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Harry Potter and the Moon Crystal 36

Serena's Sacrifice

With the Sailor Scouts and a handful of aurors joining the battle, the Death Eaters were outnumbered. Tonks was fighting with Bellatrix. There was a bang and Tonks fell down the stone steps. Sirius hurried to continue the duel.

"You gotta put the prophecy back," said Sailor Moon to Harry.

"I don't think it makes much a difference once Harry's taken it," said Hermione. "The Death Eaters may still be able to get it."

"Then we've got to get out of here," said Neville.

"We'll lead you out," said Sailor Mercury. "You can use the fires to floo yourselves back to school."

"You are coming with us, right?" Harry asked.

"Not yet," said Sailor Moon. "We need to round up all the death eaters. We'll be there soon."

"Dumbledore!" Neville exclaimed, pointing. Dumbledore was standing in the doorframe of the brain room with his wand pointed. He hurried down the steps to join the fight. The Death Eaters yelled, one tried to run away and Dumbledore used a spell to pull him back as if the Death Eater were a fish. Sirius and Bellatrix were the only two still fighting. Sirius ducked Bellatrix's spell and laughed.

"Come on, you can do better than that!" Sirius yelled.

He was hit with another jet of light right into the chest in the middle of his laugh. His eyes widened in shock and he fell through the arch. Harry rushed down the steps.

Bellatrix screamed triumphantly. Everybody stopped to stare at the veil Sirius just passed through.

"SIRIUS!" Harry exclaimed. "SIRIUS!"

Harry got to the floor and hurried to the veil. He would pull Sirius out from the veil. As he sprinted toward the dais, Lupin grabbed Harry around the chest, holding him back.

"There's nothing you can do, Harry—"

"Get him, save him, he's only just gone through!"

"It's too late, Harry--"

"We can still reach him—"

Harry fought tooth and nail to get away and Lupin would not loosen hi s hold. "There's nothing you can do, Harry...nothing…He's gone."

"He hasn't gone!" yelled Harry. "SIRIUS! SIRIUS!"

"He can't come back Harry," Lupin said with his voice breaking. 'He can't come back, because he's d--,"

"HE—IS—NOT—DEAD!" roared Harry. "SIRIUS!"

Sailor Moon stared at Harry, watching him fight to get to Sirius. She remembered what they had talked about in their first Divination lesson for that year.

"What is your dream, Harry?"

"I guess…Sirius getting cleared so I can live with him."

"Harry's dream," Sailor Moon said softly, "no…I can't…I can't let that dream die!"

Sailor Moon rushed down the steps, ignoring her friends' cries. She had already ran through the veil by the time her friends got to the dais.

"Sailor Moon," Sailor Mars shouted, "NO!"

The scouts crowded around the veil, calling for their princess.

"There is no way she can come back out, is there?" said Sailor Venus.

Sailor Mercury turned on her visor, peering beyond the veil. "She's still alive but I can barely see her. She's moving downward."

"What about Sirius?" asked Sailor Rainbow.

"I can't seem to get a lock on him."

"Sailor Moon, come back!" called Sailor Jupiter.

"She can't come back anymore than my dear cousin can," said Bellatrix with a laugh.

The sailor soldiers whipped around. "You obviously don't know Sailor Moon," hissed Sailor Jupiter. "She'll come back. I know she will."

"Oh, we will see, won't we?" said Bellatrix.

The scouts were ready to fight Bellatrix, but Harry moved forward at the speed of light, glaring at Bellatrix. "You…you killed Sirius! I'll kill you!"

His bright green eyes turned orange, his black hair grew to his shoulders. The tips of his hair were gold, changing his hair red until they reached his black roots. His skin became a deeper tan. The Sailor Scouts stared at him in shock.

"Harry, what happened to you?" asked Sailor Mars.

Harry's body began glowing such a bright yellow everyone had to sheidl their eyes. He sent a wave of light at Bellatrix, burning her wand from her hand.

Sailor Moon felt her body falling through mist. She kept calling for Sirius. There was still time to find him. She could still save him.

"Sirius! Sirius, answer me!"

Then a few feet below her, she saw Sirius' limp form floating in the air, his back still in an arc and his hands pointed down. Sailor Moon moved toward him and put her arms around him.

"Sirius, Sirius, can you hear me?" she asked. "You must wake up!"

She shook his robes. "Harry came down here, thinking you were in trouble. You can't die now! Please, Harry needs you!"

She pleaded for him t wake up repeatedly, shaking his robes. A couple of minutes passed and she knew that he was truly gone. Sailor Moon started to cry softly and she pressed her face against Sirius' cold chest.

"Harry, I'm sorry," she whispered, "I tried."

She wondered what it would be like for Harry to see his Godfather dead and his dream crushed. How could she come out now? Then she felt a wave inside of her and heard a voice inside her head that said, "No. It's not over. It won't end like this."

Sailor Moon lifted up her head. Yes. It wasn't over. She still had one thing left to try. The Moon Crystal. She folded her arms around Sirius and pressed her chest against his.

"Silver Crystal, you've granted me wishes before and you have never let me down," she said, "if you can do all that, then you can bring Harry's Godfather back to him! Use your power to save him. I don't care fi you have to drain all my energy, just do what you need to save him. I never wanted to be Sailor Moon in the first place. If I end up being just a Normal Teenager, then I will get my wish too. Please…just….just give my power to Sirius so he can live!"

She thought of what she saw in the mirror of Erised moments ago. She had seen herself as a normal teenager. She would make that desire real today. She would be the girl in the mirror. She was not going to let her dream mock her anymore.

"This power," she said, "I don't want it anymore. It's bigger than me. Let me just be Serena, if nothing else. I don't need to be the Moon Princess to protect those I love. Please, please, bring Sirius back. Don't let Harry's dream die with him!"

Sailor Moon's brooch opened, revealing the silver crystal. It glowed and streams of silver began to seep into Sirius' body, running up to his arms, down to his legs, to his head. Sailor Moon slowly began to feel weak but she wasn't going to give up. Sirius' fingers twitched and his hand slowly lifted to Sailor Moon's back. Feeling movement, Sailor Moon looked down. He was moving. He was alive!

"Yes, Sirius…can you hear me?"

Sirius opened his eyes and saw Sailor Moon's face. "S-Sailor Moon?"

"Come on," she said, "Harry's worried about you." She tightened her arms around him and he tightened his arms around her.


Sailor Moon and Sirius zoomed up ward in a spiral and flew out of the veil with such force the veil ripped. Everyone looked at Sailor Moon and Sirius in surprise. Sirius and Sailor Moon settled on the floor, Sirius pulled his arm from her shoulders as she helped him straighten up.

