I don't own KP or Junior.

—computer screen turns on—

Good day to you...unless you are watching this after dark.In which case, good evening.My name is Señor Senior Jr. and this is my video calling card. My father is a powerful billionaire that wants to conquer the world. Kim Possible is his arch nemesis. Oddly enough, he became a villain because of the suggestions made by Kim's sidekick type friend. What was his name? Oh well, no matter.

My father gets most of his equipment for his evil schemes from Hench Co. It's a company owned by a man called Jack Hench. My father sometimes obsesses over taking over the world. He wouldn't let me take control of my first evil plot, and he even tried to get me a doomsday devise for my birthday. He also focuses too much on the evil laugh thing. I don't have a very good villainous laugh, so I've given up on that.

My father was so disappointed by my performance a villain, that he gave me an evil tutor. Her name was "Shego", and she normally works for a…what was his name again? Dragtan? Anyway, Shego and I made a very good team. Maybe I could get her to work for my father. She changed my life and I—"Ron Stoppable"! That's his name!

Before I forget, I'll tell you about Ron. He's a bit of a buffoon, but has shown a lot of potential. When my father sent me to launch his missiles, Ron Stoppable stopped me. Oh, now I get it! Ron Stoppable! As in "he can always be stopped". Anyway, one time my father was holding the Oh Boyz hostage, saying that he'd only return them if the record company made me an international pop sensation, he somehow also kidnapped Ron. Unfortunately, we didn't recognize him at first, and he help the Oh Boyz escape.

He really didn't need to, 'cause Kim Possible was coming to rescue him. The look on her face when she broke in to save him was scary. I don't want to ever see her angry again. I admit that I kind of like Kim Possible—after all, we both studied animology, and I am the yellow trout; she is the blue fox. But, recently, I've noticed that Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable seem to be—

"Junior, what are you doing?"

My video calling card, father. It's my villainous trademark.

"Turn that off! You know what I said about this."


—screen blacks out—

I hope you enjoyed it. I'm not sure who I'll do next. I'm open for suggestions.