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Hidden Intentions

Chapter 1- Missions

The crashing of steel against the rocky ground sounded out closely followed by a loud growl of frustration. As the black robed figure regrouped to attack the larger swamp green youkai reptile again, across the battlefield screams of pain and the sound of flesh being torn could be heard over the raging winds of the storm. The reptile demon had not escaped the battle completely unscathed; it was minus a few appendages and had quite a few cuts running across its scaly body. The short statured fighter glared up from his crouched position from behind ebony bangs. He knew he would be unable to use his most deadly attack, The Dragon of the Darkness Flame, in such cramped conditions. The fox he knew would be all right, but the humans would be hard pressed to escape the dragons wrath. Growling in annoyance, the fighter decided he would much rather rip the demon to shreds anyway. Especially after the demon had almost landed a blow on him.

Nearby the battle raged on between two more opponents. Barely ducking the fiery blast of the dragon-like demon, a carrot topped man in a blue uniform lashed out against the demon with his Spirit Sword. He desperately focused the last of his spirit energy into his sword in hopes that its increased size would aide him in taking down the demon. He knew he was wearing down, but he refused to give up. If he did, that little shrimpy fire demon on his team would never let him live it down. The young man figured that if he couldn't take it down, he was sure going to try to give it a severe ass kicking while he still could.

The swirling winds whipped the crimson hair of the green-eyed fighter around his face. A look of pure determination and calculation crossed his face. There would be no doubt to anyone who could have seen the fight who the winner would be. As the fighter raised his eyes to the sky, he realized the mess that the impending rains would make of the battlefield. He just hoped they would be done fighting by the time the rain poured down upon them. A faint smile crossed his face as he lashed out at the hiding demon with a thorny whip that had been a harmless rose a few moments before. A scream of agony echoed the sound of the whip hitting its mark.

I told you that murder wouldn't pay. Thought the green-eyed male.

With arms extended and hands locked together, index finger resembling the barrel of a gun, the mahogany eyed human locked eyes with his youkai target. The intense look on the humans face should have deterred the reptilian demons next action, but unfortunately the warning was never to be heeded. The monster barreled forward towards the young man, opening his fists to reveal long claws glowing green with the poison they contained.

The orange haired male managed to dodge the fiery blasts of the demon yet again, but he knew he would be unable to keep his Spirit Sword functional for much longer. He cried out in pain as the one of the demons strikes caught him across his chest.

"Kuwabara, you look like you could use some help," the redheaded man said to his injured comrade as he placed himself in front of the attacking demon.

"Thanks Kurama. Now how about we finish kicking this guys ass?" replied Kuwabara as he picked himself up off of the now muddy ground.

Both fighters charged the demon catching it unaware. While Kuwabara distracted the demon with thrusts from his spirit sword, Kurama had inserted a seemingly harmless seed in a small cut in the demons thick hide, caused by a blow from the red heads rose whip. Soon, vines from the seed overcame the demon, which in turn allowed Kuwabara to deal the demon a deathblow. While Kurama and Kuwabara were finishing off their demon, their mahogany-eyed teammate seemed to be having a few more difficulties with his opponent.

"So Spirit Detective, I see Reikai informants have finally managed to track us down. That is good, because it is time for me to end your life human!" hissed the reptilian demon as he moved towards the dark haired male.

"Yeah, it wasn't to hard to find you either. You are ugly enough for people to remember, let alone your stupidity in choosing a hideout," replied the Spirit Detective Yusuke Urameshi.

"Yesssssss….I may be ugly Detective, but you shouldn't concern yourself with my appearance. It is you that should be worried. For you will be sorely lacking in appearance when I rip your head from your pathetic body!" maniacally laughed the gray green youkai as he raised his glowing claws.

The demon swiped his claws at the young Detective, fortunately enough missing Yusuke, but by only a few inches. As the claws passed by Yusuke, a few drops of poison landed on his shirt. The poison quickly burned through Yusuke's clothing and seared his flesh as soon as it came in contact, thus causing a yelp of pain from the young man.

Damnit! What in the hell was that, and what is up with that glowing crap on his claws? Must be poison. Note to self, don't touch the demon. thought Yusuke as he dodged yet another attack from the demon. Ha, this is easy. Grandma's training and the Dark Tournament were a whole lot tougher than this.

The demon struck at Yusuke again, only this time he seemed to abandon using his poison claws in favor of a more long-range attack. A whip like stream of energy appeared in the youkai's clawed hands. When the youkai lashed at the detective again, he was successful in wrapping the energy whip around Yusuke, thus ensnaring the detective in his deadly grip.

"Ahhhhh! You better pray I don't get out of here!" yelled Yusuke as he felt another jolt of pain from the whip run through his system wherever the demons whip seemed to touch. The demon just chuckled and increased the energy flowing through the whip.

Ok Yusuke, think of something quick. This is really beginning to hurt. Glancing to his left, he saw the black clad fighter plunge his katana through the green demons chest. Great, ok Hiei has got that one handled, so I don't have to worry about a rear attack. Now if I could just get my arms free.

"Hiei! I could use a little bit of help here if you are done lounging around over there!" yelled Yusuke as he continued his struggle to free himself from the demons grip.

"Hn. Why should I save your ass Detective?" questioned the short statured fighter.

"Just get your ass over here will you! Its not like I'm asking you to marry me or anything." replied Yusuke.

"You are lucky that your woman was foolish enough to take that task." Hiei replied as he slashed through the demons energy whip with one quick stroke.

