What if Darien doesn't approve of ye going?" Lydia asked. "Or yer parents freak out?"

"Tonks can still modify their memories," Serena said flatly.

"That's true, she can." Lydia grinned and lay down with her hands behind her head. "I'm glad she's enjoying herself at least."

"Yeah, because I'm not," Serena sighed as she laid down her side, staring at the wall. "I'm so not looking to talking to Darien tomorrow—or my family for that matter."

"Relax, Serena," Lydia insisted, nudging her as she turned off the light. "It'll be all right."

"Yeah. Sure."

"Good night—have nice dreams about Darien or Harry—whichever ye prefer!"

"Lydia!" Serena hissed, picking up her pillow and hitting her in the head with it. "That wasn't funny!"

Lydia chuckled and turned over. "Goodnight Serena."

"Goodnight, Lydia," Serena mumbled.

Both girls were having dreams. Lydia was dreaming about Fiore in outer space. He was sitting in some kind of dungeon. Strange animal-like creatures were laughing and hurting him and he didn't have Rainbow's prism to protect him. They were trying to get him to tell them where he got the prism from but he refused to tell them.

"Maybe you'll talk later," said one of the creatures as he left with the others.

Fiore picked himself up and spat out blood from his cut lip. He heard the voice of one of the prisoners. It Sounded like an old men.

"You all right, boy?"

"I suppose so," Fiore muttered.

"Damn space pirates," the old man hissed. "Think they can go around the galaxy and take whatever they want. They made slaves out of most of the prisoners—well—the strong ones anyway. The rest of us the keep locked up in here to starve. I'm no good like this. I hope they just kill me and get it over with."

"Why'd they kidnap you?" Fiore asked. "Were you just floating in space and they took you?"

"In my younger days I was a bounty hunter," the old man said, "I was after these space pirates but I made the mistake of trying to do it alone. Well, they kidnapped me, took all my money and kept me here so I wouldn't catch anyone else. Well, they've done well with that. Much too old to be chasin' after no criminals. C'mon to your door so I can get a good look atcha."

Fiore walked to the doors of his cell. The man's cell was across from his. He saw an old man's face but he didn't look like an Earthling. His skin was orange and he was bald with strange markings written over his face. Fiore had to bet he had more markings all over his body.

"Well, you look quite strong lookin'," the old man said. "What's your name?"

"Fiore," Fiore replied.

"Name's Dagish," said the old man. "So what's your story, Fiore? You a bounty hunter yourself?"

"I was just floating in space," Fiore muttered. "I didn't do anything wrong. They kidnapped me."

"Damn fools," Dagish groaned. "Thought they could make a slave out of you, I'm sure."

"They took something important from me," Fiore hissed. "My prism."


"It's like a crystal," he replied. "It makes different colors of light when the sun shines through it. It's kept me safe. I have to give it back. Someone very special gave it to me."

"Interesting. So what were you doing in space?"

"I'm looking for my home planet," Fiore muttered. "I don't remember where I'm from. I've traveled very far. I'm starting to wonder if I'll ever find it…and now…since I'm here…"

"Oh, don't be a fool," said Dagish. "Why I'm sure you can get out of here all right—hey—wait a minute. I think I've seen your kind here before." Dagish peered closely at Fiore.

"You have?"

"Yes, beings with green skin, pointed their hair mostly one color with two different colored streaks—like yours. Yeah, there's one of yous right her one the planet. She's the only other one I've seen of your kind."

"There is?" Fiore inquired. "Where?"

"Not sure—she was taken out of her cell long ago," Dagish explained. "Used to be a prisoner here since she was a little child and then when she became old enough, well, made a slave out of her. I reckon she's livin' with them." He jerked his head at the door. "No telling what they're doing to her now, poor girl."

Fiore clenched his fists around the bars of his door and tried to pull it apart. Dagish tried telling him it was no use but Fiore ran to the back his cell and threw himself against the door. A surge of energy shocked him and he let out a yell as he fell down.

"I tried warning you, Fiore," said Dagish as he shook his head. "I've tried doing that already. These dogs thought of everything. No way to escape."

"Wait a minute," Fiore gasped, shaking his head as he tried pushing himself. "You said—ah—they let the weak ones stay here to die and those that are strong enough they make into slaves?"

