"Yes!" said Alf when Kate left to do some errands. This was his chance to devour that cake that Kate had made for Lynn's birthday. He ran into the kitchen and opened up the refrigerator to discover a note that read: YOU SERIOUSLY THINK THAT I'D LEAVE YOU ALONE WITH CAKE? I KNOW YOU TOO WELL. – KATE.

"Ha! She does!" laughed Alf. He decided that he'd order donuts instead, so he decided to call a donut place that delivers. He placed an order for two dozen jelly donuts with frosting and then sat on the couch to watch his favorite show, Polka Jamboree. After about ten minutes of laughing his ass off, there was a ring at the doorbell. Alf got up to answer it.

"Hello," said an Asian man. "Here's your order." He held out the bag of donuts.

Alf just started at him. He recognized him from somewhere…he just couldn't tell exactly where. Then, in the background, Polka Jamboree began playing "She Bangs" by Ricky Martin. It suddenly clicked, "YOU'RE WILLIAM HUNG!"

"Yes, here's your order."

"Why are you working as a donut delivery guy? You are the most talented singer I've ever seen. I would've voted for you!"

"Take your order!"

Alf grabbed the donut bag, as well as William and dragged them into the house. "Wait here," Alf ordered. He ran into the kitchen, and a minute later returned with jelly all over his fur and donut boxes all over the floor.

"Can I leave?" asked William.

"No!" said Alf. "Serenade me first."

"Ok, but keep in mind, I'm giving it my hardest and I will have no regrets at all." And then he sang "She Bangs" for Alf. Alf looked at him in pure awe.

"That was amazing…" he said. "Why did you lose to that woman with the cartoony voice?"

"Because my major, my, my, my major is civil engineering."


"Simon hated me," William said.

That was getting really long so I ended it. There'll be a new chapter soon.