"No…" said Bellatrix, her breath gone from the attack Harry hit her with. "How…how can you be alive?"

Sirius rubbed his head and looked at his cousin. "Nice one, Trixy. Not bad, not bad at all." He grinned. "Now, it's my turn!" He summoned his wand, from what he lost in the spirit world and it came to his hand. He pointed his wand at Bellatrix and the symbol of the moon appeared on his head. "STUPEFY!"

The light was red like any stunning spell, but it was brighter and larger and the way it streaked toward Bellatrix reminded the scouts so much of Sailor Moon's Moon Gorgeous Meditation, attack. When the Stunner hit her, it did more than just stun her, it made her incinerate right before their eyes.

"What…what just happened?" said Sailor Venus. "What kind of spell was that?"

"It was a Stunner," said Sirius, "weren't you watching?"

"Sirius?" mumbled Harry. "You're…you're alive?"

"Hey Harry, what happened to your hair?"

Harry ran to his godfather, colliding hard into him that his legs almost gave way. "Harry?"

"I thought you were dead!" Harry cried. "I thought…I thought I'd never see you again!"

Tears leaked out of Harry's eyes as he squeezed his arms around his godfather. "Sirius…I'm so sorry…I dreamed you were being tortured. I didn't know Voldemort was tricking me. This is all my fault."

Sirius smiled and put his arms around Harry. "It's all right, Harry."

Sailor Moon looked on at Harry and Sirius embracing with a smile on her face and a tear on her eye. She had used up her power just for this. It was worth it. If she died right now, she wouldn't care. Harry would be able to live his dream now. Sailor Moon's knees gave way.

"Sailor Moon?" mumbled Sailor Mars.

The brooch fell from Sailor Moon's chest, hit the ground and swiveled away. It cracked into pieces and Sailor Moon collapsed.

"Sailor Moon!" the Sailor Soldiers exclaimed, crowding around her body.

"No, she used the crystal!" shouted Sailor Venus. "Sailor Moon, you know using the crystal will kill you!"

"Sailor Moon! Sailor Moon!"

Harry pulled himself from his Godfather. "Sailor Moon?"

"Wake up, Sailor Moon!" begged Sailor Mercury. "Please wake up!"

Lupin stood up and strode over Sailor Moon. He beckoned the girls to make room for him, which they did. Lupin knelt down beside her and took Sailor Moon's hand. As he did so, golden crescent upturned moons appeared on both their foreheads.

"She's still alive," said Lupin. "Barely. I'll stay here with her. Everyone else had better round up the remaining Death Eaters."

"What about Sailor Moon?" said Harry.

"We will have to take her to St. Mungos," said Lupin.

"The eight of you will return to school," Dumbledore told Harry and his friends.


"I will speak with you soon," said Dumbledore, "is the Prophecy still intact?"

"Yes," said Harry, withdrawing it from his robes.

"I will put it back," Dumbledore said, "I'm glad you are all safe." He picked up a piece of rubble and beckoned the students over. "Portus."

"A demonstration?" laughed Sailor Saturn.

"Yes, my pretty," Voldemort acknowledge. "I understand you have great power. Great destructive power. You can destroy a whole planet, unless I'm mistaken."


"You were born with this power," said Voldemort, "you've always had it in you. You never had to search for it. But you hadn't had much opportunity to prove yourself, have you? Your friends take you away from your home when you were still a child, right? And they force you to grow up and when you get here…they don't let you do anything, do they?"

Sailor Saturn opened her eyes wide. "What…how…?"

"I can see it in your eyes, my dear," said Voldemort. "You poor thing. Your friends don't want you anymore. They're scared of you, aren't they?"

Sailor Saturn thought of the time she scared George and he wouldn't talk to her. Fred pretended to be him.

"Aah, yes, they are afraid of your power. They don't understand you."

"Stop it," said Sailor Saturn. "Stop!" She sent a dark purple light at Voldemort and Voldemort deflected it.

"But I understand you, my dear," said Voldemort. "I know what it is like to have such power and have people be afraid of you, for people to not understand you. When I learned of my powers at a young age, I had no one to share them with. No one to talk to. It wasn't until I came to Hogwarts that I found others like me."

"You were cruel to the other children in the orphanage, Voldemort," Sailor Saturn hissed. "Dumbledore's told us about your childhood. You were evil from the start."

"Evil, or misunderstood?" Voldemort rephrased. "I just wanted to prove myself, to gain power. To become great."

"And that's why you want me, is that it?" Sailor Saturn asked. "You think kidnapping me would give you more power?"

"I don't just want to gain power, my dear," said Voldemort, "I want to share it. That is why I have Death Eaters."

Sailor Saturn snorted. "Well I'm not interested, pal. I am already in a team."

"A team that does not understand you."

"It does not matter," said Sailor Saturn, "I know what I fight for."

"Oh yes, love and justice, as I recall."

"That is what all sailor soldiers fight for," Sailor Saturn said firmly. "I will always be a Sailor Soldier. There is nothing you can say or do to make me change my mind."

"Really? We shall see…" Voldemort said. "EXPERILAMUS!"

Sailor Saturn lost her glaive and was thrown back. Voldemort picked up her glaive. "What a marvelous weapon."

"Get your hands off it," she hissed, getting to her feet.

"With my help, you can do many more things," said Voldemort. "Oh yes, think of the amazing things you can do. You've left a sign when you destroyed Knockturn Alley. A sign that you were looking for your equal. I have been searching for you ever since."

"We…are…not…EQUALS!" Sailor Saturn shouted and streaks of purple started whipping around.

"That's it…my dear…get angry…" said Voldemort excitedly. "Unleash your fury and expose your power."

Sailor Saturn ran to Voldemort, he pointed his wand and she froze. She glared at him and he approached her.

"Get away!" she hissed, though she was able to move, she still had her voice.

"Such beauty, such power," he said, "your talent is wasted with the Sailor soldiers." He stopped in front of her sand stroked her cheek, cupping her chin. She would've recoiled if she was able to move. "You will soon forget them."

"Let…me…go…" she said through her teeth.

"No," he said, "you fight me now, my sweet, but it will only be a matter of time until our fight becomes a dance. We have both dreamed it." His thin lips came too close to her ear. "It will come to pass. It is useless for you to struggle."

The door opened and the Minister of Magic entered with an auror. Voldemort put his arm around Sailor Saturn.

"Help me!" Sailor Saturn shouted at them but they were too stunned to see Voldemort there.

"Master, wait!" called Macnair, who was watching Voldemort fight with Sailor Saturn.

"I have the Sailor Soldier of Death," Voldemort said, "I have no need for you or any of the Death Eaters now."