"That's right," said Dagish.

"I've got an idea," said Fiore. "I'll make myself strong to get out of her and I can rescue the girl and we'll get you out of here."

"Thank you, boy but how do you plan to do that?" Dagish inquired. "They destroyed my ship. I don't even think I remember how to fly it. Nah—just leave me here."

"You can't give up!" Fiore shouted. "We can get out of here! I've spent light years in the universe looking for my home planet. I've been imprisoned before. I've been shunned from many planets because I'm different. I've had monsters try to eat me. I've been a pawn under an evil villain before and I nearly destroyed a whole planet because of it. I could've been destroyed that day but because of the kindness of the sailor soldiers and the love Sailor Rainbow showed me I learned I can't give up. I have to keep going. Sailor Rainbow told me I would find my home planet and I believe in her. She didn't say goodbye to me to give up. I am NOT going to die here!"

"That was very moving, Fiore," said Dagish, "really it was but what do you plan to do?"

"I'm going make myself stronger," Fiore muttered and he dropped down and began doing pushups. He really was strong but he didn't look as muscular as creatures he saw. He knew if he worked on his body more then he'll become one strong alien. Sailor Rainbow wouldn't recognize him the next time they saw each other.

"Then—they'll see how strong I am—and—then they'll beg me to be their slave and when they least expect it—I'll destroy them and get out of here!"

"Good plan, Fiore," Dagish sighed. "I wish only I had thought of it when they put me in this place. I was more brawn than brains."

"You can still go," Fiore grunted. "Come on, get down and push yourself up. Make your arms stronger."

"I'll do that boy and I'll break my back," Dagish muttered. "Look boy, I lost my determination to get out of here a long time ago. I really didn't have anything to go back to. I traveled the galaxy just like you did. Just searching for the next bounty, that's all I ever cared about. Well now I'm too old to be a bounty hunter anymore and since that's what I only lived for, there's no point in trying."

"But you can't give up!" Fiore shouted. "You can still be free!"

"Fiore, my boy, sitting in this cell has taught me some things," Dagish groaned. "I had plenty of time to sit and think about my life and I learned there's more to it than just being a bounty hunter. It's well—being who you're supposed to be inside. I didn't care back then if I died on the job or not. I didn't have any dreams or wishes. It's too late for me to make any now. But you've got some boy. You're looking for your home planet and you're going to find it by thunder. Y'hold onto to that dream and you follow it."

"I will," Fiore muttered as his bangs became damp. "I'm not going to stop until I'm off this planet. I've gone too far to give up now!"

"That's the spirit, my boy!"

Lydia grinned as she hugged her pillow in her sleep. "That's the sprit, my love!"

It didn't frighten Lydia so bad that Fiore was imprisoned. She knew this would just make him stronger and this will just be another adventure for him as he searches for his home. Every journey has to have a couple of bumps on the road and this was one of them. The destination was just the end of a journey. Getting there was the most important part. That was where the adventure and the action were. After Fiore was Xenian's pawn, being a prisoner and a slave on a planet of stupid space pirates was easy.

Serena, however, wasn't having quite as a good dream. She kept tossing and turning as she mumbled in her sleep. When she rolled into Lydia, Lydia just pushed her to the other side. She was in Darien's apartment. It was morning but it still looked dark outside. Why wouldn't the sun come up? Darien could not believe Serena's story.

"A witch?" Darien said, close to laughter. "I probably didn't hear you right. Did you say you wanted to be a witch for Halloween? You're a bit early, you know."

"No, Darien!" Serena exclaimed. "I'm serious. I really am a witch. That's why I haven't been in Tokyo. That's why I haven't been going to my old muggle junior high school!"


"A muggle is a person that's not a witch or wizard," Serena groaned. "Before I came to England I thought I was just Serena but I found out I'm a witch too!"

"You're the Moon Princess as well in case you've forgotten."

"No, I haven't forgotten," Serena grunted. "I know I'm still the Moon Princess and Sailor Moon—as much as though I wish I wasn't. I only wanted to be a normal teenager."

"So you're happy with being a witch?" Darien demanded.

"Yeah, it's a lot more easy to handle than being the Moon Princess or the queen of the earth!" Serena shouted. "And beign a witch is fun! Hogwarts was the best school I ever been too. I loved everything about it—except for the Potion teacher—he's a real creep but everything was great!

