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Well here's another one of my fictions and like the others it's an Inuyasha and Kagome fan fiction. I hope you enjoy!

Chapter 1: Battle recollections

Darkness... there was no light on the battlefield. Peace was there, yet it was not. Worriers were scattered dead, some alive. Pain was evident in every soul who took part in the long tiresome and long battle.

A man, no hanyou stood lifting debris from him. His clothing was ripped and bloody, as was his body. Through the darkness of the battle field he used his hanyou senses to search for a few which he prayed had survived.

The figures he searched for were no where in site. There was to many bodies and to much wreckage. His friends were probably covered and unconscious, like he was for who knows how long.

He could feel complete pain shooting through his body, but he still wanted to know his friends were safe. They were more important than his own health. At least to him.

On the other side of the battle field was a girl. Her clothing was mostly shredded and she was drained. She could barely move and her head pounded as if it was being crushed.

She moaned in pain and opened her eyes. In front of her was the body of a fallen soldier. There was a dead, smelly body atop her. She moved with all her strength and pushed it aside.

She went to speak and call the names of her friends, but found her voice dry and it would take more energy than she was willing to give to call out the names of her friends.

"Shippo..." She called with a cracking in her voice. He was the one she was most worried about, that was aside from Inuyasha, but she knew if anyone could take care of themselves it was Inuyasha, but Shippo on the other hand... she wasn't so sure.

Shippo was never supposed to take part in the battle. The little kitsune was hid away where he couldn't get hurt, but when the final blow came he jumped in front of Kagome in his transformed stage to protect her. In the process they were both knocked out into darkness.

"K... Kagome.." came a weak, struggling voice. It wasn't that of Shippo's, it was Inuyasha's. He must have heard her call for Shippo. Kagome looked up slowly and saw the hanyou coming to her. He fumbled here and there.

When he came to stop in front of her he knelt down and breathed in some strength.

"Inuyasha?" Kagome asked. She sat up using all her will power. "Are you alright?" She asked quietly. He obviously was not. He had after all been the one to take the most blows. He had taken hit after hit for Kagome, almost killing himself in the process. She was grateful he was not dead.

"I'm sorry, Kagome." came Inuyasha's reply, ignoring Kagome's questions. "I wasn't able to protect you... you're hurt."

"No, I'm fine. What about the others? Have you seen them?" She asked in a pained voice. Inuyasha nodded no.

"I..." Inuyasha never finished as he collapsed unconscious.

"Inuyasha... Inu.." Kagome looked at him and tears welled in her eyes as she thought he was dead. "Inuyasha!" Kagome called out as she shook him. "Wake up... open your eyes! Please.."

"Stop..." he mumbled.

"Hmm?" She pulled away and looked at him with relief.

"Stop shaking me, my head hurts." He said. Kagome smiled and made a little laugh as a few tears of joy fell. She was glad he was alright, but she could only hope the others were too.

She could worry about her friends later though. If she survived she knew they definitely could. They were after all much stronger than she ever was. At least when it came to physical strength.

She malformed beside her loving companion and rested her head on his arm which was sprawled out from his body. She felt him run his clawed hands through her hair and she than allowed herself more sleep.


Not to far from them sat a weary lord. He was leaning against a rock. He - unlike - the others had not passed out since the battle and was tired. Although he would of course never admit to it. He - like - the others had fault long and hard and wanted a rest.

Though there was a problem. The battle had taken place on his lands. The western lands and he couldn't leave until this giant mess was cleaned up and he couldn't get it cleaned up until all the survivors left his territory.

He noticed when his younger brother, Inuyasha, had awoken and hoped Inuyasha wasn't ready to leave. He wanted his lands cleaned, but he was in no hurry to get it done. he was still weak from the battle and wanted some more rest.

He could always go and retrieve servants to clean the mess, while he rested, although that was not the honorable thing to do, especially since he was the main cause for the battle being held on his parts.

He had done it so that he could have the advantage. After all don't you have more of an advantage in your own territory.

It seemed like Sesshomaru did after all have the advantage. He had suffered less than all of the others who had taken part in the battle. Than again that could have been because he was the most powerful.

Sesshomaru averted his gaze to where his brother currently lay - passed out with a human. He snorted. Trust Inuyasha to fall in love with a mortal.