"But Master!" Macnair shouted, running to him just as Voldemort disappeared with Sailor Saturn.

"It was him," said the auror, "he just took…one of the Sailor Soldiers."

"I know, I know," said Cornelius, "I saw him too. The Dark Lord in the Ministry of Magic…what is this world coming to?"

The Minister told Dumbledore that he saw Voldemort disappear with a sailor soldier and the scouts new immediately that Sailor Saturn was abducted. They were unsure what to do. One of their comrades was taken and their princess was in danger. After Professor Dumbledore handled things with the minister and turned the Death Eaters in, he returned to the school with Sailor Mars, Venus, Rainbow, Mercury and Jupiter. They were reluctant to leave Sailor Moon alone. Pluto and the others insisted they would keep watch over her.

Harry, his hair and eys back to their usual color, waited in Dumbledore's office for him as his friends went back to their dormitories. Unable to keep still, Harry paced the headmaster's office. How did things go so wrong? How was Voldemort able to trick Harry into seeing what he saw? Why didn't Harry sense that it wasn't real? Where was Sirius when Harry tried to contact him?

Then Dumbledore appeared in his office along with Sailor Rainbow, Sailor Mars, Sailor Venus and Sailor Jupiter.

"How's Sailor Moon?" Harry asked. "is she…Is she all right?"

The sailor scouts did not answer. They all walked out of the office wearing worried expressions, changing back to their everyday selves. Harry looked at Professor Dumbledore.

"Professor Dumbledore, is Sailor Moon going to be okay?" he inquired.

"I think so, Harry," said Dumbledore. "Please sit down, there is much I need to tell you and I have waited far too long."

Though still restless, Harry took a seat. He went on explaining the times he could have told Harry what he needed to hear, starting with his first year at Hogwarts, and talking about his 'abilities.' Harry knew this already.

"I witnessed the prophecy about you and Voldemort," said Dumbledore, "from our own Divination Teacher."

Dumbledore touched his head with the tip of his wand and pulled silver memory into the penseive. Harry saw a younger Trelawney, speaking in the same harsh tones as she had done when she spoke of The Dark Lord's servant returning to him.

"The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches…born to those that have thrice defied hi, born as the seventh month dies…and the Dark Lord will mark him as his equal, but he will have power the Dark Lord knows not…and either must die at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other survives."

Harry was quiet after hearing the prophecy. "So that's what Voldemort wanted to know?"

"Yes, he wanted to hear it in detail. This was the weapon he was after: the knowledge how to destroy you."

"Well, it doesn't really say," said Harry, "except one of us will have to kill the other. Professor Trelawney said something about me having power Voldemort doesn't' know about. I think I know what it is. I dreamed that I was someone from the Sun, named Solaris and I had this power over heat and sunlight."

"It is possible," said Dumbledore, "I saw you change while we in the Deeth Chamber, but I think it's a different power that stopped Voldemort from killing you all those years ago."

"What's that?" Harry inquired.


"Oh, yeah," said Harry, "he couldn't kill me because my mother died trying to protect me. But now, he's got my blood and he can still kill me."

"And that is probably what triggered your ancient powers," Dumbledore said, "you no longer had the protection of your mother so your ancient powers had to awaken."

"Voldemort made me think he was going to kill Sirius," he said, "and when I tried to contact him he wasn't at Headquarters. Kreacher told me he left."

"Kreacher lied. He had been serving another master, Narcissa Malfoy, and under their orders they were to keep Sirius from being able to talk to. He told them that the one person he cared about the most was you. Sailor Moon contacted headquarters to let them know what happened. Sirius was still at Headqaurters and that is how they knew where you were."

At the sound of Sailor Moon's name, Harry's heart stung. "She brought Sirius back and…is it possible that…she might die?"

"I don't' know, Harry," said Dumbledore, "the sailor soldiers told me that using the Moon Crystal—the source of Sailor Moon's power and life—can cause her to die. Sailor Moon is at St. Mungos now."

"I want to see her," said Harry, "this is my fault this happened."

"You can't now, Harry," said Dumbledore. "I understand that you and Serena were trying to find a place in Hogsmead so you can live with your godfather. The reason why I let you live at your Aunt and Uncle's house was because you'd be safer there. The spell from your mother's blood was in your aunt. I intended to let you live there until you reach seventeen. Now seeing that you have this new power and after Sailor Moon sacrificed herself for Sirius, I will allow you to live with Sirius. For the meantime you can stay at Headquarters until Sirius finds a place at Hogmeade."

"All right," said Harry, getting up. "I need to go."

Dumbledore paused. "Very well."

Harry did not tell Ron and the others about what he saw in the penseive. He wanted to know when he could see Sailor Moon. He spent most of his time wandering the castle, hoping that she would arrive at the school at any given moment. As he came to the first floor, a door opened and Draco came out followed by Crabbe and Goyle. He looked around to see that they were alone and looked at Harry.

"You're dead, Potter," he said icily.

"Funny, I thought I was just walking."

"You'll pay for what you did to my father," said Draco. "He'll be out of Azkaban soon."

"Leave him alone, Draco," said a voice behind them. Draco turned to see Raye coming out the door he had just come out of. "Harry had nothing to do with your father."

"Raye," said Draco.

Raye passed through Crabbe and Goyle and looked at Draco. She lowered her voice so he was the only one who could hear her.

"I was the one you handed your father to the aurors," she said, "I fought with him in the Department of Mysteries and I would've killed him if I really wanted to."

"No you wouldn't," said Draco.

"I did it to protect you," Raye said, "I was furious with him for what he did to you. You shouldn't be threatening Harry, you should be thanking him. You don't have to worry about your father anymore."

"Raye, you realize what you've done?" Draco demanded.

"Yeah," said Raye, "I did my job as a Sailor Scout. I protected those I cared about and I don't' regret any of it."

"Someday you will," said Draco and he walked off, Crabbe and Goyle behind him.

"What was that all about?" Harry asked.

"Long story," said Raye.

"Hello Potter, Hino," said a voice. They turned to see Professor McGonagall with the human Lucky. Professor McGonagall was leaning against a cane. Lucky was holding Professor McGonagall's sack of belongings.

"Professor McGonagall," said Raye, "you're all right!"

"Yes, thank you," said Professor McGonagall.

"Professor, have you seen Serena? Is she all right?"

Harry's head of house frowned. "I have and the truth is, I have seen her looking better."

It was the last day of Hogwarts. Harry was packing his trunk before the farewell feast. He found a small crumpled package at the bottom of his trunk. He recognized it as the package Sirius gave him when he left Number 12 Grimauld Place. Harry reached for it and took the wrapping off. IT was an old and spotted mirror. On the back was a note from Sirius

This is a two-way mirror. I have the other. Say my name in it and I'll appear in yours. James and I used to use them when we were in separate detentions.

