Title: Solitude Chronicles
Date Started: March 9, 2005
Author: Angel
Warnings: Foul language, self-mutilation
Summary: Disappointed with their lovers, Shuichi and Ryuichi quit their bands and disappear only to rock Japan with their new group: One, after a year. Will Yuki and Tatsuha win their hardened hearts back?
Main Pairings: YukixShuichi, TatsuhaxRyuichi
Disclaimer: Gravitation is the creation of the talented Maki Murakami-sama. It belongs to said mangaka, Sony, and any other companies I may not know of. This fan fiction is for entertainment purposes only. Please do not sue!

Alright… I know I still have to finish 'And If The Sun Won't Shine…' but this damn plot bunnies won't leave me alone! So, welcome to my new Gravitation fan fiction, 'Solitude Chronicles'. I won't abandon AitSWS. As for this fic, I still don't know how I'm going to end it. So, any ideas and suggestions are greatly welcomed. The poem used in this chapter in 'Hidden Words: 01' by me. No taking it without permission, pls! It's copyrighted to me (refer to The International Library of Poetry). Okay, enjoy the story!

"Everything I say
You find a way to make it
Sound like I was born just yesterday
Everything you taught me
Doesn't mean a thing
So I'm going my way
- 'I Won't Be There' by Simple Plan –

The Last Smile

The sound of adept fingers on tortured keyboard keys resonated throughout the silent apartment. A pair of golden eyes behind expensive wire-frames was glued to the blinking monitor screen. Word after word filled the once empty Microsoft Word document, and its owner, Yuki Eiri the romance novelist sighed in satisfaction. His concentration was in tact even when the door to the study creaked open softly.

"…Yuki?" A small voice cut through the silence with great caution. The tone of the voice was off but Yuki thought it was just an act. After all, this was his lover, pink-haired extraordinaire – Shindou Shuichi. Yuki did not answer so Shuichi tried again. "Yuki."

Again, the pleading voice was ignored.

"Yuki, I don't feel good. I think I'm sick."

Yuki rolled his eyes. His hands did not stop from what he was doing, eyes still fixed on the screen. Shuichi only said that to get his attention. "Then go see a doctor, gaki." He did not see Shuichi flinched at his cold reply, nor did he notice the violet eyes darkening.

"It's raining outside. You know I don't have a car."

"Call a taxi, then."

"Can't you please –"

"No. I'm busy." He knew Shuichi was about to ask him to drive the singer to the clinic or hospital. Yuki suppressed the urge to laugh. Shuichi was so gullible. 'C'mon, Shuichi. Whine. I know you would.' Despite how bad he treated his young lover, Yuki did love Shuichi. True, he never told the singer so but over the years, he thought Shuichi should have found out by now. The expected whining never came. Shuichi just answered with a soft "Okay" and left Yuki to work in peace.

Yuki stared at the closed door incredulously. This had been going on for over a week already. He wondered if the boy was really sick but he looked fine the last time Yuki saw him. The novelist shrugged and continued typing, cursing and damning his deadlines under his breath.

He was so caught up in his writing that he failed to hear the sound of the front door clicking shut.

The next morning found Yuki staring at the note attached to the front door. He had fallen asleep in the study the night before. The words written there brought tears to his eyes. The phone rang out of the blue. Yuki let the answering machine took care of the call.

"Aniki!" It was Tatsuha. "Pick up the phone, I know you're there. Aniki, is Shuichi there? My Ryuichi's gone!" Tatsuha sounded like he was crying but Yuki was not in the right state himself to be able to comfort someone. Yuki Eiri was always the comforted, never the comforter.

More tears found their way down Yuki's solemn face. Why had he failed to see this coming? What had possessed him to block the boy's constant pleas for attention? Yuki took the note and hugged it to his chest. The words were blotched by what he suspected to be tears but every word was still clear. As for the tears on it, he was not sure to whom they belonged. Shuichi's stuff were gone, leaving only the sorrowful little note.

Gust plays with my little heart, whispering words
Of love and loathe, and
Of the cruelty of life; like emotions never shown.
Desperately, I search for your hands
But they aren't there, no more.
You disappear before my words form,
Ending my last, remaining hope of salvation.

Memories threaten to break me.
Yet I wish still for another chance.

Loving you; the best thing I ever did, but
Over the years, I guess I've known
Victory is never meant for me, and
Endings of my story are never mine to choose.

The attached note carried Shuichi's hidden words for the novelist. His last, hidden words carefully written on a piece of plain, white paper. Take the first letter out of each line and you'll see the message, clear as day.


For the rest of the day and the days ahead, the apartment was once again silent.

No more cheerful greetings…

No more waterworks, no more whining…

No more whispers of love and pleas for attention…

No more Shindou Shuichi…

And Yuki Eiri cried silent tears of regret.

- Coming Up: Prologue 02 -

The second prologue will be about Tatsuha and Ryuichi and what drove the vocalist away. There will be four parts of prologue before the story kicks off fully. The third and forth will be written from Shuichi and Ryuichi's POV. Just don't kill me for stopping here! I promise I'll update ASAP. For now…

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