Pierre the Unlucky Paras
by Cyberwraith9

Once upon a time, in the beautiful Valley of Happy Pokémon, there lived a little Paras named Pierre. Now, Pierre was a happy little Paras, just like all the other Pokémon in the Valley of Happy Pokémon. He liked to romp through the forest, chittering at all of his friends and to stop to smell the flowers.

On a particularly beautiful day, Pierre was walking down the shady lane for no reason in particular, as animals are wont to do when they have nothing else to do. He came across Mr. Beedrill, whom was a very good friend of his. Pierre was always coming over to the other Pokémon's house for tea and cookies.

"Hello Mr. Beedrill!" Pierre greeted his fellow insect friend cheerfully.

"Hello, Pierre." Mr. Beedrill waved with a forced smile. Like most of the people of the Valley, he hated the Paras. The mooching bug was always coming over to his home and leeching tea and cookies off of him.

Pierre continued his morning constitutional, humming an old song off-key as his tiny legs went clickity-clack on the beaten dirt path. After a short while, he came across Charlie the Charizard, whom was another good friend of Pierre's. Charlie was always good for a quick loan when Pierre was short on his rent.

"Hello, Charlie!"

"Hello, Pierre." Charlie said with forced cheer. He couldn't stand the annoying bug; always mooching a few dollars off of the Charizard when the rent was due.

Pierre sighed contently, strolling along. Life was great. He had the friends he wanted and he lived in a wonderful place. Going up to his favorite spot, a tall hill overlooking the entire Valley of Happy Pokémon, Pierre couldn't help but shout out to all his friends with happiness.

"Hello, my friends! Life is beautiful, isn't it?"

Then Pierre was struck by an errant bolt of lightning by a lone black cloud in the sky.

The End