Harry's feelings of guilt and anger rose. He had forgotten all about it. Sirius told him to use it if he ever had to talk to him. How could he forgot about his godfather's present? If he knew he had this mirror, if he had only opened it when he came home, he would never have to go to Department of Mysteries. Sailor Moon wouldn't…

Harry looked at the mirror. Now that he had found it, he decided to use it. "Sirius."

Sirius' face appeared in the mirror. "Hey, you finally opened it."

"I'm sorry, I forgot about it. How are you?"

"I'm great actually," said Sirius, "I've never felt so good."

"Dumbledore told me about Kreacher and everything."

"Yes, when I told him to get out he decided to see Narcissa," Sirius said sourly. "Don't worry about it. I transfigured him into a garbage bin so we won't have to worry about him disobeying me anymore."

"Sirius, have you seen Serena?" Harry inquired. "How is she? Professor McGonagall came back. She's said she's not too well, but she's better, right?"

Sirius' face became sad and serious. He rubbed his face and groaned. "I won't lie to you Harry. I just came back from seeing her and, she's not well. She doesn't look good. She still won't wake up."

"This is all my fault," said Harry, "if I just knew I had this mirror, I could've used this instead of Umbridge's office. If I knew you were all right…"

"Don't blame yourself, Harry," Sirius told him. "We found out what Voldemort was after and we stopped him from getting it. We captured all the Death Eaters there. We're in the lead. We're lucky nothing else happened."

"Yeah but he didn't get the prophecy but he got Sailor Saturn," Harry moaned.

"We'll get her back, Harry," said Sirius. "Somehow."

"Dumbledore told me I can live with you now," Harry said, trying to think of something happy. "I won't have to live with the Dursleys anymore."

"I know, that's great," said Sirius. "Not here though."

"Yeah, Serena said Hogsmeade would be better."

"It's perfect," Sirius smiled. "I assume we will find a place there before you start sixth year."

"I just hope I'll get to share it with Serena."

It was dark and misty all around Serena. She called out for her friends but no one came for her. She ran and shouted and then she found Four figures, standing before her. She gasped and backed up. They were all doubles of her, though two of which she didn't recognize. She recognized Princess Serenity and Neo Queen Serenity but there were two individuals she did not know of. They were both Sailor Soldiers. She stood between the Moon Princess and Neo Queen Serenity. Her sailor fuku was much like Sailor Moon's, only the sleeves were pink and puffy, there were feathers on the red bands below her sleeves and red bands on her white gloves. Her brooch was a gold heart with wings and she wore a three layer skirt: gold, red and blue. The crescent symbol on her head flared brightly. It was Eternal Sailor Moon.

"You're pathetic sailor soldier," she hissed.

"What were you thinking?" said the Moon Princess.

"You could have been the most powerful sailor soldier in the cosmos!" shouted the Sailor Scout next to Neo Queen Serenity.

She looked different from the others. Her hair was white and her buns were shaped like hearts. An eight-pointed star was in place of the golden upturned crescent moon on her forehead. Her fuku was mostly white except for the blue stripes on her vest and the rainbow stripes on the front of her skirt. Instead of boots she wore high heels with wings. She wore a white cape and held a staff with a giant pearl and wings on the top. She was Sailor Moon's ultimate form, Sailor Cosmos.

"You ruined your future!" said the future queen angrily.

"I—I" Serena mumbled, "I don't understand."

"Of course you don't!" exclaimed Eternal Sailor Moon. "You used the Silver Crystal, for what, to save your 'boyfriend's' godfather?"

"Mother wouldn't use the crystal as something as pathetic as that!" Princess Serenity muttered.

"You're only supposed to use it to save bigger things, like the universe!" said Sailor Cosmos.

"But I was protecting Harry's dream," Serena insisted.

Princess Serenity laughed. "A dream? You sacrificed your future for his pathetic dream?"
"It wasn't pathetic!" Serena shouted, "It's dear to him. He wants to live with his godfather and if Sirius died, so would Harry's dream!"

"Then you should have let him die!" yelled a voice and Serena turned to see Darien standing with his different personalities: Prince Endymion, Tuxedo Mask, Moonlight Knight and the King of Earth.

"Darien," Serena mumbled. "You too?"

"All those times when I protected you," said Tuxedo Mask, "what a waste!"

"I did not send you to the future so you could throw it all the way, child," said Queen Serenity. "You were to rule the Moon Kingdom."

"But the Moon Kingdom was destroyed," said Serena.

"And that is why we created Crystal Tokyo," said King Endymion. "And now it seems there will never be a Crystal Tokyo, no thanks to your poor judgment."

"Please," Serena begged, "I--,"

"Why did you use the crystal to save Sirius?" demanded Sailor Jupiter. "Why not Cedric? He had his life ahead him!"


Serena turned round and round. She was surrounded by her many selves, her mother, her old love and her sailor soldiers.

"I told you not to go after Sirius," said Sailor Mars. "You never listen to me!"

"You're lucky you came back at all!" exclaimed Sailor Rainbow.

"Without you to protect," said Sailor Venus, "what are we supposed to do now?"

"I'm, I'm sorry," said Serena, "I didn't know. I just…"

"You didn't care what would happen to us," said Sailor Mercury.

"Or to your future!" screamed Neo Queen Serenity.

"You are not worthy of the Silver Crystal!" yelled Queen Serenity. "You used it for Solaris…I did not intend you to live with him."

"Solaris," said Serena, "so Harry…really is Solaris?"

"I wanted you to finish what I started," said Queen Serenity. "And you ruined it. I am so ashamed of you!"

"Mother, please!" Serena said, "I'm sorry! I had no choice!"

Everyone pointed their fingers at Serena, yelling curses and insults.

Serena's subconscious body was lying in a bed at St. Mungos. She shook her head. "No…Mother…I'm sorry. I just wanted Solaris to be happy. I still love him. Solaris. Solaris. Solaris."

"What's she talking about?" asked Remus, who was at her bedside and holding her hand. His energy seemed to keep her alive and stable.

Remus looked at Trista, Michelle and Amara.

"I don't know," said Michelle.

Trista came to Serena and brushed hair away from her forehead. "I have to tell her the truth. Amara, Michelle if you could leave us. Remus, you can stay."

Remus nodded and the other two girls left.

"I hope when I reveal the truth to her," said Trista, "she will be able to forgive me."
Trista changed into Sailor Pluto and brought her forehead down to Serena's.

"Serena…can you hear me?"

