13. A New Beginning

Her Royal Highness Princess Zelda of Hyrule slumped in her ornate chair as the attractive dark-haired man kneeling in front of her prattled on. She was very tempted to tell the man simply, "I prefer blonds," but that would have been rude. Princesses were not allowed to be rude.

Her family and tutors had spent the last five years re-training her to be a princess. Eight years in juvie can really take the prim-and-properness out of a girl, and she'd resisted the rehabilitation pretty strongly. Zelda had liked being Sheik.

Sheik was the one Link had fallen in love with.

The man now reciting his own merits in front of her was one in a string of men who had been visiting over the last few days. You see, at twenty-three, Zelda was much older than either of her parents had been when they had married. She was much older than any princess in the last couple hundred years had been when they had married. So "suitable" men from all over the world were introducing themselves, with the express purpose of winning her hand.

Unfortunately, most of them were incredible bores, and none of them were Zelda's type. She liked normal guys, albeit with big hearts and a streak of courage, and blue eyes couldn't hurt.

She didn't really want to get married at all. At least not to anyone with any noble blood. The one she wanted was...

"Boss! Hsst! Hey Boss!" a voice hissed from a high window.

Zelda looked up at it without turning her head and saw a familiar dark face, one ruby-colored eye obscured by silky blond hair.

"Not now Wesson," the Princess murmured.

"You will never believe who I just saw Boss," he said.

"I said not now."

"...and I hope to get to know you in the future," the dark-haired man finished his speech and smiled winningly up at her.

Zelda sat up a little and smiled politely. "An intriguing offer my Lord Damson," she said, sounding for all the world as though she meant it, "But-"

Suddenly the dark face disappeared from the window, there was a crash from outside the room, and a voice cried, "Ow! Dammit Smith! You call that support!"

Zelda sighed. "Impa, would you mind checking on my new attendants?"

"Of course your highness." Impa left, cracking her knuckles.

"As I was saying, Lord Damson, I appreciate the offer but my schedule is far too busy for much socializing. But perhaps I will see you at a ball sometime?"

"Uh, of course, I would be honored." Lord Damson recognized her reply as the kiss-off that it was, but had been brought up just as well, if not better, than Zelda had. He would not show disappointment. He bowed and left the room.

"Any other visitors?" Zelda asked her steward.

"A few," he smiled wryly. Most in the palace were quite aware of Zelda's opinion of her life, and understood. "Your next visitor is a young knight named Sir Link."

Zelda sat up, her face blank. "Sir Link?"

"That's right," the steward did not notice anything amiss. "He was knighted only a few weeks ago, for outstanding service to the crown."

"What...kind of service?"

"He's basically spent the last five years going around the country and saving people from this and that. An honest-to-Din hero." The steward looked at his notes. "Oh, and apparently he single-handedly opened up relations with the Kokiri. Grew up with them or something. His records are a bit confused before he turned eighteen though. Probably spent all that time in the forest."

"Yes, probably," Zelda agreed distractedly. "Send him in."

Sir Link entered the room, smiling slightly and looking the princess right in the eyes.

A slight flush raised in Zelda's cheeks.

He was a tall, golden, column of muscle, dressed in loose, green clothing that was semi-formal and somehow managed to accentuate his masculine perfection.

Like Zelda, he was wearing gloves.

He kneeled on the floor in front of her, as was proper. "Greetings, your highness," he said, that slightly smug smile still on his face. "You look even lovelier than I had imagined."

"The same to you," Zelda replied, slightly breathless.

"So rumor has it you're well on your way to becoming an old maid."

Zelda blinked, and the steward started forward angrily, as though to remove Sir Link from the room. The Princess raised a hand to stop him.

"You shouldn't listen to rumors," she said calmly.

"Mm, perhaps not. But I figured if you were trying to escape that fate, you would rather spend your life with someone who has no ambition whatsoever, and considers you much much more than just a stepping stone in his career." He smiled up at her. "Besides, don't you like blonds?"

"I do, as a matter of fact," Zelda was starting to enjoy herself now. "Although I don't think that little tidbit was ever printed in any tabloids."

"No, I think I picked up that information written on a bathroom wall."

Zelda and Link smiled at each other.

"So if you want to spend your life with me, as you said," Zelda said, "what are you offering?"

Link shrugged. "I think I'll never be worthy of you, but I've spent the last five years trying to make myself worthy of a princess. I offer you a willing slave, a devoted friend, a hero as a husband, and all of my heart. Although..." he smiled, and his eyes sparkled wickedly, "I feel I should warn you. I was a juvenile delinquent."

"That's all right," Zelda smiled back, just as wicked. "So was I."


All together now: AWWWWWWWW...

This is the end by the way. Some of you have expressed an interest in a sequel, and I'll admit I have some ideas, but I also have ideas for some new stories. So I propose this: tell me what you think. You guys are good at that.

I have three possibilities (four if you count the sequel to this one).

1. Masks, Migraines, and Why I Hate Hormones. This would be a retelling of Majora's Mask, in the same style as my other two "Why I Hate Hormones" stories. Technically, Link doesn't have hormones in this, but I wanted to keep the title similar to the first two so the connection would be clear. Problem is, I haven't played Majora's Mask in ages and I don't remember a lot of it, so I'll have to look up a walkthrough or something and do some studying first. Might take some time.

2. The Legend of Zeld: Prince of Destiny. This is an almost completely original story. I made up everything on my own, even the bad guy (I love the bad guy), except the world and legends. The story is simple: Prince (yes, prince, not princess) Zeld gets kidnapped. Twice. And his hero, or rather, heroine, is the only one who can save him. Yay gender-swapping! (I was tired of weak females. Sue me.) The problem with this one is that, because it's original-ish, I need to make up the plot myself. Which is hard. I have the first couple chapters ready to go, and I know the end...sort of, but last time I started this Iwrote myself into a corner and it might take some time to do it right.

3. Revamp Time Travel, Drag Kings, and Why I Hate Hormones. I got an OoT text dump off the internet and I want to go through it and add more direct quotes from the game. I've already redone chapters 1 and 13 (go back and re-read 13 if you haven't. It gives more insight into Link's feelings on the whole thing, and I think it's much better). The bonus for this one is that it'll take a couple weeks at most, then I can start on something else.

So that's all I have to say about that. Except one thing. Somebody asked if Link is bisexual. In this story, I think he might be, if only a little. That's not a bad thing, I think more people are a little bit bi than would ever be able to admit it. But on the whole Link prefers girls. And he completely loves Zelda. Somebody else said Link seemed gay in all my stories. THAT'S A DAMN LIE. I am a firm believer in LinkxZelda. Just because I love Sheik, doesn't mean I think Link loves guys. HE DOESN'T. He loves Zelda.

Wait, that was two things. Oh well, you get the idea. (And no, I'm not opposed to gays in general. Love is love, and I'm bi remember? Hearts not parts!)

And sorry for the long author note(s).