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Chapter 17: Seeing Kikyo And Walking On

Inuyasha stared out the window. It was sunrise already. The night had seemed so short. He had been watching Kagome sleep the whole time. After their conversation the night before Kagome had went straight to sleep. Sleep was good for her now anyway, especially after the whole hell ordeal. She still had gashes on her, but she had bathed, so no dry blood was left and she was no longer wearing that Kimono Inuyasha had loved seeing her in. He hoped she would wear it some other time, but for now she was content in sleeping wear.

"Inuyasha." A whispered voice called out. Inuyasha looked to the door to see Mrs. Higurashi standing there. She was looking at him, as if she wanted him to come to her.

He got down from the windowsill and walked over to her, careful not to wake Kagome as he passed her.

"Yeah?" He asked. Mrs. Higurashi gestured for him to follow her as she walked out. Inuyasha walked out with her, leaving Kagome's door open a crack.

"I would like to know how Kagome got her wounds... she didn't exactly explain."

"It's a long story.. you should ask Kags. I can't explain things that well."


Kagome opened her eyes slowly. She could feel sweat flowing down her forehead. It had been another nightmare. She hated nightmares. She hadn't woken from it in her sleep, the nightmare just kept on going and got worse and worse.

A few times she had heard Inuyasha's voice and it would always make things better, even if only a little bit. The dreams were so real. She would have to find someway to rid the dreams from herself and the people around her. She wouldn't allow them to suffer because of her.

Hayabusa was gone, which left her to wonder how he could possibly give her nightmares while she slept.

Kagome moved the blankets aside and stood up. She conjectured where Inuyasha could be. He was there when she had fallen asleep. She wondered if maybe he had gone back to the feudal era.

She decided to leave it where it was and head downstairs. She would eat, take, a shower and prepare for the day. Since it was the weekend she had no school. Sota was in his room either playing a video game or sleeping. Since it was early on a Saturday morning, Kagome assumed he was still in his slumber.

Kagome went to open her door, but found it already partially open. She blinked. 'Inuyasha?' Kagome ignored it and walked out of her room. A smell conquered her. She was starving and just about any hot foods smelt nice now.

She scurried down the steps to see her mother and Inuyasha talking. Her mother seemed concerned and was cooking some breakfast.

"What's going on?" Kagome pulled the two from their conversation and they turned to her.

"Nothing, dear." Mrs. Higurashi continued making breakfast. "Would you like some breakfast?"

"Yeah." Kagome sat down next to Inuyasha and looked at him, as if expecting an answer. His eyes twitched as he tried to hold a stare, but he was unable to and turned.

"So Inuyasha tells me you two are going to marry." Mrs. Higurashi remarked. Kagome blushed.

"You told her already?" Kagome whispered.

"I wanted to make sure she'd let you."

"So you asked permission."

"Feh." Inuyasha crossed his arms. Kagome smiled. He was loud, stubborn, and sometimes annoying, but he was also honorable, handsome, and her savior.

"There's a lot to be done. You'll have to do most of the planning. As much as I would have liked to plan your whole wedding... there are some complications, considering Inuyasha being a half demon and your friends from the feudal era coming and what not."

"I know, but not to soon. There's others things to do before the wedding." Kagome was referring to her nightmares, but her mother didn't know of that.

"Shouldn't we take you to the hospital and get those wounds cleaned up. We don't want them getting infected and some may need stitches."

"I think I can go without.."

"She'll go." Inuyasha cut Kagome off and she gave him a questioning look.


"You want to lose your arm, because you decided to let the cut on it become infected?" Kagome smiled at him. She would have thought he would have disliked wasting so much time, but he was doing this for her.

"I am glad to see you care so much for her. You two will make a wonderful couple." Mrs. Higurashi squealed with delight. "And the grandchildren will be so adorable. I hope they have little dog ears just like Inuyasha."

"MOM!" Kagome was blushing furiously. They hadn't even considered children yet and she was still only seventeen.

"I was only saying.. oh that reminds me, you need to start going to school more often. Make sure to go Monday."

"I will." Kagome looked to Inuyasha and wondered if it would be alright with him, but he hadn't turned to face her. He seemed to be thinking and there was a small blush plastered on his face.

"You alright?" Kagome asked. Inuyasha looked at her.

"Ah.. yeah sure." Kagome couldn't help, but wonder what was going through his mind.

"So how was your sleep Kagome?" Mrs. Higurashi asked. Kagome looked at her, a slight nervousness coming over her.

"It was... fine." She lied. She had nightmare after nightmare.

"We should go." Inuyasha spoke up. "The others are probably waiting."

"But what about breakfast." Kagome's mother questioned. "It's almost ready."

"Inuyasha, I'm going to stay this week. You can leave. My mom is right. I need to start making up school and I'll go to the doctors and make sure none of these wounds are infected."