Serena crumbled to her knees, covering her head, apologizing again and again. Then the voices stopped. Serena brought her hands from her head and looked around. They were all gone. Then she saw Sailor Pluto walking to her.

"Please, Pluto, not you too," said Serena, "no more. I'm sorry. I just did what I thought was right. Maybe my mother's right…I'm not worthy of the Silver Crystal."

"Don't worry, Serena," said Sailor Pluto, "I'm not here to reprimand you. I'm here to tell you the truth of what happened in your past…and your future."

"The truth?"

"Yes, there were things your mother did not show you," Sailor Pluto said, "the reason why you did not know about Solaris was because she wanted you forget about him. She just wanted you to know what happened to the Moon Kingdom and the love between you and Prince Endymion."

"Why are you telling me this now?" Serena asked. "Why didn't you ever tell me before?"

Sailor Pluto sighed. "I had promised your mother to not to tell you. But now that…that you are close to dying, I want you to know the truth."

Sailor Pluto reached out her hand, Serena grasped it and they were transported back to the Silver Millennium. Serena saw herself as a little on the moon. She was picking flowers in a field. A tall man walked into the fields.


The young princess stood up. "Father!" she ran to her father and he picked her up. Serena walked closer to him to get a better a look. Because Serena and Sailor Pluto where only phantoms, the king and the young princess did not see them. It was as if Serena was in an old forgotten memory, looking through it from a pensieve.

"Wait, I know him," Serena said, studying the face. The King of the Moon's face was white but Serena remembered a face that was pale with sickness, also scarred. His hair was silver and Serena thought of brown hair that was graying. "He's…" Serena gasped, backing up. "He's Remus Lupin!"

Serena turned to Pluto. "Remus Lupin was my father? You knew, didn't you? Why didn't you tell me?"

"I was never sure," Sailor Pluto explained, "but my suspicions were made certain after you came from the veil. He walked over to you and took your hand. I think it was the King inside him that knew what to do."

"Does Remus know?"

"No," said Sailor Pluto, "but I suspect he has some understanding that he has power to help you. After what I show you, he will know the truth as well."

"My mother didn't show me this either," Serena said, "why? There were times when I wondered who my father was."

"Because your father, King Primus, was close to Solaris," said Pluto, "and he approved of him. He knew that Solaris had feelings for you. Your father was a nobleman of the Moon, a soldier. He led many battles."

"I get it now," Serena said, "I hugged Remus when we left Headquarters after Christmas holidays. I don't know why I did it…I just felt like giving him one."

Sailor Pluto waved her time staff and the surroundings changed. Now Serena saw herself as she remembered. She was on the ice, skating.

"Wow, I really was a good ice skater," said Serena. "But what's the point of this?"

"This was when you found Solaris."

The Moon Princess glided on the ice. She was wearing her white gown and she didn't trip over the hem, as Serena was expecting. The sun was getting hot and bright. A large flare of light came soaring down over the Moon. Princess Serenity paused to gaze at it. She had never seen anything like it. It looked like it was going to hit the ice, so Serenity quickly skated to the edge.

The flare hit the ice, sliding across it. Princess Serenity shielded her eyes and when the brightness subsided, she looked down at the ice. Lying in the middle of the ice was an individual made out of fire and light. The ice cooled it down, the fire disappeared and revealed a young man with a tan, black hair with red and gold. He was naked. Serena and both the Moon Princess covered their eyes.

"Father!" exclaimed the Moon Princess. "Father, come quick!"

The Moon Princess stepped toward the naked body of the stranger and stepped back. She wanted to help him but she had never seen a naked man before. Soon the ice the young man was on started to melt and he sank into the water.

King Primus, who was just outside the castle, came rushing out.

"Serenity, what is it?"

Still covering her face with one hand, Serenity pointed at the ice. "Save him, he's…he's sinking!"

King Primus walked to the frozen pond, which was now all water. King Primus removed his cape and jumped into the water. Serenity stepped closer and removed her hands, looking for her father and the strange man. Seconds later he pulled out the cold, wet and naked body of the stranger. Serenity gasped and covered her face again.

"W-Will he be all right?" Serenity asked as King Primus wrapped his cape around the young man's body.

"Yes, he just needs to get warm," said King Primus.

"He just fell onto the ice, Father," Serenity explained. "I don't know where he came from."

"I believe I know," said King Primus, noticing the symbol on the man's forehead, a golden dot within a golden ring. "This boy is from the sun."

"The sun?" said Serenity, "but I didn't know people lived there."

"Neither did I," said King Primus, "I knew of the creatures that come from the sun. Giant fiery lions and birds…this is the first time I've seen a person."

King Primus carried the boy inside, asked Sailor Mars to start a fire and King Primus put some dry clothes on him. He put the boy in a bed to let him sleep.

Serena walked over to the boy's sleeping form to touch his face. Her hand went right through it.

"Remember, Serena, we're not really here," said Sailor Pluto and she held up her staff again, moving to a new memory. "You learned the boy's name was Solaris. His crashing on the moon was not an accident. He wanted to observe people on the moon."

"In my dream he said he was the only person from the Sun. The creatures made him because they wanted people from the sun as well."

"Yes, that is partly true," said Sailor Pluto, "they knew they would have to have people that could withstand heat and light, so they created them. However, Solaris here, is one of many people from the Sun. He was in fact…the first. It did not take long for him to fall in love with you."

Princess Serenity and Solaris were walking along the moon. Serenity was telling him all about the Moon Kingdom's history and what she knew about the other planets.

"Oh, Solaris, look at this," said Princess Serenity, hurrying to a small and furry creature. Once she got close to it, the creature changed into a hideous monster.

"Serenity, no!" Solaris ran after the Princess, he pushed her aside and held out his hand. "SOLAR FLARE!"

For a second, Serena saw Harry in place of Solaris. She remembered the time he had saved her from Voldemort.

"Ah! I remember," Serena said, "Harry saved me and I, I saw Harry change for a split second. I saw him change into Solaris. I must've remembered the time he saved me here."

Once the monster was vanquished, Solaris bent down to the Moon Princess. "Are you hurt?" he inquired.

"No," she said, "I didn't know that the creature was dangerous."

"Things aren't always what they seem," he said as he helped her up.

Sailor Pluto took Serena to another memory. Princess Lydia was now on the moon with Queen Azure. As Princess Lydia and Serenity were playing outside, Solaris was training with King Primus. The two queens were inside the castle, walking through the halls as they talked about important matters.

"The Negaverse threatens the Moon Kingdom," Queen Serenity said. "If anything happens to me or Primus, Serenity will be left to rule. It is time for her to marry, but she needs to marry a prince of Earth. I wish to create an alliance with Earth so we can better defend the Moon Kingdom."