Serena began to talk faster, her voice filled with excitement. It sank in how much she loved Hogwarts.

"Oh wait—okay—the Defense against the Dark Arts Teacher turned out to be a bad guy but while he was there we all thought he was some bad wizard catcher so it was all really cool and—oh—and the Headmaster, for an old guy—he's really, really cool and,"

"Shut up, Serena!" Darien yelled, stepping forward. "I don't care about that."

"Well, you have to, Darien," Serena said as she put her hands on her hips. "Because it's who I am! I like being a witch. And if underage wizards and witches were permitted to use magic outside of Hogwarts I'd—I'd hex you! Do you want to see how quickly I can make your front teeth grow?" she pointed her wand at him threateningly, jabbing him with it.

"Serena, cut this out," Darien muttered. "You're making no sense."

"Look, Darien," Serena said, "a friend of mine is in trouble. He's one of the students at Hogwarts. His parents were killed when he was just a baby and the guy who did it has returned. This evil wizard—Voldemort—but we're not really supposed to say his name, is after Harry and I promised him I'd protect him."

"You did what?" Darien demanded. "Serena, you can't do that!"

"Well, I did," Serena said firmly. "Our Headmaster asked for the help of the Sailor Soldiers and I didn't want to turn him down. We all enjoy ourselves at Hogwarts. We're a part of it."

"Not anymore," Darien muttered. "You go tell him that you're staying here with me!"

"You act like I'm not even here half the time!" Serena shouted. "Look, Darien, I didn't come here to fight. I just want to go and protect my friend. When Voldemort's dead and there's peace in their world I'll come back to Japan and I can be Miss Moon Princess again."

"How do I know you will?" Darien demanded. "How do I know you just won't stay there?"

"Well, our future is pretty much mapped out, isn't it?" Serena inquired as she sat down. "So I don't have a choice. I'll come back. I can't say anything about the others."

"I can't let you do this," Darien hissed.

"Darien, this man has already killed someone," Serena pleaded. "He was one of the students. Lita had a thing for him. Dumbledore told us to remember him—Cedric Diggory—and how he died. If I don't do something, well, I'll never forgive myself."

"Let the wizard people handle it," Darien groaned, waving his hand impatiently. "It is not your duty to get involved!"

"Yes it is!" Serena shot at him. "I'm a sailor scout and I have to fight for what's right."

"Yeah, over here," Darien said, "for much bigger things—like Queen Beryl—and aliens after energy. People who want to destroy the world. This wizard you're talking about is only after one guy!"

"Wrong, Darien!" Serena snapped, jumping to her feet. "He'll kill whoever gets in his way."

"So don't get in his way," said Darien.

"A lot of innocent lives are at stake here," Serena insisted. "People who don't know magic—who can't defend themselves—they are in danger. I have to help them."

"Then I'm going with you," said Darien.

"No, I don't need you to protect me."

"It's not to protect you, Serena," Darien muttered. "It's to make sure you don't do anything stupid."

"What?" Serena gasped.

"This 'Harry Potter' guy," said Darien as he came closer, "I don't want him to take you away from me."

"What makes you think he'll do that?"

"I don't know…maybe he'll lean on you more that he should…ask you to help him." Darien said softly, his blue eyes twinkling in a way she's never seen before. "You might forget who your future lies with if you get too close."

"Shut up," Serena hissed as she turned around.

"Well, I'm right aren't I?" Darien demanded, grabbing her shoulder and turning her to face him again. "How do I know you won't control yourself? Always running after every guy you see."

"That's not true!" she pushed him away. "I don't run after every guy I see Darien. You're acting as if I'm—some kind of slut or something."

"Your words, not mine." Darien folded his arms. "So, how well do you know this Harry Potter anyway? How much as he told you? Did he tell you his little sob story himself? Did you hold his hand when he told you?"

Serena slapped Darien hard across the face. "Enough! You don't know what you're talking about!" she went to the door. "Harry Potter is in trouble and I just want to make sure Voldemort doesn't finish what he began fourteen years ago—the day he killed Harry's parents and turned his life upside down. I am going to England alone and you can't stop me." She turned the knob and pulled the door open.

"Yes I can!" Darien shouted, running after her and pushed the door shut. Serena screamed as he pulled her away. She started yelling and hitting at him.

