Hello loyal fans (do I have loyal fans?) and welcome to my first 100 original Zelda Fanfic. This is my third fanfic on the other two being OoT retellings from Link and Sheik's perspectives called Time Travel, Drag Kings, and Why I HateHormones and Heroes, Cross-Dressing, and Why I Hate Hormones, respectively. shameless plug

Anyway, this one's different. It takes plece in an alternate modern Hyrule, complete with TVs and Juvie. It does, however, use the classic Zelda characters, including my favorite: Sheik! I hope you enjoy it, and please bear with me if it takes awhile to update. I have no idea how long this is going to be.

Hyrule Boys' Correctional Facility

Chapter 1. Delinquent


Link knew what he'd done wrong. It was simple really. After all the things he'd done, of course he knew what he'd done wrong.

After the Great Deku Tree had told him who he really was, that he wasn't a Kokiri like all his friends but instead an orphaned Hylian who just happened to live there, Link had gotten sad. Then he'd gotten mad. Then he'd started destroying things, and when he got tired of doing that at home he'd left the forest, gone into the main part of Hyrule, and started destroying things there.

That was where it had happened. After destroying some rather random stuff he'd been chased down by the police, shoved in front of a man in black robes, and informed that blowing up mailboxes was a federal offense. Link hadn't known that, but apparently "ignorance of the law is no excuse." So he'd been sentenced to spend the next eight years in a boys' correctional facility, or juvenile hall.

Link was ten years old, angry at the world, a convicted criminal, and he knew what he'd done wrong. He'd gotten caught.


Hyrule Boys' Correctional Facility was a large gray building with no distinguishing features, other than a chain-link fence surrounding it and metal screens over all the windows. The inside was equally gray and equally blank, but there were signs of human activity. Expletives carved into walls and furniture, gum and spit balls stuck to various surfaces. All of these had been partially cleaned off or, in the case of the expletives, covered with a layer of paint, but they were still visible. This was an encouraging sign.

Link was handed some drab gray clothing that matched the building and directed to the east wing. Once there, an older boy with four earring in one ear told him a room number and advised him to avoid trouble for at least a few hours. Link grunted in reply and went to the room he'd been assigned.

A boy, about Link's age, was lying on his stomach on the bed on the right. He was wearing drab gray pants identical to the ones Link had been given, but instead of a shirt he had a vest-like thing with the sleeves torn off. He had very pale blond hair, was darkly tan, and had bandages around his head like a hat. He was also carving something into his bed's headboard with a nail file.

"Hey," the boy said, without turning around.

"Hey," Link replied. He dumped his gray clothing on the left bed and sat beside it.

"So you're my roomie huh?" the other boy said, still not looking up.

"I guess so," Link looked at the boy. "What are you doing?"

"Carving my name into my bed," he answered simply. "So that the next poor sucker who sleeps here will know I was here first."

Link peered at the carving.


"Your name is Sheila?" Link exclaimed.

"No, dork," the boy finished the last letter of his carving and sat up. He had angular red eyes and was quite obviously a Sheikah. "It's Sheik."


"Oh," Link blushed a little. "I'm Link."

"So, Link," Sheik leaned back and put his hands behind his head. "What are you in for?"

"Destroyed some stuff," he shrugged.

"What kind of stuff?"

"A lot of stuff." Link thought back to his time in court. "I think they called it… Destruction of private property, destruction of public property, and destruction of federal property. Oh, and breaking and entering."

Sheik laughed. "Not bad, not bad at all."

"What about you?"

"Let me think…" Sheik scratched his cheek. "Breaking and entering, vandalism, larceny, and, uhh, I broke into a post office."

"You broke into a post office!" Link exclaimed. "But that's a federal offense!"

"Well I didn't know that when I did it," Sheik replied bitterly. He sighed. "It doesn't really matter in retrospect. I don't mind being here, it's not like I have anywhere else to go."

"You don't?" Sheik shook his head. "Me neither."

"Runaway?" Link nodded. "Me too."

After a moment's pause the two boys looked at each other and smiled.

"Let's stick together, you and me," Sheik said. "We'll have a better chance of getting through this alive and un-violated if we watch out for each other."

