Ghostbusters 2.5 is my attempt to breathe new life into what was considered the damnation of a once prominent franchise.

As a member of various Ghostbusters boards and a frequent contributor to the Ghostbusters community, I was subjected to a lot of opinions about the various aspects of the franchise. None moreso than the negative comments about Ghostbusters 2. That's when I got the idea to take Ghostbusters 2 and redo it by fixing all the problems that the FANS saw with it.

So, taking a cue from the release of the X-Men 1.5 DVD where they added more features, I created Ghostbusters 2.5 which is Ghostbusters 2 done right. And that's not bragging there, that's what many satisfied Ghostheads have led me to believe. So, I hope you enjoy it as much as they have. Oh, and as an added bonus, I've included some "deleted scenes" showing the evolution of ideas from concept to final product.

C Buchner