"You're not going to stop me!" Serena shouted, thrashing in bed and kicking Lydia in the ribs.

"Ow!" Lydia grunted. "Serena!"

"Never!" she continued to fight Lydia, thinking it was Darien. She ended up pushing Lydia so hard that she fell out of bed.

"Serena, what's the matter with you?" Lydia demanded as she pulled herself up.

"Nothing's the matter with me!" Serena cried. "You're always saying something's the matter and—ow!"

Lydia had to slap her across the face to make her wake up. "Come on, Serena, you're having a bad dream!"

"What?" Serena blinked. "Lydia! Oh, I'm sorry…did I hurt you?"

"I'll live," Lydia groaned, rubbing her ribs. "Why'd ye attack me for? What was yer dream all about?"

"I was talking to Darien about Harry and everything," Serena said as she sat up.

"Let me guess," said Lydia, sitting back. "It didn't go so well?"

Serena shook her head. "Horrible. How am I supposed to talk to him now?"

"It'll be all right, Serena," Lydia insisted. "Darien will listen to you."

"Then why did I have that weird dream of him yelling at me?" Serena questioned.

"You're just nervous," Lydia said softly. "Darien won't yell at you. He might be a little confused though."

"I haven't spoken to him since we left," Serena sighed. "He didn't believe it when I told him I wanted to break up. I bet in his mind we're still together."

"Do you want to be with him though?" Lydia inquired.

"No, not really," Serena sighed. "Especially after all those nice times I shared with Harry. But what choice do I have anyway? My future is already laid out for me. I marry Darien, become queen of the earth and our first child is a little brat with pink hair."

"Hey, it's not too bad," Lydia said softly. "There are plenty of girls that would like to be queen of the earth."

"But I'm not one of them!" Serena exclaimed, dropping her forehead into her hand. "I just want to be a normal teenager—even just an ordinary witch would be okay. If I wasn't Sailor Moon, things could be so much different. What's the point of being in Trelanwy's class anyway? I know what's going to happen to me."

"Well, we're learning dreams this year," Lydia said with a smile. "That ought to be fun."

"Yeah, sure," Serena groaned. "Lydia, will you come with me to see Darien? Maybe you'll get him to reason? I don't feel like going alone."

Lydia nodded. "All right then."

They arrived at his apartment around nine-thirty. Lydia had to help push her a couple of times as Serena tried to make a break for it and go back home. Serena stopped at his door and turned around.

"I can't do this," Serena muttered. "I really don't feel like arguing with him!"

"I'll hit him if he acts like a git," Lydia said. "He'll know better."

Serena sighed and lifted her hand to the door. She gave a quick, soundless rap. "Well, it seems like he's not home, let's go!" Serena started to walk off and Lydia grabbed her arm.

"Relax, Serena," Lydia chuckled. "You've always been so happy to see Darien."

"But this is different," Serena said. "I never had to tell him I was a witch and I'm interested in another guy before!"

Keeping a hold on Serena's arm, Lydia knocked loudly on the door. "Oy! Darien, are you home?"

"Lydia!" Serena hissed.

"I'm sure he'll understand," said Lydia. "Don't worry. We'll just tell him what Dumbledore told us."

They waited for a minute but Darien didn't answer the door. They didn't hear his footsteps. Lydia knocked again and peered through the peephole.

"I don't think he's home."

"Oh, yes!" Serena sighed in relief.

"Must be at work," Lydia shrugged. "You know his schedule?"

"No," Serena shook her head.

"Should we leave a note?" Lydia asked.

"Haven't any paper," said Serena.

"I guess we'll try again later," said Lydia and Serena groaned. She was so close. She didn't have to tell Darien anything. She forgot how busy he was. He had to be at work or at least on his way.

Tonks was walking around downtown Tokyo. She was dressed in a long tight skirt and platform shoes and it prevented her from taking regular strides. She had difficulty stepping onto a curb and fell on the sidewalk and knocking down a handsome young man with dark hair in the process. She would've disparated if she weren't in front of muggles.

"What the?" shouted the young man.

"Ahh!" she yelled.

Some by standards laughed at her and she wanted to hex them. She felt embarrassed. 'Why did I get these shoes?' she thought to herself, trying to get back up.