"Feh, whatever." Inuyasha stood up. "I'll be back." He walked away and left to the feudal era. Kagome questioned exactly when he would be back. He hadn't said.

"Well I guess that means he doesn't want breakfast." Mrs. Higurashi commented.

"I guess so." Kagome sat at the table and waited for her breakfast. She looked to the stairs when she heard the sound of footsteps. Sota was walking down them, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes. Gramps was following behind him.

"Hey Kagome." Sota and gramps took their seats across from her.

"Good morning you two." Kagome smiled brightly at them.

"You seem pretty cut up. What happened?" Sota asked his older sister in concern.

"It's nothing." Kagome waved her hand as if to swat the subject away. "Just some more battles in the feudal era."

"Inuyasha was unable to protect you than?" Gramps asked. Kagome gave the old man a smile.

"Yeah, this time. But he did save me." Kagome looked at the table. He always saved her and she always failed to thank him as much as he disserved.

"Kagome and Inuyasha are getting married." Mrs. Higurashi clapped her hands happily. Sota and gramps looked to Kagome in awe.

"So, I'll have a half demon for a brother." Sota became excited.

"Congratulations." Gramps gave his granddaughter a beaming smile.

"Thank you."

"When will you guys tie the knot?"

"Um.. we're not sure yet."

"So Kagome.. you never did explain how he purposed." Mrs. Higurashi sat down next to her daughter. Kagome blushed. All this talk about her and Inuyasha was sort of embarrassing.

"I think I'll keep that to myself." Kagome said lowly. It may not have been the fanciest way, but it was a wonderful way to tell her the way he did. She asked him what he wanted and he answered by saying he wanted her. She thought it was adorable.

"Alright than dear." Her mother finished cooking an began to set the food upon the plates for each person. "I'll call the doctor and you can get ready after you finish eating." Kagome nodded to her mother and began to eat.


Inuyasha jumped out of the well and was relieved to smell the fresh air. Kagome's time smelt of gases and trash. The only escape was Kagome's room and home, where is smelt completely of her and her family.

Inside he was jumping for joy. Kagome would finally be his. She had agreed to being his mate and soon they would be eternally bonded, in life and in death.

Inuyasha walked calmly with a small grin plastered on his face. He would not tell the others. Kagome would. He wasn't the type to go around telling everyone about his relationship.

Inuyasha was very aware of Kagome's nightmares. She had told him about them before he asked to be mated and in her sleep she was restless. He had come back soon so he could find out a way to stop the nightmares and the only way to do that was to figure out the cause, which meant another trip to the underworld.

Suddenly a weary feeling passed over Inuyasha. He sensed a familiar presence. He turned quickly, only to see a soul collector fly by him. It was as though it was calling out to him and urging him to follow.

Inuyasha hesitated. Visits with Kikyo usually led to Kagome's hurt. He would no longer allow Kagome to hurt, even if it cost Kikyo. He bit his bottom lip. If the soul gatherer was calling to him, Kikyo probably wanted to speak to him. He could trust himself not to go and do anything with Kikyo, yet still he had no right to go if Kagome might possibly be hurt by it.

"Inuyasha." The voice signaled Inuyasha that he no longer had a choice. He turned again and was met with the cold stare of a woman he had once cared for.

"Kikyo." Inuyasha stood tall, waiting for her to speak.

"I have come to confirm rumors from the underworld. Why is it you were spotted down there in the depths of hell. Kagome as well. Has she passed on?" Kikyo questioned. Inuyasha let some air release from his tightened lungs.

"No.." He trailed off. It was no business of Kikyo's whatsoever.

"Than explain to me what happened."

"I don't have time."

"You don't?" Kikyo was a little confused. Usually Inuyasha would just tell her.

"I have to take another trip to hell." Inuyasha commented coolly.

"Another trip? So you have been there before. Tell me how a living being made it to the underworld?"

"I did and it's that simple."

"Nothing is that simple."

"See ya." Inuyasha jumped right past Kikyo. As he had said before he had no time. If all she wanted was information he would deny her from it. There was no sense in wasting time in explanations.

Kikyo was in awe at how Inuyasha had just ignored her. She also noticed something else that didn't appeal to her very much. Kagome's aura was surrounding Inuyasha to a much greater extent. They had definitely become closer. Kikyo could tell from the amount around the hanyou Kagome had a protective barrier around him, she was probably unaware though. The barrier would only activate when Inuyasha was in danger. Though, the barrier would protect Inuyasha it would only harm Kagome, by taking aware her energy. If she were in a critical state when the barrier was activated she would most likely die.

Kikyo had no intentions of informing Inuyasha of this. Each time he would use the barrier without knowing Kagome would be hurt and it would continue until she died. Kikyo continued to stare of coldly. She didn't believe Kagome belonged in this world of the past. (A/N: Well since when does Kikyo belong there!) Kagome was a girl of the future, not of the past. Kikyo cared not whether the girl lived or died.

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