Chapter 20

- -1 Year Later- -

Randy was the first to wake up...He rolled over and saw her bare back sticking out of the covers that were laying across her waist...She was laying on her stomach. Part of her hair was lying across his chest. Randy leaned over and saw the RKO tattooed on her right shoulder...He smirked when he saw it. Randy placed feather light kisses on her shoulder across the tattoo.

She started moving around as she made a sighing noise with her mouth closed...Randy's hand ran down her side to her waist as he pulled her to lay on her side with her back against his chest and her voice was soft as she said, "I was having this really great dream before you woke me up." Randy moved her around onto her back as he placed a soft kiss on her nose and said, "So tell me what was so great about it?"

Linda smiled as she wrapped her arms around Randy's shoulders and said, "I was dreaming of this really great guy that I got married to yesterday...He was smart, sexy and a great lover in bed, who kept me screaming his name all night long."

Randy smiled and said, "Yea?"

Linda nodded and said, "Yea."

Randy said, "What a great dream...But I seem to remember having the same dream in reverse...I was married to this beautiful woman yesterday also she was gorgeous, stunning, a complete knock out who was so passionate in bed...she had ME wanting to make love to her over and over and over again."

Randy kissed her lips with a sudden passion and want...Randy slowly slipped between her thighs and said, "I'm glad it was reality and not a dream." Linda smiled and said, "I'd of been disappointed if it was only a dream." Randy slowly slipped himself into Linda as he captured her lips again and said, "Ready for round 2?" Linda said, "As ready as I'll ever be." As they started their love making again.

So I guess it doesn't really hurt to be weak does it?

Have you ever been weak?

The End