Ever Since You... is a series of drabbles I have made fro my fave FMA pairing... ROYAI!
An idea I got when browsing some FMA doujinshis! Enjoy! Be nice this is my first FMA fic ever!

Pillow talk

My pillow.

Enveloping me in your soft folds of comfort.

Eyes closed, your gentle caress soothes my concerns
and carries my thoughts to a bed of pure contentment.

Completely satisfied, I lay in your sweet embrace,
longing to remain indefinitely.

This is love.


The afternoon seemed normal as ever at the office as amber eyes whizzed across papers at incomparable speeds. With no one in the room but Cornel Roy Mustang and herself, Riza Hawkeye merely seemed a bit less relaxed than before… the incident. Said incident happened no too long ago as a matter of fact...


It was a rainy afternoon, not at all like this one. Clouds trudged its grey masses across the sky as its tears fell relentlessly upon the dry earth. And on the way down many of those droplets fell upon the head of a very irritable state alchemist. Trench coat and coat tails all drenched, Roy walked into the office room clutching from the insides of his coat, a puffed up plastic bag.

Riza, being curious by nature, quietly and placidly asked, "Taisa, what is it that you have there?"

Roy froze in the middle of the room as if he was a little boy being caught stealing cookies from the jar. Turning around slowly he turned to his subordinate and flashed his signature smile and said cryptically, "It's a secret lieutenant."

Riza, also being passive by nature, nodded her head and then turned back to her paperwork. Yet something deep inside of her called from inside that rain coat. Trying to suppress the urge to rip the coat from Roy's chest and reveal whatever was underneath it, Riza tried to read the blur of words and document in her hands.

Sitting down at his desk, Roy tried to pry the plastic bag out of his coat while trying to make the least amount of noise as possible. By doing so, though, caused Riza to look up from her paper work to see Roy grimace at a particularly loud crumpling noise echoed in the small office. "Sir…uhm… do you need help with that!"

"No!" Roy answered a bit too quickly for Riza's liking and so she slowly got up and walked over towards her commanding officer and stared at him straight in the eyes. "Sir, is something the matter?"

Staring into her eyes, Roy felt lost… like he was a boat out at sea with no destination but to sail out into the horizon which was her eyes. Suddenly overcome with dry-mouth, Roy turned his head and said softly, "Please go back and finished your work, first lieutenant."

"Not until you tell me what it is that you are hiding."

"I can not… you… you would- well, I'm not that sure what you would do but I know its going to be something painful!" Roy said with pleading eyes. 'Don't ask me any more than that… with those eyes, I just might have to answer-'

"Cornel," Riza accented each syllable, "What-Is-It?" After a second of silence, Riza lunged for Roy's chest and tried to pry it out of his hands. "What are you doing, Hawkeye. Have you gone mad?" Roy sputtered trying to pull away from her grasp.

The plastic bag made louder crumpling noises.

"Just show me what's inside-of the-bag, sir and I'll stop!" Struggling to hold on to the bag from the outside of Roy's drenched coat, Riza lunged herself, straddling Roy's legs as she tried to get a better hold on the squishy bag.

Riza stopped abruptly with a look of confusion spreading across her blithe features. "What exactly is it, taisa?"

"It's nothing! For the last time it's nothing!" Roy said turning his face away from Riza, almost as if he is ashamed of his answer. Flush graced his cheeks after sneaking a glance at his subordinate.

Catching Roy off guard, Riza dove into his coat and grabbed out the orange plastic bag with a pillow inside. Pulling the 24 x 24 inch puffy pillow from its confines, Riza turned to look at Roy as if he lost his marbles for a second and then turned back to the stitched picture on top of the surface. A picture of a purple dragon was pictured holding a fireball in its hand. Stitched at the top the name "Pyro" stretched itself across the center of the material.

"Pyro?" Riza asked with a raised eyebrow. Leave it to Roy to own something so fitting. "Why did you bring a pillow to work for, Cornel?" Riza asked turning her nearly stunned and half amused expression towards her superior.

"I was just…" The rest was completely mumbled that Riza had to lean forward closer to understand what he said.

"What was that, Ro-" The rest of her sentence was silenced as Roy's hand shot out from the arm of his chair towards the back of her head and slammed his hungry lips towards her, capturing the gasp as it escaped her mouth. Riza's eyes shot open wide as his tongue slow traced her bottom lip making her softly moan and before she knew it, she began to respond boundlessly to his ministrations. With his other hand, Roy grabbed the pillow from her grasp and put it behind her on the table as he pulled back from her swollen lips. Smirking very suggestively, Roy leaned over and whispered in Riza's ear while nibbling at the lob, "I said that I just brought the pillow for you when I did this…" Pushing her to lean back onto the table he continued to kiss her as her head fell back to land softly on the pillow.


Outside, the rain began to softly land on the soaked earth.

Since 'that incident', Riza had been very cautious not to ask what was actually hiding behind his coat. Not that the event wasn't enjoyable… its just that she would rather have fate take care of what is to come instead of her going after it herself.

In the dead silence of the office, a drawer behind Roy's desk opened and crumpling noises began to fill the sunlit room.


I hope you liked it... I know it's kinda corny... but hey... hopefully the next one I write is better! Enjoy everybody!