"I'm so sorry!" Tonks said at the dark haired man. "I really am. Oh, are you all right? I'm so clumsy!"

"Not as clumsy as someone else I know," he mumbled, getting to his feet and grabbing his suitcase. He gave her his hand to lift her up. "You okay?"

"Yeah—sorry about that," she said. "My name is Tonks by the way."

"Tonks?" he raised an eyebrow.

"I go by my surname," she explained. "You?"

"Darien," he said and he glanced at his watch. "Excuse me, I'm late." He hurried off and Tonks walked into the mall, being ever so careful when she had to lift her feet more than an inch off the ground.

Lydia and Serena came to Raye's shrine where they talked about the outers' reaction. "They seemed quite hesitant, didn't they?" Lita inquired.

"Yeah," said Mina with a nod. "Especially Trista."

"Well, my grandfather is all up for coming to England," Raye said. "He'll even shut the shrine down."

"Really?" Serena inquired.

"Yeah, he said he wanted to retire."

"Anyone seen Tonks?" Lydia asked as she looked around.

"Oh, she went into town," Raye answered. "She ought to be back soon. If she gets lost she can always disparate over here."

"Darien wasn't home when we came to see him," said Serena. "Which is just as well, I had a horrible dream about it last night. Darien was so angry."

"Why'd he be angry?" Raye questioned with a grin. "He already knows you're a Meatball Head, Serena."

"Hey!" Serena snapped. "Cut that out. I'm serious. He couldn't believe the whole story about Hogwarts and Harry—he acted as if I was cheating on him."

"Well you kind of are," said Mina softly. "You went with Harry to the Yule Ball and everything."

"We went as friends!" Serena muttered. "And how many times do I have to tell you guy he likes Cho Chang?"

"I'm sure once you explain everything to Darien he'll understand," said Ami softly. "We're just doing what Dumbledore asked us to do."

"Yeah," Serena sighed. "So what did you guys yesterday?"

"I sorted a lot of stuff I wont' be needing anymore," Lita said. "I'm going to sell it and put my apartment for sale so I can get the money to get a place for England. Maybe the Diggory's might let me stay with them for a while."

"What about Grimmauld Place?" Mina asked.

"You kidding?" Lita looked shock. "That place is so creepy I didn't even want to clean it and that never happens!"

"True," Raye nodded. "The vibes I got from it were like the ones I got from Slytherin house, times ten."

"So I bet it seems like home, huh?" Serena teased, "Without dear old Draco!"

"Quiet!" Raye hissed.

But Serena continued. "I bet his dad is meeting with You-Know-Who right now. I wonder how long it will be until Draco becomes a Death Eater too."

"Cut it out Serena!" Raye shouted.

"I do wonder what Voldemort is up to," Ami said, putting her hand to her chin. "How long will it be until he kills again? Can we stop him?"

"That's what Dumbledore sent us back here to do," said Lydia, "to stop Voldemort from killing Harry or anyone else."

"Have anyone you told your parents about the Order and everything yet?" Raye inquired.

Serena shook her head. "I'll talk to them later tonight, probably."

"My mother wasn't home last night or today. I just came back from the hospital where she works." Ami explained, "and told her I had to talk to Dad. She said we would talk later. I don't think she was really happy."

"My mom's already talked to my dad," said Mina. "He's nervous about the whole magic thing but I think he's okay with it."

There was a loud crack and a white faced Tonks appeared next to Raye. She looked different than the way she was this morning. Previously she had long dark brown hair and a tan and now she had short blond hair, blue eyes and a few freckles. She looked rather furious.

"You all right, Dora-chan?" Raye inquired.

"I had a horrible time," Tonks muttered, taking off her platforms and looking at her feet. "I was trying to blend in as a Japanese person you know—but I still ended up making a fool of myself. I must've tripped ten times today. I had to keep changing my appearance so people wouldn't recognize me. I'm so glad I'm a metamorphmagus."

"I'm sorry," said Lydia.

"I tripped and knocked a really handsome chap too," Tonks groaned.

"I know how you feel, Dora-chan," Serena said, patting Tonks on the back. "by the way, what did he look like?" she added excitedly.

"Serena!" muttered Raye.

"He had dark hair," Tonks replied. "I think his name was Darien."

