Dream and Nightmare

"Tell me the truth Lorelai Gilmore: Did you slept with Paris Gellar?"

"No I didn't. Dad, that's ridicules."

"You did what, Lorelai?" Emily Gilmore snapped.

"It is not enough that our daughter slept with a girl, she slept with Paris, in the moment when Paris was mourning the loss of Asher. She seduced her when she was emotionally unstable." The words that came out of Richard's mouth sounded hard. "The fact that Paris is already adult doesn't make it any better."

"What have I done to deserve such a daughter?" Emily sighed and looked at Lorelai with disgust.

Suddenly the housemaid, who stood in the background until now, did a big step forward. "You failed to give your daughter the love she needed, every child needs. Her heart is longing for love from her mother, but she can't get it so she searches the love in other women."

Richard and Emily looked at their housemaid and their chins dropped down. "Dismissed," Emily hissed and then broke to tears.

"But I did not slept with Paris," Lorelai insisted.

Richard looked at her daughter in a mixture of sadness and disgust. "Look what you have done. Your mother is crying, half of Hartford will talk about us and Paris' feelings are more disturbed than ever. She lost her lover and was seduced by the mother of her best friend, where she thought she can feel safe."

Lorelai rose to her feet. There was no point to talk to her parents any more. She left the house. While she was driving home she thought about what was said in the house of her parents.

Why would nobody believe that I have had no sex with Paris? Oh yes I'm longing for Paris Gellar since the kiss we shared. The smart young lady is on my mind many times of the day and all times of the night, I have to admit.

Even you should be afraid about what would happen if you push this side of the relationship any further, the warning voice in her head said.

It has already happened, Lorelai answered the voice. My parents think for some reason I have slept with her, so….

Don't you ever think about it, the voice in her head replied.

At least I should enjoy what turns my life upside down.

When Lorelai arrived at her house Paris was standing in front of the open refrigerator.

"Hey Paris."

"Lorelai…you're back so soon? By the way, there is nothing to eat in your fridge."

"Might be." Lorelai walked towards Paris. The young woman closed the fridge. She faced Lorelai who came even closer.

"This might be a nightmare tomorrow, but right now it is a dream," she said softly.

With these words Lorelai bent forward and kissed Paris passionately, who didn't resist. She felt Paris hands wandering under her shirt. She put her knee between Paris thighs, who moaned softly in response. Lorelai was pressing Paris with soft force against the refrigerator and opened the young woman's blouse. "You're gorgeous," Lorelai said with a husky voice. Paris' and Lorelai's eyes met.

"I like the way you…take me," Paris whispered. Her word sent a tickles of pleasure down Lorelai's back right into her lower abdomen.

"Hey Lorelai, everything alright?" Lorelai Gilmore felt somebody touching her back gently. She woke up, turned around in her bed to faced Paris Gellar, who was standing beside her bed. Within a second Lorelai was awake and sat upright.

"What are you doing in my bedroom, Paris!" She was still under influence of the dream and fought her panic down. Calm down, not even Paris Gellar can read your dreams.

"I was on the way back from the bathroom and I heard you moaning."

"You hear me moaning in my bedroom and think it is appropriate to come in? Oh Paris."

"I thought you have a nightmare", Paris said. Lorelai could not decide whether the innocence in her voiced was just played or whether she really was that naive. She tended to think the first. "I find no sleep tonight, what about you?"

Lorelai groaned. "Until you woke me up I was asleep. Now go to bed, to your own, please."

Even through the darkness Lorelai could see Paris smiling enigmatically. She realised that she had said more that was necessary, more than was appropriate.

"Alright Lorelai, if you wish me to go to my bed, I will do so."

Lorelai closed her eyes and took a deep breath, as Paris had left the room. Now it was her who couldn't find sleep. Her mind was racing.

Why was Paris pronouncing my bed this way? Why did I have this bizarre dream? It makes absolutely no sense. Oh Lord it is scary how good it felt to make out with Paris, even in a dream. Things are going out of hand.


When Rory came into the kitchen she found her mother jumping on her right leg und holding her left foot.

"What has happened, mom?" she asked her.

"I think I have a broken toe."

"How does it happen?"

"I kicked the fridge."

"Why you kicked the fridge?"

"I found out that the coffee machine is not working."

"And that's why you kicked the fridge?"

"I couldn't get my leg high enough to kick the coffee machine."

"I know you're a coffee addict, but this is to much, really mom."

Lorelai preferred not to mentioned that her reluctant mood this morning was not only the result of a broken coffee machine.

"OK, forget about your toe, we need coffee. Someone has to go to Luke's."

"Good morning, Gilmores. What's on?"

Lorelai glared at Paris in fresh memory of the last night talk and her dream.

"The coffee machine isn't working and my mother has a broken toe," Rory answered.

Paris looked at the Gilmore Girls.

"Just don't asked any further," Rory added.

"OK, since I'm the only one who is not in pyjama any more, I'll drive to Luke's and buy some coffee and doughnuts," Lorelai said and hobbled demonstratively out of the kitchen.

"Hi Luke." Lorelai said while entering Luke's Diner. The Diner was fairly quiet for this time of the day. Only Kirk and his new girlfriend where sitting at their favourite table.

Luke just looked at her and filled a big blue pot with black coffee.

"How are you?" Lorelai asked.

"I thought you are Miss No Words."

"I'm so sorry, Luke. I feel miserable. I had no right to behave like this. Look, I was so confused this morning. Would you forgive me and accept a table as apology?"

Luke looked puzzled at his favourite customer. "A table?"

"Yeah, it's in my car. It is a great table, you know? Scratch-resistant, easy to clean, just what is missing in your kitchen."

"I'll accept your apology, but no table. The dinner is furnished well enough."

Lorelai pursed her lips. "Ok I can live with it."

"What? No 'Please take the table, Luke?' No Lorelai always gets her will?" Luke surveyed her. "You really have a hard time, don't yah? Problems with Emily?"

"Not yet." Lorelai sighed heavily.

"Since you have decided not to be Miss No Words anymore, you probably want to tell me what's wrong."

Lorelai looked around to make sure nobody else is listening. "Have you ever discovered parts of you, that totally surprised yourself?"

"I'm not sure."

"Well", Lorelai continued. "I have totally surprised myself lately."

"How? Have you finally discovered your taste for vegetables?" Luke grinned.

"Probably I have discovered my taste for women, at least for one."

"Well this I call a revelation."

"It was just a kiss and I thought I can handle it…"


"Just last night I dreamed of her again. It was a really odd dream. I fought with my parents over Paris and as a result I seduced her later."

"Normal Gilmore'ish logic, I can see nothing odd here."

"Could you please be serious?"

"Do you want to know the truth? I always thought you have such a gay-ish attitude, so it's not surprising me much."

"I have what?"

"I don't want to say you're gay Lorelai, I just said you have such an attitude, sort of…I remember when you said to my sister 'No time for flirting with me, there is a groom waiting for you.' I could go on like this."

Lorelai was stunned, she didn't know what to say and it happened not very often that Lorelai Gilmore was speechless.