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It had been three years since Helga G. Pataki saw Arnold (what is his last name) or any of her other friends for that matter. She had been away at a Literature and Journalism school for the gifted in London, England. Today, being the last day of school she was packing all her belongings into her taxi. Helga really wasn't looking forward to going home; in fact she was dreading it. All that was at home was big Bob, her mother that was never awake long enough to realize that Helga wasn't home, Olga the perfectionist, and Arnold. Well Arnold was a different story. She was truly dreading going home but a part of her wanted to go home just so she could see him, and another part of her hoped that she wouldn't see him all summer. Helga knew that if she saw Arnold, Lila wouldn't be too far away. Ever since fifth grade in Elementary School Arnold and Lila have been inseparable. So, obviously seeing Arnold would not be the reunion she hoped for. Nevertheless, she decided to go hoping for the best.

As after what felt like days Helga finally reached the airport, and a cute, young baggage clerk helped Helga with her things. She boarded the plane and began her fifteen-hour journey home.

When the plane finally landed in her hometown although exhausted Helga jumped out of the plane and looked around as she waited to see a familiar face. She was not thinking about her family and not even Arnold the only person that was on her mind was…

"Phoebe?" said Helga bewilderedly.

A young Asian girl with long black locks was quickly approaching her.

"Helga? Helga Pataki?" said the Asian girl as many other girls came and stood beside her. Helga recognized all of them. One of the girls was Rhonda Lloyd. She grew up to be very pretty. She let her short black hair grow mid way down her back and she probably was wearing contacts because her eyes were emerald green.

"It couldn't be," said Rhonda.

The other girl was Sheena. She was a tall, lanky girl that Helga didn't really get to know that well. To be blunt about she looked like a walking stick, literally. But now, she grew into her height, so to speak. She kept her hair shoulder length and she was a plain pretty, but nevertheless she was pretty.

The third and final girl that was with Phoebe was Patty a.k.a. well b.k.a. (best known as) Big Patty. However, Big Patty was not so big anymore. She lost an exceptional amount of weight and was not skinny but more less shapely. She lost the uni-brow and gained a lot of self-esteem by the way she was dressed. She was wearing a short, let me emphasize short black strapless dress with high heels. She looked extraordinary.

"Helga? Helga Pataki?" Patty asked.

"That's Helga G. Pataki to you," Helga responded.

"Did you have plastic surgery or something," said Rhonda bluntly.

"No," said Helga. Believe it or not, Helga was extremely beautiful now. She had changed a considerable amount. She no longer had the uni-brow and her thin curly lips became soft and full. She let her blond hair grow down to her back and then had it layered. Her cheeks were as rosy and the rosiest, reddest red rose. Because her face was no longer in a scowl constantly, you were able to see her beautiful big ocean blue eyes. She grew a couple of inches and finally learned how to shop for herself so that her curvy, slender body could be appreciated. For example today she was wearing Finni leather boots, a black tight fitting knee length skirt that had splits that went up to her upper thigh. A tight black shirt that brought attention to her bust area with a Gucci scarf wrapped around her neck. Her long hair was down and was billowing in the wind. Helga was a picture of perfection.

"Let's go," said Phoebe.

"Go where?" asked Helga.

"To the Pizza Palace everyone is waiting for us."

"Everyone?" asked Helga.

"Everyone," repeated Phoebe.


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