" Lydia is good friends with an Earth Prince," said Azure, "I can send her to go fetch him. He can introduce him to Serenity."

"Splendid idea," said Queen Serenity.

"I will do it immediately," Azure said and she went to the edge of the fields where the girls were playing. Princess Lydia and Serenity were swinging each other around in the fields. Lydia wore a gold dress with many colors.

" Lydia," called Azure, "come with me, dear. I have a special task for you."

"All right," said Lydia, "I'll be back, Serenity." Lydia hurried to her mother. "What is it?"

"I need you to return to Earth," she said, placing a pearl in her hand. A pearl was the way they traveled from to and from the Moon.

"Why, did we forget something?" Lydia asked.

"Not exactly," replied the queen. "You need to get Darien. The Moon Kingdom may in danger and we will need the help from Earth."

"In danger?" Lydia gasped. "Who will want to threaten the Moon?"

"The Negaverse," Azure said, "now go quickly."

Princess Serenity wend to the edge of the moon, facing the Earth. She held the pearl out in front of her and she disappeared. Witnessing this, Serenity hurried to Azure.

"Where is Lydia going?"

"To Earth, but don't worry," said Asure softly. "She will be back."

"Wait a minute," said Serena. "This isn't how things went. I told Lydia I was lonely and she went to Earth to get Darien."

"Yes, that's what your mother wanted you to think."

"So…she did arrange me to meet Darien. And she used… Lydia."

"Yes," said Sailor Pluto. "Neither Darien or yourself wanted to go through with the wedding."

Sailor Pluto took them to another memory. They were inside the castle with the king and queen of the Moon, Queen Azure. Queen Serenity just announced to her daughter that Prince Darien would be her betrothed.

"What?" Princess Serenity demanded. "Picking my husband, just like that? I don't even know who he is!"

Serenity pointed at Prince Endymion.

"Prince Endymion is not promised to anyone else," said Queen Azure.

"Your majesty," said Darien respectively, "you know I'm in love with Lydia. I didn't know she was a Princess until she came for me."

"I'm afraid to tell you that she does not return your feelings," Queen Azure said.

Darien looked at Lydia, who was unable to meet his eyes.

"I'm sorry, Darien…but even with everything you've done for me," Lydia said softly, "I just cannot think of you that way. You've always been like a big brother to me."

"Serenity, this is for the good of your kingdom," Queen Serneity told her daughter. "We need to create an alliance with Earth if we hope to save the Moon Kingdom."

"I do not need to marry him," Princess Serenity said pointing at the Prince, "and we don't need the help of Earth! I WILL NOT DO IT!"

"Serenity!" the Queen shouted as Princess Serenity ran.

"I'm sorry I brought you all the way here, Endymion," said Lydia.

" Endymion, Lydia could you give us a moment?" asked the King.

Endymion nodded and he left the room with Lydia. Lydia took a separate route than Endymion. Endymion decided to go outside the palace and he saw Princess Serenity in the arms of a young man with dark hair in red and gold.

"They want me marry to a prince of Earth," Serenity was saying. "Just to create an alliance with Earth. I can't marry him. I don't love him! I don't know him!"

"I'm sorry, Serenity," said Solaris. "I wish there was something I could do."

"Thank you, Solaris."

"Serenity…is there…someone that you love on the Moon Kingdom? That you wish to marry?"

Serenity lifted up her face, tears streaming down her cheeks. "What do you mean?"

"Oh, think nothing of it," he said, "it's nothing."

Prince Endymion walked to Solaris and Serenity. Solaris stepped back and Serenity turned around.

"What do you want?" she demanded.

"I just wish to speak with you," Endymion answered and he looked at Solaris. "Could you leave us?"

Solaris nodded and walked away, leaving Serenity with the Prince of Earth. Prince Endmion took a knee.

"I can still offer my help without taking your hand," Endymion said. "There won't be need for a wedding."

"The Moon Kingdom does not need your help," muttered Princess Serenity, arms folded as she turned around. "We are quite capable of defending ourselves. There is no need to involve Earth."

"My lady, Earth is already involved," said Endymion. "The Moon commands the tides of our oceans, it is what makes the Earth stable. It gives us our seasons, I believe Lydia has told you that."

"Well, she has told me about the seasons," Serenity said, her voice softening a little.

"If the Moon is destroyed," said Endymion, "we will lose our seasons, the tides will become unstable and it is possible that…the Earth may spin off its course. Earth will be in danger as well."

"I haven't thought of that," said Serenity turning back around.

"This Negaverse your mother speaks wants to destroy the universe and they must start with the moon," said Endymion.

"Yes, that's true, Queen Beryl has been our enemy for a long time."

"Please allow me to help," said Endymion, "there are powerful fighters on Earth, called elemagi. I can bring them here to help in the fight. We can make an alliance without a wedding."

Princess Serenity smiled. "Thank you. Please get your followers at once."

Endymion returned with about thirty other individuals. Serena recognized them. They were the DA. But there was another person there that was not of the DA. In fact, Serena knew him as dead.

"Cedric Diggory?"

"Yes. He was also part of Endymion's army."

"So, they're all elemagi," said Serena. "Hey, Neville has the same sun symbol that Harry's got."

Serena pointed at Neville's old self. He was on Darien's right.

"Yes, that is Plage," Pluto explained. "Endymion found him shortly after Serenity found Solaris. Plage worked for Endymion as his gardener. He used his powers of sunlight to help sick things grow. However, even though Endymion brought his band of elemagi, your mother still wanted you to marry Endymion. She placed you and Endymion under a spell to love each other."

"So, it was true what happened in my dream," Serena said, "Solaris was telling the princess that I was under a spell and then Endymion killed him."

"That didn't happen," Pluto said, "the dream you had was merely a fear Solaris had. He feared that Endymion would kill him if he told you his feelings and tried to stop the wedding. No one knew about the love spell except your mother and myself."

"The Negaverse still won though," said Serena, "it made no difference. What was the point of all this? Why did she send me to the future to be with Endymion if I could be with Solaris?"

"Your mother wanted you to have a second chance for you to become queen," Sailor Pluto explained. "And Reenie came from a separate dimension to see you."

"Yeah, my future," said Serena, "but what's that got to do with anything?"

"Well, the future Reenie is from," Pluto said sadly, "is the future your mother wanted you to have. It was an alternate dimension, where another one of you exists."

"So that means…Reenie really isn't mine?" Serena said with a sort of crazy smile. "I don't really live with Darien and I don't become queen, that's just what, my double? And you come to tell me this now? You know what I've been feeling lately? Feeling torn between Harry and Darien? I felt that I betrayed him because I was following my heart!"