Of course Kagome wasn't just any mortal girl and Sesshomaru knew this. He was far from dense, unlike some hanyou's(cough.. Inuyasha... cough). Kagome was a miko, yet she was so much more. She was a human who loved a hanyou for what he was. She was strong in the soul and in the heart. She was warm, caring, brave... she was unlike any mortal Sesshomaru had ever seen and for this he respected her.

Of course Sesshomaru also respected one other mortal and that girl was named Rin. She had not witnessed the battle. Sesshomaru made sure she was safe with Jaken at his castle.

For a fleeting moment Sesshomaru wondered what was it that caused dog demons like himself and Inuyasha to care for human woman more than demon woman. He quickly erased the thought from his mind and replaced it with

'all human woman and men are scum. All humans are vermin.' He tried to convince himself of the thought, but deep down he knew it was a lie.

Sesshomaru used his demon sight to see in the dark and look upon the face of the young girl beside Inuyasha. She was definitely a beauty and she seemed so peaceful next to Inuyasha, not like she had seemed before when she was passed out alone.

'The girl will be a good mate for my brother if he ever realizes how much she cares for him.' Sesshomaru thought, one again changing his view, but this time to the demon slayer and houshi. They were curled up beside one another and the houshi was surprisingly not trying to get in a free grab of the woman's bottom. Instead it was rested on her back as he hugged her in his sleep.

Sesshomaru though back to moments before Inuyasha had made his way to Kagome. He recalled the houshi and demon slayer awaken at about the same time and going to each other as if they were magically pulled to one another. They made sure they were both all right before hugging and passing out. After that the small kitsune went to them.

The kitsune, Shippo, was originally cuddled near Kagome, but as soon as he awoke he went to Sango, Miroku, and Kirara. he had of course checked on Kagome first and only meant to check on Sango and Miroku, but when he got to their sleeping forms he realized he was to weak to make a journey back to Kagome at the time so passed out.

Not to far from Sesshomaru was the all to familiar wolf demon leader, Koga. He was taking in deep breathes as he had only just awoken. He rubbed his aching head and took a look at the dark battle field. He coughed lightly from small traces of miasma in the air and noticed many of his comrades extended over trash and dead bodies. Most of them were also dead. He was grateful that it was mating season since they would definitely need to be repairing their pack.

Mating season brought Koga to the thought of Kagome. He wondered if she was okay and took a look around searching for her. he hoped she wasn't to badly hurt. He remembered she had taken many strikes, but Inuyasha had taken most of them for her.

When he spotted her, he was more than mad to see her next to Inuyasha. He was so angry he picked himself up and slowly jogged over to Kagome. He throbbed to much to run, like usual.

When he got to the sleeping couple he kicked Inuyasha. Inuyasha coughed since Koga knocked the wind out of him and unhappily opened his eyes to stare up at an enraged wolf demon.

"What the hell do you think you're doing near my woman, mutt face?" Koga asked.

"She ain't your woman, mangy wolf. She came over herself." Inuyasha said and a cocky thought went through his mind. Since he liked making Koga mad he decided to make him even madder just to be spiteful and take advantage of where Kagome was. "Actually..." Inuyasha trailed off as he pulled Kagome fully against him and wrapped his hands around her waist. "She's really comfortable to sleep with." 'Wow, she is comfortable to sleep with... and it feels like...' Inuyasha looked down at the girl and he hands the were resting against his chest has a purplish, pinkish aura coming from them. The aura soothed his aching bones. 'Is she... Is she subconsciously using her miko powers to heal me?' Inuyasha thought in surprise.

"Get off my woman, dog breath!" Koga said as he kicked Inuyasha's back, pulling Inuyasha from his thoughts.

"Stop kicking me flee bag!" Inuyasha said angrily turning to face the glowering wolf.

Sesshomaru watched amused in the distance. It was the only amusement he'd had in 10 days. The battle had been seven very stressful days and the survivors were still passed out, well at least most of them.

"If you are going to fight take it somewhere else. There is already to much blood around here." Sesshomaru said from the distance. Inuyasha and Koga looked over at him in the dark.

"Feh, to bad you haven't died yet. I was beginning to think about party plans, looks like you survived though." Inuyasha said to his older brother who ignored the comment. "What the hell do you think you're doing!" Inuyasha yelled as he realized Koga was trying to pull Kagome from Inuyasha's embrace. "Get off!" Inuyasha yelled. Kagome moaned in pain from the match of tog-of-war Koga and Inuyasha were having with her weak form. "Let go! You're hurting her!"

