A girl who is oppressed—Thanks for the compliments. I truly do hope to write my very own novel in the near future. But life can be vicious to a person sometimes. I hope you've read my first story, The Weak Link. If you haven't, I highly suggest you do ASAP! Many of the people who have already loved it.

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CTony—I don't think you've read what category I'm under. This is Code: Lyoko, not Dragon Ball Z I'm afraid. But even so, I did take your advice. I did gradually increase the action so I think even you would appreciate it!

dantheman7777—To answer your last question (of whether the samurai would've let Ulrich die) I think that the answer would have to be no. After all, Master Riyo was convinced that Ulrich was Warrior of Legend. So, if I hadn't let time be reversed, you can be assured that Ulrich would've been slowly nursed back to health shortly after losing consciousness. Thanks for your time and reviews. I just wish I had more time to read your stories; they seem awfully interesting.

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Mewberries—Interesting pen name. About that point that you brought up, you are absolutely correct! What happened in Sweet and Sour was what I was actually planning on writing for this story. But with how I was developing Tadashi/Taki/Ulrich's relationship to one another, it would've seemed out of place with the story. So, you can think of what he'd dreamt in 'Sweet and Sour' as a nightmare.

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