"Darien!" Serena exclaimed. "I know him—he's my boyfriend—well he was my boyfriend."

"Really?" Tonks grinned. "You've got good taste, Serena."

"As if!" Serena muttered. "He gets on my nerves. I don't know what I ever saw in him!"

Serena's communicator started beeping and she pushed the top open. "Serena here. Hey, Amara!"

"We've made our decision," said Amara. "Get to the park as soon as soon as you can."

"Right," Serena said and she closed it. "Ready everyone?"

"Hold on," said Tonks. "I'll go change." She turned around and tripped over the first step.

"Here, Dora-chan," Raye said, trying to keep her laughter under control. "I'll help you."

"We've come to a decision," Trista said, "we'll come with you. You are still our princess and we have to protect you."

"Thanks, Trista," said Serena. "It means a lot."

"It will take us a while to get things in order," said Ami. "I still need to talk to my parents—and so does Serena. We need to talk to Hotaru."

"Yes, about Hotaru," said Amara, "Is it really a good idea to bring her with us? Even if Mistress9 is dead I don't think she's ready for another fight."

"We've brought aging potion with us," Serena said. "We'll give her a bit of that every day and tell her what she needs to know. Then she can decide what to do."

"Very well," said Trista. "Miss Tonks, does the order know about us?"

"They don't know exactly who you are," Tonks answered. "Dumbledore only told us that there were other sailor scouts to come help us. We can keep your identities a secret. All you need to do is keep an eye on the death eaters. We can get you your own wands and teach you a few spells. Dumbledore has plenty of students. What he really needs are people in the order."

"When does Dumbledore want us to return?" Michelle inquired.

"Soon," Tonks answered, "By August. There is much for you to learn."

"We will hurry then," said Trista.

They spoke a little longer and they left. There was much for them to do in such a short time.

Serena waited until after dinner to tell her family about Hogwarts. They sat in the living room in silence for a while.

"Well, Serena," said Mrs. Tsukino. "What was it you wanted to tell us?"

"Did you get another new job?" Sammy asked.

"No," Serena said softly. She couldn't find her voice. She looked at Lydia, "help me out!" she mouthed.

"Mr. and Mrs. Tsukino, you remember when Serena came to visit me last summer?" Lydia asked.

"Yes," they replied. "And she became a foreign exchange student there, right?"

"Sort of," Lydia said. "We were studying in England. But it wasn't um—ordinary schooling you might say."

"What kind of school did you go to?" Mrs. Tsukino inquired.

"One that, uh, accepts special people," said Lydia and Sammy cracked up laughing.

"What is so funny?" Serena demanded.

"Special! Haha!" he exclaimed, holding his sides. "Serena is going to a school for dummies! I always knew you weren't all that bright, Serena, with all your special classes but a school that teaches all of them?"

"Sammy!" Mr. Tsukino scolded. "Be nicer to you sister."

"So, Serena, what kind of level to they teach you over there? Third grade? Kindergarten? Do you sit and finger paint all day?"

"No!" Serena came to her feet. "We don't finger paint at Hogwarts, we learn magic!"

"Magic?" Mrs. Tsukino said. "Wha—Hogwarts? What kind of name is that for a school?"

"Eh?" Serena looked at Lydia and she sighed, holding up her hand for her to return. Serena swallowed. "Hogwarts is not a school for dummies, it's for witches and wizards."

"Come on, Serena," Sammy muttered, "admit it. You're going to a special school."

"I am not!" Serena shouted. "I went to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry last year. I learned Transfiguration, Herbology and Charms."

"Oh my," Mr. Tsukino mumbled. "That is something."

"And that's just a few of the classes I took," said Serena. "Potions and Care of Magical Creatures…I learned all sorts of stuff."

"Are you serious, Serena?" Mrs. Tsukino asked softly.

"Yes, Lydia, tell them about Quidditch!"

"Quidditch?" the Tsukino mumbled and Lydia nodded.

"It's a sport wizards and witches play on broomsticks," Lydia said slowly. "Very popular. I had tickets for the world cup and I sent Serena one. When she and the other girls came we learned we were all witches so we came to the school. We're telling you this now because, well, Serena wants to keep going there. So, um, you'll have to move to England."

"England!" Mr. Tsukino exclaimed. "How can I get a new job there?"

