LAST TIME IN ALF MEETS WILLIAM HUNG: Alf ordered donuts and found a surprise at the front door.

"How can Simon hate such a talented singer?" Alf asked.

William just started at Alf giving him that Are you retarded? look.

"Oh, whatever, I'm gonna go finish watching Polka Jamboree and try to eat Lucky."

"Ok bye, bye," William said and started to leave.

"Wait," Alf yelled, running over to William. "You can't leave! You have to sing for Willie first!"

"Sing to who?"

"My buddy Willie! He's always hated your singing, but I know that if he hears you in person he might reconsider."

"Oh ok," said William. "But I gotta be leaving at seven because I have a recording session."

"A singer and a donut delivery guy! Some people have all the luck," Alf said to himself.

"Ha ha ha. Ha ha ha," William laughed, in his unique fashion.

A few hours passed. Alf watched the rest of Polka Jamboree, a Melmacian Beauty Pagent (Very different than the ones here, there the judges are the ones wearing the swimsuits and doing their talents), and that soap opera that he used to write for. The whole time William was upstairs in Brian's room playing with his Pokemon cards. Then, Willie's car drove up.

"Hi Alf," Willie said as he emerged through the door carrying a grocery bag.

"Hey Willie," Alf said. Then he grabbed the bag from Willie's hand and ran into the kitchen.


"I'm not eating anything," Alf said and then burped. "Well, maybe those cookies, but I'm just getting some food for my friend."

"You don't have any friends," Willie said. "No one even knows you exist."

"HEY! I had lots of friends on Melmac! I was a party animal!"

"I better go upstairs and see this," Willie said and started up the stairs.

"Ok, good, because my friend wants to sing to you," Alf said as he followed him up. "He's in Brian's room."

Willie opened to door to find William on the floor, staring at a rare sparkly Pokemon card. Willie looked stunned to see this C list celebrity in his son's room. "Do you know that this is the rare Shmeetatazard?" William said holding up the card.

"Why are you in my son's room?" Willie asked.

"I am not particularly sure," William answered. "I was just delivering some donuts here and then that cat with the big nose forced me to stay."

"ALF," William yelled. "Why did you kidnap William Hung!"

"What can I say, he's my idol. I'm sure if Sigorny Weaver came here, you'd kidnap her."

"No I wouldn't," Willie said. "I have respect for people and you should too."

"William, sing for him," Alf commanded.

"If you could trade me this card," William said clutching the card.

"Yeah, whatever take it," Alf said.

"Ok," William said. He stuck the card in his pocket and then sang "She Bangs" to Willie. Willie looked less than impressed. Alf watched holding his hands together, with his eyes wide open and his mouth opened. When William finished Alf shouted, "Bravo! Bravo! Encore!"

"No, really, that's enough," Willie said. "Thank you William, you can leave now."

"Ok, bye," William said and walked out of Brian's room. Willie walked into his room and started reading some science magazine. Alf grabbed his harpoon and rope and snuck up behind William, harpooned him, and covered his mouth. He pushed William into the bathroom and closed the door.

Inside Willie's room, Willie decided that he needed to relieve his self, so he started walking towards the bathroom. Alf was inside with William, and he was tying him to the shower door, and he had tied his mouth closed with a towel. Willie knocked on the door. "OCCUPIED!" shouted Alf.

Haha. I just need to stick in "occupied" somewhere, since that's my favorite Alf quote. I shall add a new chapter soon.