"Please forgive me, Serena," said Pluto, "I was merely following your mother's wishes. She wanted you to have the kind of life she had."

"Well guess what, I don't want that kind of life!" Serena shouted. "I just want to be normal. My mother's wrong to think I want to be a Queen and to have all that kind of power! I was the Princess a thousand years ago but today I'm Serena Tsukino. That's what I really want to be from now on!"

"Yes, there is no more power within the Silver Crystal," Pluto said, "and if you were to live at all, a normal human will all that you will be."

"Oh I will survive," Serena said, "I don't need the crystal. I was doing fine without it! Normal people don't have a big rock in their gut like I do and they're just fine!"

"You will, Serena," said Pluto, "I certainly hope you will survive."

"I'm not going to die," Serena said, "not without telling Harry how I really feel."

Sailor Pluto opened her eyes and pulled her head away from Serena's. A moment later, Serena woke up. When she saw Remus, she cried out "Father!" and embraced him.

"I'm glad you're awake," said Remus. "We've been worried."

"I want to speak with Harry," Serena said.

"You must stay in bed," Remus told her as Serena tried to get up. "You are still ill."

"But I must…speak with Harry," Serena said weakly.

"It is the last day of term," Remus explained. "I believe Harry must be on the train right now. I will send someone to bring Harry to you. He's been asking about you."

"You will show Harry and the others what you've showed me," Serena said to Pluto. It wasn't a request, it was a command and Pluto thought better not to dismiss it.

"Of course, Serena."

"We all need to know what really happened a thousand years ago," said Serena, "and what supposedly happens in the future."

Michelle, Tonks and Amara waited for Harry and the others to arrive at the station. When Harry saw them he demanded to see Serena.

"That is why we're here," Amara said, "Serena's awake, and she's asking for you."

"She is?" Mina asked. "She's going to be better, right?"

"We hope so," said Tonks.

They brought them to the hospital. Harry rushed to Serena's bedside, taking her hands. "Serena I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. It's my fault this happened to you."

"No, don't' blame yourself," Serena said weakly. "I wanted you to live your dream. Maybe I'll live mine too. I won't have to be Sailor Moon anymore. I can be normal now."

"What do you mean?" Harry asked.

"I used all of my power," said Serena, "and I can be myself now."

"Serena, we were so worried about you," said Lydia, lingering behind Harry.

"Is there some way we can repair the crystal so you can regain all your strength?" Ami asked.

"No, I don't think so," Serena answered weakly. "And I don't want it all. You know all I want is to be normal. Now I can…finally have it….Harry…incase I don't make it, I just want you to know, that I love you."

"I-I love you too, Serena," Harry murmured, holding her hand near his face. "I've always loved you."

Serena smiled, her hand dropped and she lost consciousness again.

"Serena!" Harry exclaimed. Ami hurried to check her pulse.

"No, her pulse is dropping," she said. "We're losing her!"

"Someone do something!" cried Raye and a healer with red hair hurried to Serena.

"Wait…Mom?" Lydia wondered.

"Hi Lydia," said the healer. It was indeed Iris MacGreggor, Lydia's mother. "It is good to see you finally, but please allow me to see to take care of your friend."

"But...how'd you get out of Azkaban? Where's Dad?"

"After the mishap at the department of mystery," Lydia's mother said as she took her wand out and touched Serena from head to toe with the wandtip, loooking for other signs of injury. "The ministry let us go, just two days ago."

"Why is the paper always late with news?" Lydia wondered out loud.

"Come," said Trista, leading Harry and the others out. "there is something I must show you."

They went to an empty ward and Trista transported them back to the past. Harry saw that his watch said SILVER MILLENIUM. Sailor Pluto showed them everything that happened, Serena's arranged engagement and what happened at the battle between the Negaverse and the Moon Kingdom. Queen Beryl had minions from the Earth, just as Darien had some fighters from Earth. Raye recognized that one of them was Draco as the Malicious Dragon. He was fighting on Queen Beryl's side. But that has changed, nos. Raye believed that Draco was good. raye was sure of it. He was one of the aermagi. He did not know this and now that things were sensitive between them, she felt as if she could not tell Draco the things she saw. Everything Ron and Hermione saw proved that they were indeed elemagi.

Lydia was surprised to see that it was not Malachite who killed her. Solaris, Sion and Calamis saved her though they were too late to save the Moon Princess. Solaris had heard Lydia cry out when the Moon Princess was killed and went to help. Solaris then killed the four generals and Queen Beryl with Sion and Calamis.

Solaris held the Moon Princes in his arms. The war was over but the Prince and Princess were killed.

"What will we do now, your majesty?" Solaris questioned. "should I return to the Sun now?"

"I will send everyone to Earth," Queen Serenity said. "It would be what Serenity wanted."

"You can do that?" Sion asked.


"But your majesty, that would take away all your strength," Calamis told her.

"I know, but it's the only way Serenity can have her future and my kingdom can achieve piece."

After Pluto showed them this, Pluto took them back to the hospital. The healers had no idea what just happened. Harry then thought of an idea.

"Do you have the crystal still?" he asked the scouts.

"Yeah, I've got it," said Raye. "Why?"

"I think I know a way to save Serena," Harry replied


"I don't know, maybe there's a potion Serena can take or something," Harry said, "let's go to the lab."

Raye gave what was left of the crystal to Harry. They found the lab where some healers were working on remedies to ailments. A healer looked at Harry sternly.

"What—you shouldn't be down here!" he said.

"We just wondered if you could make something with this," said Harry, holding the fragments of the gem. "The girl in the Pally ward really needs this to survive. Can you make a potion out of it?"

"With what?"

"I don't know,' said Harry, "anything silver. That's what that crystal is."

"Crystallized Silver?" said the healer, picking up a piece.

"Yes," said Raye, "and it's very important that our friend gets it."

"You're asking a lot," said the healer, "I've never worked with something like this before."

"Can't you just see what you can do?" Mina asked.

"I can help," said Ami, "I know a bit about medicine."

"Oh very well," said the healer gruffly. "Come on then."

He brought her where all the ingredients for basic ailments are. He asked Ami to crush the crystal into a fine powder while he looked for his "silver" products.

"What's wrong with your friend?" he asked. "Did she get bit by a werewolf? There is no cure, you know."

"No, she's just very weak," said Ami.

"Wait, the moon flower!" Harry shouted suddenly.

"What?" said Lydia.

"I gave Serena a moon flower last Valentines," Harry explained, "if she still has it then we can put some of the petals or something in the potion!"

"Great idea," said Lydia, "you know if her fireplace is connected to the floo network?"