"Well, I'm sure there's an opening in the Daily Prophet now that Rita's gone," Serena said, rubbing her head. "Come on, Dad. You can get a new job easy at any magazine."

"This is crazy," said Mr. Tsukino. "You're absolutely serious about this? I thought there was no such thing as magic."

"Well there is…and unicorns and dragons and stuff like that."

"Dragons?" Sammy sat up straight, blinking. "Really?"

"Aye," Lydia nodded. "There were some at Hogwarts in fact. Right, Serena?" she nudged Serena.

"That's right!" Serena nodded. "It was cool. Last year was something called the Triwizard Tournament where our school gets together with two others and we have a competition. The first task our champions had to get passed a dragon and get a golden egg. The first guy—he was from our school—changed an rock to a dog as a diversion. The French girl put it to sleep and the other guy—oh—it was pretty cool. He hit in the eyes with some kind of spell. The dragon got mad though and squashed some the egg. But not as cool as the last guy! Harry Potter, oh wow! He used his broomstick and flew around the dragon, and it was a Hungarian Horntail and it nearly swiped Harry's arm off!"

Serena's parents looked at there daughter as if she was crazy but her brother seemed amazed. "Then what? Did he die?"

"No!" Serena said. "He made it."

"That's interesting, Serena," said Mr. Tsukino, rubbing his head, "but I don't quite understand all this. Is there really a school of magic in England?"

"Yes, Dad, honest!" Serena said desperately. "We've got to go. I want to finish school there. It's the best school I ever been too. I love all my teachers, except for Professor Snape—he's really creepy. But we go to school in a castle!"

"No way," Sammy breathed. "I want to go!"

"Well, too bad," Serena muttered. "You'll have to get a letter from Hogwarts first! And I haven't noticed any magic in you yet."

"Well, I'm smarter than you are!" Sammy exclaimed.

"We'll find out if you get a letter or not, okay?" Lydia told Sammy. "Professor McGonagall sends them in the middle of summer holiday usually."

"Look, Mom, Dad, Sammy," Serena said, "it's very important we go to England. See, my friend, Harry Potter, is in some kind of trouble. There's a madman after him and he needs help."

"Friend, what friend?" Mr. Tsukino said suddenly.

"Sounds like a boy, Dad," Sammy sniggered. "His name's Harry Potter."

"Serena, what have I told you about boys?" Mr. Tsukino demanded.

"I didn't date him, Dad!" Serena said. "He's just my friend, right Lydia?"

"Aye, even when ye went to the Yule Ball together it was just as friends…oops…"

"Lydia!" Serena exclaimed.

"Ball?" Mr. Tsukino gasped. "What ball? What happened exactly? Did you dance? How close? Where'd he put his hands?"

"DAD!" Serena cried. "Nothing happened. Honest!"

" "Now, Honey," Mrs. Tsukino said softly, "I'm certain nothing happened."

"I told you to stay away from boys, didn't I Serena?" Mr. Tsukino shouted.

"And I did!" Serena spat out. "Really—Harry's just a friend from school. I didn't even kiss him!"

"That Darien kept calling you when you were gone and I told him to leave you alone!" Mr. Tsukino grunted. "You're just fifteen. That's too old to be dating, young lady!"

"You did? Well, good!" said Serena. "Because I don't like him anymore!"

"Maybe we should have Tonks modify their memories?" Lydia whispered to Serena, her hand by her mouth.

"If my dad doesn't stop yelling," Serena whispered back. "Hey, wait…I've got an idea. Dad!"

"What?" he demanded. "There's not another boy, is there?"

"No, of course not," Serena grinned. "I want to tell you a joke."

"A joke?" Mr. Tsukino mumbled. "Serena, this is not the time for any jokes."

"I think it is," Serena winked. "Trust me, Dad. You'll like this one. Harry told me it."

"It had better not be a dirty one!"

"It's not dirty!" Serena groaned. "It's about golf. It's his uncle's famous Japanese golfing joke. See, this Japanese guy goes golfing and…"


"Everyone pack your bags!" Mr. Tsukino bellowed red in the face. "We're going to England—and where the hell are my golf clubs? As soon as I'm getting to England I'm playing golf with this—this—Vernon Dursley!"

Serena grinned and gave Lydia a high five. "Wait until I tell Harry…"


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