Nothing of Interest

by scone

of Teakettle and scone

Older!KND fix. The boys be about 17 or 18 in this. Also, this fic is forNella, with all my LUVS.

"Show him." Numbuh Two directed, poking Four in the arm.

"You show him." Numbuh Four responded, swatting away the taller boy's hand. They both took a moment to lean past the door they were currently hunkered behind. In his room, back turned to them, was Numbuh One, sitting at his desk. Ducking back out of sight, Two shook his head.

"No way. You."

Four rolled his eyes.

"Fine." he hissed, squaring his shoulders and straightening to his full height (an impressive 5'4). Taking a deep breath, he stepped through the door and dared to interrupt "NO ONE is to disturb me when I'm working" One.

"'Ey, Numbuh One," Four started, "You, uh, busy?"

The supreme leader of Sector V tensed up slightly and swiveled around on his stool. "That depends, Numbuh Four. I'm working on these defensive it important?" He peered past Four's blond head to see Two peeking through the door.

"Well..." Four considered. Despite both his and Two's excitement over the project, he wondered if it could actually be considered 'important'.

"Kinda." he concluded, lamely. Two made a small sound of protest from his position in the door. "Okay, yeah." he decided instead. "C'mon, Numbuh One, you've been working all day!"

One gave them both a skeptical look. Finally he shrugged and stood up, stretching. Brushing off his shirt, he pushed the sunglasses up his nose, systematically fixing all the effects of sitting at a desk for far too long.

"That is true," the British boy conceded, "So what is it you both want to tell me?"

"Come on," Four said simply, grabbing One's hand and dragging him out of the room while Two ran off ahead. "It's something you have to see."

They walked into the living room and One immediately spotted what he'd been brought to see: a tall, boxy shape that was currently covered by a large cloth. Two stepped out from behind it, grinning widely, and bowed.

"Gentlemen, may I introduce - my contribution to teenagers everywhere - my greatest invention-"


"With a little help from Four," he amended, readjusting his goggles importantly. With one more smile, he reached up and pulled off the cloth. A stunned silence filled the air.

"Err... it's a photo-booth?" One asked, confused. And that, with the exception of some 2x4 additions, was exactly what it looked like. There was even a little curtain over the entrance.

"Numbuh Four, show him your ID" Two said, One's lukewarm reception dampening his excitement none at all. Four, pulling his wallet out of his jeans, handed the drivers license over. One examined it carefully.

"I don't see anything unusual..." he began, getting more confused. Underneath the lamination and holographic stamps, Four's picture glowered out at the world, all his information

"Wait," he said in disbelief, "You aren't six foot one." The very idea of it was ludicrous. Four puffed up proudly, grinning.

"I'm not 21 either," the Australian laughed. One looked at the card again. Sure enough, date of birth now established that Four was, indeed, 21 and a few months. One looked up, startled. Four gave him one of those evil little smiles, and Two flashed his own altered ID. Everything started falling into place, and possibilities began to surface. A machine that makes perfect fakes. A smile spread over his face, plans forming out of the misty recesses of his mind.

"This is brilliant."

"Yep," Two agreed simply. Moving over to pull open the curtain, he gave the other boys a wide grin. "Want to try?"