Yusuke clasped his newly freed hands together as the tip of his right index finger began to glow.

"Spirit Gun!"

(In the spirit world)

"Ok pacifier breath, what in the hell was that!" demanded Yusuke as the burst through the doors and proceeded to slam his fists down on the desk.

"I take it things did not go as planned Yusuke?" calmly replied the pint sized ruler while looking at the rather peeved detective with half lidded eyes.

"Didn't go well! Didn't go well! Does it look like things went well? You failed to mention a few MINOR details.," screamed Yusuke.

"Koenma sir, I believe what Yusuke is referring to is the fact that you forgot to mention that the head demon possessed a set of poison claws and a sort of energy whip." mentioned Kurama as he calmly walked into the now somewhat destroyed office to the demi God ruler of the Reikai.

Koenma took a few minutes to ponder this new revelation. "Hm, I suppose I shall have to have the research department check into the matter."

A vein in Yusuke's forehead began to throb. "Check into it! I almost got my skin burnt off and you are going to CHECK INTO IT!" yelled Yusuke as he made his way towards Koenma with a murderous gleam in his eyes.

"Hn. So I see I need to save your ass again Detective. Lets not make a habit of this," remarked the crimson-eyed fire demon from his spot leaning against the wall.

"What are you talking about Hiei? Just let me finish pounding diaper boy here so we can all go home," snapped Yusuke.

"I was referring to the fact that the onna was about to clobber you with her oar." smirked Hiei.


Yusuke hit the floor with a thud and rolled over to find a slightly annoyed blue haired deity standing over him.

"Yusuke! I don't know what you are complaining about. You beat the demon." scolded Botan as she wagged a finger at the young man on the floor.

"Yes. Yusuke, why don't you return the Ningenkai and clean up. You are a mess." remarked Koenma.

Hiei decided it was time to leave before Yusuke responded to the remark with his usual ear bursting rant.

Without a word of 'goodbye' to his teammates, Koenma, and the oar wielding ferry girl, he walked out of the double doors, managing to escape the notice of everyone in the room. He would get back to the Ningenkai without that fool Koenma producing a portal for him. It didn't matter anyway. It wasn't as if he hadn't gotten out of the Reikai on his own before. This thought caused a smirk as Hiei was reminded of his theft of the Artifacts of Darkness.

Besides, he didn't have time to wait for the detective to finish yelling at Koenma to get one. He needed to get back so he could prevent the oaf from growing any closer to his sister. If things kept up like they had while he was in the Makai with Mukuro, the ridiculous concept of 'courting' would occur. The thought of being related to that baka Kuwabara caused a shudder to go through the fire demon. Luckily, after Mukuro found a new heir, he was no longer needed in the Makai and would be able to watch over Yukina and prevent such an action from occurring.

He hadn't decided if it was worth making Yukina cry if he were to get rid of the oaf. They had become quite close and he had to admit, Kuwabara was fairly impressive for a weak ningen. He didn't my any means want the loudmouthed idiot as an in-law, even if he would be the only one who knew it or not.

(Back in Koenma's office)

After Yusuke had finally left to go back to the human world, Koenma resumed his stamping following his order to have the blue ogre George pick up all the papers that Yusuke had scattered in his rampage.

An ebony haired ferry girl wearing a dark kimono phased through the wall behind Koenma's desk. "Lord Koenma sir?"

"Yes, Ayame."

"I have news of a new case that the detectives should attend to." stated the dark haired girl.

"Is it urgent? The only way I could get Yusuke to leave my office was to give him a two-week vacation, Kuwabara is injured from this last mission and will be out of commission for a while, and Kurama said that he wished to have some time off to attend to his mother's recent illness. I don't have anyone to go." replied Koenma.

"Unfortunately this mission is of importance sir. The research department has found that there is an ancient relic that is reported to have mystical powers, and it would be very dangerous if it were to fall into the wrong hands."

"Yes, I suppose that would be bad. What is this relic exactly?"

"It is called the Pendant of the Souls. It is rumored to have the power to absorb souls and allow the wearer to control the souls, in turn forming a virtually undefeatable army. The army of souls would not be able to be killed, and the wearer of the pendant would have the ability to possibly steal anyone who would attempt to stop them soul." explained Ayame.

"We must not let the relic get into the wrong hands then."

Nodding her head Ayame said "That is correct sir. We need to retrieve it as soon as possible."

"Oh dear! My father is going to kill me if I don't get it back, but I don't have anyone to send after it." whined Koenma as he absentmindedly began rubbing his bottom while imagining the spanking he would get if that happened.

"But sir, there is someone you could send." stated the dark haired ferry girl.

"Who is that Ayame? I told you Kurama and Kuwabara couldn't go, and Yusuke would pitch a fit if I took away his vacation time along with causing mass destruction in my office along and bodily harm towards myself. No, you don't mean……" Koenma trailed off.

"Yes, Hiei." finished the girl.

"For one thing I don't trust him to perform a mission alone, let alone the fact he would probably sick the Dragon of Darkness Flame on me if I even tried to force him to go. There is no way that plan would work. My dad is going to be so mad….."

"If you told Hiei that this was the final test that he needed to perform for him to become free of supervision, he might relent to your request. He would not have any proof that you have or have not been monitoring him all this time. You could always send Botan to keep an eye on him." countered Ayame.

"I suppose that might work. Hiei might believe that. He might be suspicious since he has helped save the world so many times, but we may need to come up with some sort of compensation anyways. I shall have to consider that. Where is this artifact located anyway?"

"The Makai."

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