"You're the one who won't let go!" Koga roared as he continued pulling on Kagome. "Let go!"

"You let go!"

"No, you let go!"

"Both of you let go!" Kagome screamed in pain and annoyance. Both hanyou and demon commanded and dropped her. She fell flat on her face with a painful moan. "Can't you two stop fight for a minute and let me rest?" Kagome asked as she stood up weakly. She smacked koga upside the head. "Sit."


Inuyasha plummeted to the ground.

"There now you're both punished." Kagome said crossing her arms.

"He started it!" Inuyasha and Koga yelled at the same time.

Kagome suddenly felt very dizzy and her head still hurt she began to fall to the ground. You can only guess what happened next. Inuyasha and Koga BOTH went to catch her and they slammed into each other BOTH failing.

Kagome of course was not happy with this and her head hurt more when she hit the ground with a thud.

Koga and Inuyasha both leaned down to help her up, but she used her hand and pushed them away.

"Just.. don't." She said in annoyance and turned over and just lay there looking at the sky. She let the thoughts of the battle finally flow through her mind.


They had arrived in the battle field in which Inuyasha had smelt Naraku.

Sango, Miroku, and Shippo all flew on Kirara as Kagome was on Inuyasha back.

When they got to the battle field. Demons were everywhere. Sesshomaru was there with some of his followers and Koga was there with many of his pack members. There was also a few other people out for revenge.

"Look at all of these people and demons." Kagome said as she got off of Inuyasha's back with her bow and arrows. "It's hard to tell who is on who's side."

"Who the hell cares. As soon as Naraku is dead so will all the others on his team and hopefully the wolf will die too." Inuyasha mumbled the last part.

"Inuyasha." Kagome warned.


"Forget it." Kagome shook her head in disappointment. "Lets just get this over with okay?" She smiled and waited for a response.

"Yeah." Inuyasha said.

And so the battle began. Demon after demon, human after human dying. Naraku had of course brought many puppets, which were not so much of a problem. His demon minions weren't that strong either. The main problem was Kagura. Kanna had died early in the battle, but it seemed Kagura wasn't so easily defeated.

Kagome had been the one to kill Kagura when she was about to kill Inuyasha by catching him off guard. Kagome had saved him by killing the wind sorceress before it was to late.

Kagura's last words were surprising since they were words of encouragement. She told Kagome and Inuyasha to make sure Naraku dies in a painful way.

So the battle carried on and seven days into it many had died, including all of Naraku's demons.

Everyone took turns attacking Naraku. He called them fools repeatedly and finally died when he was being his cocky self.

He died through a combination of attacks from everyone and once he died miasma filled the area. A few were so week they died from the miasma which was tragic, especially since they survived the whole battle, only to die when it finally ended.

Inuyasha's first thought was to go and make sure Kagome didn't die from the miasma since he saw her coughing over and over. Though as soon as he made his way to her there was a giant explosion.

He saw Shippo jump in front of Kagome and than they all passed out, only to awake three days later.

End flashback

Kagome took a deep breath at the memory. It was all over now. What was there left for her to do? She still had to find the rest of the sacred jewel? No. Naraku had had the rest of it and Kagome had grabbed it when the miasma filled the air.

At the memory Kagome reached into her pocket and pulled out the sacred jewel halves. All she needed to do was combine it and there would be the whole sacred jewel. She had already gotten Koga's jewel shards before the battle with Naraku.

"Are those the two halves of the sacred jewel?" asked a now interested Koga.

"Yeah." was Kagome's simple reply. She looked at Inuyasha who was staring at the jewel in deep thought. Kagome wondered what he was thinking. She sighed and closed her hands together and prayed to the gods for the jewel to combine.

Sure enough a light erupted from her hands and when she opened it the whole jewel was there. She looked once again at Inuyasha and stood up.

"Well are you just going to stand there and stare." Kagome suddenly found herself in a very bad mood. The others were all coming to, to witness the scene. "Here!" Kagome took Inuyasha's hand and angrily shoved the jewel into his palm. "Take it and do what you want with it. You can go do whatever you want and look... you don't need me anymore, you don't need a jewel detector. I'm going home... be happy Inuyasha." Kagome said quickly and turned she began to run off not wanting him to know she was crying.

Well what do you think for a first chapter. I don't think this fiction will be as long as my other ones.