A/N I was just watching Earshot and I thought what if Spike could finally read Buffy's thoughts Season 6.

"Well that was bracing" Spike smirked as he watched Buffy kill the demon that had just attacked them.

"Spike, are you okay?" She turned towards him. "It didn't touch you or anything?"

"Touch Me? No, lately you've been the only thing touching me."

"Spike I'm serious."

"So am I"

"I've fought that kind of demon before and it made me read thoughts."

"Well nothings in my brain except that stupid chip."

"Fine whatever it's not like I care." I can't believe I almost lost him.

"You won't lose me slayer." Spike came over and kissed her and she pulled away.

"Huh, oh god. You do have an aspect of the demon." Buffy cried. "Okay so go to your crypt and stay away from people, while I find another one of those demons."

"Why I kind of like the idea of reading your pretty little mind."

"Because after awhile all the thoughts going through your brain will make you insane." Luckily last time Angel was here.

"Hey no thinking about the great poof."

"Sorry, but he did kill the demon to help save me last time." And then we had makeup kissage.

"Hey no thoughts about kissing peaches."

"Sorry. Just go to the crypt I'll be by with the antidote as soon as possible." Buffy kissed him. I love you so much.

Spike pulled away from the kiss, "You love me?"

"No, I could never." Yes, with my whole heart.

"Bloody Hell, you're confusing."

"You're just now figuring that out." Buffy sighed. "Look just go, I'll be by soon."


"I'm back" Buffy smiled as she came into the crypt with the antidote. "Once I killed the demon, Willow helped me mix it all up."

"Thanks Luv, but I'm really fine." Spike insisted kissing her and moving his hands to different parts of her body.

"Spike," Buffy moaned. "We need to save you." Why does he have to have magic fingers?

"Slayer, the only person's thoughts I've heard have been yours and so far they're much better than what's coming out of your mouth. So let's just enjoy this until something goes wrong, in which case we still have my medicine waiting for me. There are much funner things we could be doing."

"Gross Spike I can't believe." Yes please.

With that Spike decided that he was going to have fun with this and the fun was going to start with getting Buffy downstairs.