"Deal," Link agreed.

They reached across the space between the beds and shook hands. Link noticed that Sheik's hands were soft and uncalloused, but thought it would be weird to comment on it.


Sheik had been in juvie only a week longer than Link, but he'd already figured out the ropes and was perfectly willing to pass along his knowledge. The boys were divided by age, ten and younger in the east wing, eleven to fourteen in the south wing, and fifteen to eighteen in the west wing. All the wings were filled with two-person rooms, not cells, and each one of those had their own closet-sized bathroom.

Sheik said it was best to stick to your own age group, but it was okay to have younger followers. There weren't many kids younger than Sheik and Link, but Sheik had been working on making the three seven-year-olds who had broken thirty-six windows in twenty-four hours look up to him.

"It's not working very well though," he said. "Those kids are nuts."

In between the three wings was a big area with sections for eating, exercising, and sitting around and watching TV. There was also a pool table, a fooseball table, air hockey, and card tables, though all were bolted to the floor so they couldn't be stolen or used as weapons. The TV was also bolted, as was the one in the separate TV Room, and the one that was reserved for video games. About the only things that weren't bolted were the books in the library, but those didn't go missing.

The boys in the facility had plenty of free time to use these bolted devices. Their days were structured, but loosely. Breakfast at the same time every day, followed by free time until lunch, then the older boys, and sometimes the younger boys, were taken out to do community service for varying amounts of time or worked in the gardens all afternoon, then dinner and one hour of free time until lights out. All in all, not bad.

Lunch for the youngest group was at eleven, and Link experienced it not long after he arrived. Sheik helped him make it through the line for food without losing any limbs, then pointed out some of the boys their own age, and all the ones he knew were going to be in there for an extended period of time.

"Of course, only two others are going to be nearly as long as I am," Sheik bragged, buttering a piece of bread. "I'm here till I'm eighteen."

Link nearly choked on his food. "You are! So am I!"

"Really?" Sheik laughed. "How weird, I guess that means three others are going to be here as long as I am. When are you getting out?"

"I'm not sure, some time in summer, I think."

"Oh no way!" Sheik laughed harder. "Me too! That's so great!"

"Wow," Link blinked. "That's a weird coincidence."

"It must be because our crimes are so similar." Sheik took a big bite out of his bread and kept talking. "We both messed with the postal system, remember?"

"Yeah, that makes sense."

Just then a Zora boy leaned across the table and tapped to get their attention. "Hey Sheik, who's your friend?"

"Oh, this is Link. He's here for as long as I am." After that it was introductions all around; apparently Sheik had settled in quite well in the week he'd been there.

That afternoon there were more introductions, more lessons, and the discovery that it was impossible to determine which of the two boys was worse at pool. Luckily neither had anything worth betting, and the other boys kicked them away from the table after Link's forty-ninth scratch.

Dinner was no more eventful then lunch, except that the food was better and actually warm. There was a food fight at one end of the dining hall, but it didn't spread to the rest of it. Link had noticed things like that all day. There was happiness and laughter, but it was localized. The only emotions that filled the whole place were anger, bitterness, despair. Most of the boys there were still just boys, scared little boys.

After dinner Sheik led Link to the TV room, where Link settled down with the newspaper and Sheik got into an argument over the remote. Link skipped right to the comics, completely ignoring the rest of the paper, until one headline caught his eye.

"Hey, look at this," he held the paper up to show Sheik.

"What is it?"

"Look," He pointed to the headline.


"That's weird," Sheik leaned over and looked at it.

Link quickly scanned the article. "It says that Princess Zelda is going into hiding until she's eighteen."


Link kept scanning. "Well, apparently the princesses in her family have a history of getting kidnapped, so they're hiding her 'in a secure location' until she's eighteen and can take care of herself."

"That seems a bit excessive." Something else in the paper attracted Sheik's attention. "Ooh comics."


That night Link settled down to bed, much earlier than he'd been to bed in a long time, and stared at the wall, listening to the sound of Sheik breathing. It wasn't until he was on the verge of sleep that Link realized it was the first night in weeks he hadn't even come close to tears. Strange how he could be happier in a place like this than he'd been anywhere else.