"I doubt it," said Harry.

"Oh great," said Lydia, "how am I supposed to get to her house?"

"You can ask Tonks or someone to arraprate you there," said Harry.

"Oh, good idea!" said Lydia and she rushed to the waiting room to find Tonks. Tonks apparated with Lydia to Serena's home to retrieve the plant and the Tsukinos were wondering where Serena was.

"Serena wasn't on the train," said Sammy, "or the feast? Where is she?"

"She's um," said Lydia, "uh—you tell her Tonks"

"What?" Tonks gasped as Lydia ran up the stairs to Serena's room.

Tonks explained that Serena was 'injured' but did not disclose anymore than that. When the Tsukino's demanded more information, Tonks promised that Serena would tell them about it when she was let out. Mr. and Mrs. Tsukino turned to Sammy.

"Hey, I don't know what happened anymore than you guys do," said Sammy, "but something really weird is going on."

The healer added the crushed up moon crystal to a solution of moonflower petals, phoenix tears, silver scrapings and a small amount of unicorn blood.

"Uh, isn't it forbidden to use unicorn blood?" Harry asked.

"Yes, if the blood you drink is from the unicorn you kill," said the healer. "If you slaughter a unicorn and drink the blood at the moment of its death, then your life will be cursed. However, using a unicorn's blood that was killed by someone else—away from the point of death—and if you mix it with other items, it may change the person who drinks it, but will not curse them."

"How'd you get this blood?" Ami questioned.

"The hospital bought some of it from Knockturn Alley," the healer answered, "of course, it's all in ruins now. But my brother is a unicorn specialist. When he finds a bleeding unicorn, probably injured from other animals, he takes the blood and keeps it. Sometimes, when a unicorn dies of natural causes, he takes a small amount of blood from the unicorn. The crime is not in drinking the unicorn's blood, but in slaying it."

"Wow, that's pretty interesting," said Ami. "I didn't know that about unicorn blood."

"Well, you said you needed something silver," said the healer, "and unicorn blood has better healing properties than mooncalf dung."

When the potion was complete, Harry rushed to Serena's room. "I've got something…" he panted. "That might help her."

"Where'd you get that?" Lydia's mother asked.

"Some healer in the labs," explained Lydia, "he had brown hair and a mustache."

"Oh, Lawrence," said Lydia, "he made this?"

"Yeah, I guess so," said Ami. "We told him what to make."

"Well your friend does need something," said Iris, "because nothing I seem to do seems to help."

Iris took the vial of silver liquid, lifted Serena's head and poured the potion into her mouth. The potion settled in her stomach for a few seconds and then immediately went into her blood system, lining every vessel with the nutrients of the potion. About a minute later, Serena's pulse and breathing regulated. She opened her eyes and sat up.

"Hey guys…what's…going on?"

The room erupted in cheers as everyone embraced Serena. "It's good to have you back," said Ami, "we were worried."

"Sorry," said Serena, "didn't' mean to worry you guys. Ugh…I feel kinda light headed though. That sure took a lot out of me."

"Don't worry," said Harry, taking Serena's, "you're back and that's what matters."

Thousands of miles away in Japan, Lizzy was sitting at Darien's bedside reading to him. Though she knew he was in acoma and wasn't listening, she spoke as if he could hear and understand her. She was reading an exciting murder mystery, thinking that would excite him a bit.

"The killer is Mr. Graves," said Darien softly.

"What?" Lizzy lowered her book. Darien was opening his eyes. "D-Darien?"

Darien turned his face to Lizzy. Darien looked at her for a couple of seconds. "Lizzy?"

Lizzy's eyes widened. "Yes! Oh Darien, I'm glad you're awake!"

"Where am I?" Darien asked.

"The hospital," she said, "you've been in an accident. Oh—I need to get the nurse and I've got to let Andrew know. We've been so worried!"

Lizzy jumped to her feet and ran out of the room shouting, " Darien's awake! He's awake!"

While the nurses and the doctors checked out Darien, Lizzy called her brother to tell him the good news. He was there within minutes and when the doctors approved, they allowed Andrew to visit him.

"Hey Darien," said Andrew, "you had me worried, buddy. You were asleep for four months."

"it was really that long?" Darien asked.

"Yeah," said Andrew.

Darien rubbed his head. "Four months…I was asleep…did I miss anything? Anything, big and life changing?"

Andrew smiled. "Yeah, I got engaged a couple days after your accident."

"Oh man," Darien groaned. "Did I miss anything else?"

"Besides work and school, don't think so," answered Andrew.

"Well congratulations….sorry to be such a trouble. How did I get in an accident?"

"No worries," replied Andrew, "just glad to see you're all right. Anyway, you hit a truck and rolled over the side of the cliff. The police didn't find any ID on you."

"No ID?" Darien asked. "That's crazy—I never ride without my license."

"I know," said Andrew, "the police was here when we discovered your identity. They were asking all sorts of wild questions."

Darien looked like he wished to remain asleep.

"But you've really got to thank Lizzy," said Andrew, "she's been by your side the whole time. She's a volunteer here, you know."


"Yeah, I think she's got a thing for you," Andrew smiled. "Anyway, Rita and I've postponed the wedding. I knew you were going to wake soon and I wanted you to be there."

"You postponed your wedding because of me?" Darien asked.

"Yeah, can't get married without my best man, could I?" Andrew asked. "Well, only if you want too."

Darien grinned. "You postponed your wedding because you wanted to ask me to be your best man. It'd be very ungrateful if I didn't accept. Of course I'll be your best man."

Andrew and Darien talked for a bit and Lizzy returned to his room with his lunch.

"How are you feeling?" she inquired.

"I'm a little sore," he said, "but otherwise, all right."

Lizzy placed his tray on the table. "It's supposed to be meatloaf—but it's still hospital food."

"Well it's the first thing I had in four months," Darien said, "I'm sure it'll taste good."

Lizzy sat down.

"Andrew told me you've been in to see me a lot," said Darien.

"Yes, well, I was the only one here that knew you," Lizzy answered, blushing.

"Thanks," said Darien, "appreciate it. I'm just sorry to worry all you guys. Andrew told me that I was found without my helmet and I didn't have my license. I've never done that before. I wonder where I was going and what I was thinking about."

" Darien, don't try to worry about that now," Lizzy said, taking his hand, "you're back and that's what matters."

Darien smiled and squeezed her hand softly. Darien was back but his memory wasn't. Serena was back but not her powers. There would be a new leader in the Sailor Scouts. Sailor Saturn was in Voldemort's clutches. Things were going to be different in their lives from now on. There would soon be shifts in their destinies.


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