Disclaimer: All characters mentioned belong in the animé series Gundam Wing. The plot is taken from the book Midnight Pearls by Debbie Viguié. So ALL credit goes to her. Please don't sue me…?

Mermen are generally considered uglier and by far less kindly than mermaids. They have no interest in mankind, unlike mermaids who often try to seduce human males, and are known for starting huge storms and drowning ships in ire and revenge if a mermaid is hurt. However, "Benwell... describes the Scandinavian Merman or Havmand as a handsome creature with a green or black beard, living on cliffs and shore hills as well as in the sea, and says that he was regarded as "a beneficent creature." Some Mermen though, would warn of danger and be helpful, or even bring young sailor men down beneath the sea with them, where the men would either drown or live in blissful happiness, "depending on their captor's attitude"

Summary: A mermaid story like never before. They say that the prince was bonded to a boy who was not what he appeared and that another boy who saved the kingdom vanished without a trace. Some said it was witchcraft. Some said it was only a legend. For those who knew the truth, it was magic… (eventual 3x4 and 1x2)

Out of the Sea

By Ninetails


It should have been the happiest day of his life, but instead it was a living nightmare. Quatre slowly fingered the fabric of his pale blue frock and closed his eyes. Fat tears that managed to escape his frayed control squeezed out from beneath his eyelids and rolled down his cheeks.

The gong of the temple began to sound. It was resonating for him. Its keening was his death sentence, its steady beat his death march. He felt himself begin to shake. Today was the last day of his freedom, his last taste of joy. He opened his eyes and stared down at his boots. They gleamed softly in polished brilliance, mocking him. Today was supposed to be the happiest day of his life, for today he would be bonded.

He looked back upon his life and saw how every step had led him here. Where had it all gone wrong? What could he have changed?

He closed his eyes again and prayed for death.


Author's Notes:

A short prologue, I know. Chapter 1 will be up soon, probably next year? I feel so out of sorts right now (probably has to do with the fact that finals week is next week!) Nah, really, I've been depressed these past few days. Oh well.

Okay, title was changed from "Midnight Pearls" to "Out of the Sea." I just felt like it...

And now, these are just last words to some reviewers of mine. If they don't get to read these, oh well.

To Lost-Remembrance Err... Nope, Heero isn't Quatre's brother. He's... someone more. Yeah, Norse mythology IS okay, and I'm really hooked in with their fairly weird names. I also like Indian myth, although their beliefs are... well... Strange. You think it was okay! Thanks SO much! Thanks too for the wonderfully LONG review! (huggles)

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